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Alternative activities for children

Kids activities are one of the main issues that the modern parent has to deal with. Parents like to spend quality time with their children, far from the usual. They want to create beautiful memories with their children in their spare time. Modern working relationships and an increase in job requirements lead to a continuous increase in working hours. An increase that automatically reduces working parents’ free time. At the same time, fatigue also affects their appetite for having fun with their children. As a result, the time spent by the working parent to his children is also reduced. A reduction that has automatically created the need for more quality use of the remaining time. This is why parents are constantly looking for alternative activities for children.

There is an important parameter that we do not often think about. The spaces a parent chooses to be with their children will shape the overall aesthetics of the child. They will also form a child’s criterion of what fun and entertainment mean. It is therefore very important for a family to make the right choice in the activities that will expose their children. It’s nice to choose places that have a great deal of stimulation for children. Areas that are useful for their development, mental, physical & communication skills. Areas designed according to specific standards suitable for children. And of course places with specialized staff, with knowledge and experience. Fortunately, in recent years, especially in Athens, some serious efforts have been made in this field. Innovative entrepreneurs with the help of experts have created spaces for alternative activities for children.




Winter alternatives for children

Athens is a big city that can offer many choices of activities and entertainment. In the winter, however, even a Mediterranean city like Athens faces problems in terms of socialization. Low temperatures and the fact that it is getting dark early is an obstacle to many activities, especially outdoor activities. This is another reason why parents are looking for alternative activities for their children. During the winter months activities tend to be indoors. Athens is a city that offers many options. The main ones are:


Escape Rooms

παιδικό πάρτιThis is an important alternative activity for children but also for adults, who aim to spend unforgettable moments together. This combination is an ideal choice, as both children and parents will have a great time! In the escape rooms the family will enter a specially designed space with a different theme each time. There, they have to solve a series of puzzles in order to escape the room before time runs out. The time is usually 60 or 90 minutes! Each time a puzzle is solved, the team gets an item that leads to the next puzzle or challenge. It is an ideal choice for many reasons. It is one of the games for children that excites them from the first minute. A game of logic, cooperation and observation, which sharpens mental skills. It is not a simple game that will make a child just have fun. Kids will train their mind by learning to think fast and in many different ways. They will learn to observe and combine elements of the surrounding environment. It is an alternative activity that children and parents can participate in. This is something we do not often find in group activities for the whole family. But it’s something that will definitely make the family even more connected!




Children Party in Escape Rooms

There is no more original concept than a kids party in an escape room! An experience different from the usual, that fascinate children. A different setting awaits children at a children’s party in an escape room. They can play in rooms without an actor, or in rooms with an actor. They will think, activate all their intellectual skills, laugh and have fun. Also, they will have a good time with their friends, in a completely safe place, which is not a boring playground.

Great Escape actresses have experience in children’s theater and improvisation and are the strongest element of any room! They have saved time and effort for preparations and have complete control over costs! Children on the other hand will have the best experience they ever had, while further developing their mental abilities!

In the end, they will have a fantastic memory and will want to repeat it, knowing the world of escape rooms. From a kids party to a getaway room, everyone will be happy! Contact us to arrange all the details on the best kid party you’ve ever done! Give your children one of the most beautiful memories of their childhood.


Alternative activities for children 8 – 10 years old

The Circus

Circus has no queues and crowds, and admission is free. The place seems to be interesting, but at the same time something very strange is happening. Children have fun and play with the circus, solve puzzles, complete activities and have a good time. But the Circus is also having fun with them, putting their minds to work and sharpening their mental abilities. Still, parents are having fun doing a great activity for the whole family!



The Secret Agent

The Secret Agent is without a doubt one of Athens’ most exciting escape rooms. Children and parents look for the hidden file in the office so it will not fall into the wrong hands. To discover it, they must break passwords and solve puzzles in an important team effort. Time is limited and opponents can return to the office at any time! Will you be able to find the file and escape before they return?



