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Volcano Island – Allou Fun Park

Volcano Island is located in Allou Fun Park and occupies 1200 square meters. It is the largest Escape Room across Europe and includes continuous transitions in open and closed spaces, original puzzles and Live performance with an actor. The unique Volcano Island, includes an exotic setting with hurdles, huts, vegetation and a huge volcano. Great Escape created for you an Outdoor Escape Room, which will test your logic skills to the maximum.

The Game

Volcano Island at Allou Fun Park is ideal for those looking for an activity to have unforgettable moments of action with their friends. The game will put your mental and physical abilities into operation. Here you will experience an exciting and full of intensity, true adventure. Encyclopedic knowledge is of no importance. Reasonable association, intuition and imagination are the only weapons you need to get out of the test.

Your goal is to find and get the treasure, return to your ship and escape from the island. To achieve this, you have 80 full minutes. Will you be able to overcome every challenge and act as a team, under the strain of time? At Allou Fun Park, Volcano Island requires skill and creative thinking. You will need to find hidden objects and passes, solve puzzles, find secret codes and combine them in a creative way.

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Volcano Island:

  • is inappropriate for people with claustrophobia and for vulnerable groups.
  • is suitable for over 15 years.
  • requires basic physical condition and sportswear.
  • it is suggested that you have a second pair of clothes and shoes with you.

Allou fun Park

The Allou fun park, is suitable for any age and perfectly combines the game with food and entertainment. It is considered to be the best amusement park in the whole Greece and the variety of games will surely fascinate both our young and our older friends.