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The first date is a difficult affair. Two people who want to get to know each other better deal with embarrassment, anxiety and the invisible wall that separates them. But it is something else that increases the stress of this remarkable meeting, especially for the one who will make the first step: selecting the part of the date.

Choices are dozens, although they seem to be limited at first. And just the word of date refers to the known possible points and the established actions: dinner in a good restaurant, coffee in a picturesque bistro, sweet in a pastry shop, drink in a quiet bar or movie in a cinema. Naturally, the classic walk or the car ride as it is the one to escort the other to the door of the house can not be missed. Fine and romantic are all these and are solid values in our consciousness. However, we have to ask ourselves whether they are “working” in the present era.

The times have changed, and so our psychosynthesis as well as the ways of communication. Through social media, it’s easier to see what they like about the person they care about, how they think and what they like. We can also figure out whether they have an introvert or extrovert character, although this is usually seen in everyday life if the two people are in the same place (eg work). However, it has been observed that in the new generations the extroversion is increased compared to the previous generations.

And here is where the first date challenge begins.

Individuals with extroversion need something more in their first appointment. This is supported by distinguished sociologists, psychologists and professors of foreign universities. They argue that extroversion characters are easily bored if you just make them for food or drink at the first appointment, since they need something more fun, active and alive to get through. They recommend alternate points for dating such as a concert, a party, a festival, amusement park or bowling center, dancing, wine bar for wine or beer tasting. Among the suggestions of first-time specialists are group games, escape rooms in particular. The couple, either alone or with friends, can join an interactive escape game by winning many of the benefits in an escape room. And if it seems strange to choose the escape room for the first appointment, as field specialists we have prepared a list of five reasons for the tests and you are making the first step!


No one will say no to a good meal, a delicious sweet or a favorite drink. And yet at your first appointment, you do not go to get it. Food as well as drink is just the accompaniment of a nice night but there. You can not enjoy it anymore, let alone if you want to make a good impression. And as the experts mentioned above, following the beaten track is not enough. The appointment needs fun. So why not have fun with her while you can? In an escape room, you have the chance to share a much more live experience with the movie that you have to watch mute, fixed for two hours in a crowded room. According to the many escape rooms, you can take part in a series of puzzle solving, exploring hidden rooms, a treasure hunt, a survival adventure, or even a vivid story of terror and ghosts full of tension and energy. And all this with that side by side.





Girls love gaming as well as boys. Surveys have shown that the percentage of gamers tends to be higher for women than for men. So here’s the chance to go out with her and play in an escape room. If he is a gamer he will not deny. The opposite, indeed! If it is not, then it will surely attract the challenge of mystery, adventure and mind gaming. In the end, every woman hides within her an Agatha Christie who is entertaining solving mysteries. It is no coincidence that the largest readership of police literature is women.



The appointment is basically done for one purpose only. Meet the other. To discover his character, to see his behavior, to come closer to him. Break the ice and move on. The latter is the hardest, as it often hinders embarrassment and anxiety. The escape room is the ideal solution based on communication, collaboration and contact. In a lively mind game where players share a common goal, they employ every skill that can be useful and share it for the good of the team. Through interaction, intimacy increases and contact overcomes anxiety and embarrassment. In the escape room the ice has broken before well-starting the appointment!



They say the longer distance is the one that separates two people from getting closer. They also say that relations are being tested in the difficult. Escape rooms are there to join people and help them cope with difficulties in peace through co-operation and teamwork. By solving puzzles and similar trials, players at their first appointment want and do not better discover each other. The purpose and rules of the game are so designed that players can communicate and help each other. What else besides a live, team-minded game can unite us? With every padlock that opens, an internal lock that holds us off is also unlocked.


Unforgettable experience

The puzzles were loosened, the locks opened, the brains took fire, and the time of escape came. The time is over, the game is over, the escape room is empty. But the moments you spent there with your good at your first date will stay forever. All this tension, emotion, mutual aid, teamwork, communication, contact and ultimate triumph will accompany you for a lifetime. The escape room is in itself a loud experience that is hardly forgotten, let alone a first date. Those couples who have tried it have many stories to tell from that time. It is not accidental that many then chose escape rooms to make a marriage proposal. But this is a step further and it does not need to be rushed. For your sake, all you need is to choose the appropriate escape room and live the challenge with it. The sure thing is that the night will be memorable!