Alternative activities for children 10 – 12 years old

The Perfect Robbery

The Perfect Robbery is one of the most thrilling and fun escape rooms in Athens. The children are the most famous group of detectives and are trying to solve an unsolved mystery, the perfect robbery. Police have yet to find anything that will lead them to the thieves. Will the children be able to finish the case before the thieves decide to return to the scene of the robbery? Exciting fun with puzzles, group activities and lots of thought, in an escape room that kids will love. But don’t be fooled, it will be a challenge for parents too!

Release the Kraken

One of the most fabulous escape rooms in Athens, with lots of fantastic elements and action! The children are on the coast of a beautiful Caribbean island and have found an almost destroyed old calendar. On the last page of the diary, it was written that there is a mythical creature in the depths of the sea, which no one has ever encountered. They can hardly distinguish the letters and read: “Our canoes are full and ready to land on the Flying Dutchman. Suddenly, an aid was heard from the barns, which was becoming stronger. As long as the aid was strong, the ship was decelerating.

From the depths of the sea, a huge tentacle appeared and cut the ship in two, sinking it in. “Seeking traces of the creature, the children find themselves in the hold of the legendary” Flying Dutchman “. With them is Captain Mead, the captive pirate, who will help them escape! The experience of the room with an actor is something that will excite the children! They will spend many beautiful moments collaborating with each other and with the actor, trying to solve the puzzles. They will also use their minds and imagination, as well as objects in space. They will feel like real pirates! The myth says that if one controls the power of Kraken, he will become the king of the 7 seas! Inside the room there is this secret. Will our little friends manage to conquer it before the time runs out? Release The Kraken is an acting room.



Alternative activities for children 12 – 15 years

The Survivor

In The Survivor’s Escape Room, the children are transported to Latin America in the year 1865 as a group of fearless explorers. In their hands they have a map of a mysterious island, where there is a treasure trove. Will they be able to find it and escape the island within the prescribed time? They are not alone on the island because there is also Captain Morgan’s wreck. The wrecker will help children escape and have fun, giving clever help in the story. “The Survivor” is one of the largest Escape Room in Greece (230 sqm) and combines, fantasy, original puzzles with a series of relatively easy physical tests. Kids and parents will have fun and a good time! “The Survivor” is perhaps the ideal escape room for the whole family to play and enjoy. Not just because of the huge spaces, but the whole relaxed atmosphere! And of course, it is the actor’s presence that lifts everyone’s experience. Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes and bring a second pair of shoes and socks for everyone! You must not forget that you are on an exotic island! The Survivor is an actor room.



Children Yoga

Παιδική YogaThis is a fairly popular alternative activity for children. It is also one of the most appropriate exercises and physical well-being methods for children of all ages. There are several reasons.

  • It is not dangerous and there is no risk of injuring a child during exercises. Yoga for children lacks the flexibility and fitness requirements that perhaps the most advanced forms of adults have.
  • Exercises help children increase their physical strength as they focus on the muscles.
  • It also has beneficial effects on posture. And this is something that greatly reduces the likelihood of future problems associated with the spine.
  • The process looks like a game, and games always excites the children. This reduces the chances of the child wanting to drop out in the future. Instead, it will prepare it for a life of physical activity, traditional and alternative, with long-term benefits.
  • The child’s acquaintance with his body and his abilities creates confidence. In addition, self-confidence is a very important feature that a child will develop in his or her childhood. Confidence is something that helps other aspects of adult life as well.

Adventure Park Malakassa

adventure parkIf you are an adventure lover, this is the time to visit adventure park in Malacasa. There you can do a range of activities that will excite both children and adults.

  • Flying fox
  • Climbing
  • Bungee Trampoline
  • Archery
  • Routes 10-15 meters above the ground
  • Climbing with mountaineering equipment
  • Balance on narrow beams connecting the branches of two or more trees

All activities meet safety requirements and are not dangerous for children or parents. In addition, all the legally licensed installations are always subject to the necessary checks. As we said before, Athens is a city that offers a wealth of activities. Whether it is winter or summer, parents can offer their children alternative activities that will excite them!