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Original & Alternative Children’s Party

Recently more and more parents are worrying about their children’s party. The main concern is how to make the party unforgettable for their child. Beyond that, there are still some reasons why parents get a headache at the idea of a kids party.

  • Financial reasons. To make the party unforgettable, it is essential that all of your friends are invited. It is very difficult in a classroom with 30 children not to call them all. Once the party is organized, it will be bad to invite some of the class children. This could translate into dislike for non-guests. In this case the cost of organizing a children’s party will go up a lot.

  • Space problems. If you are staying in a small apartment, it is not possible to organize a children’s party at home. Especially if you need to call some relatives and neighbors beyond the children in his class.

  • Preparation and cleaning. Even if you are staying in a spacious home, cleaning the house twice is difficult. Once before the party, because you can’t welcome people into a dirty house. Once after the party, it is possible that there would be food on the floor with so many children in the party. And of course it’s not just the cleaning of the house that creates extra fatigue. It is also the preparation of the buffet that you will definitely want to be rich.

Alternative children party ideas

These are the main reasons why parents are now looking for alternative children’s parties. Athens offers many solutions for every age and wallet. Forget the hassle of the house, forget about the expensive children’s parties and think of alternatives. The point is to have your kids have fun with their friends and to make the party memorable. And, of course, an alternative children’s party may be unforgettable for them to discuss for weeks at school. And this will make your kids proud, that managed to make their friends talk about that day.

Children’s party in escape rooms

It is the new entertainment trend of our time. Not only for children but also for adults. In escape rooms, the key idea is to lock yourself in a specially designed room to escape. For this to happen, you will have to solve a series of puzzles. Puzzles that require rational thinking, observation and cooperation. There are a number of reasons to get excited about having a kids party in an escape room.

  • Your children will be thrilled. Especially if they manage to solve the puzzles and escape the room.
  • Educational games are an economical solution. Especially if you organize it at a company that makes special offers for larger groups of people.
  • It provides security because rooms are made to specific specifications.
  • There is a reception area where you can prepare a buffet and cut the cake afterwards.


εναλλακτικά παιδικά πάρτι


Bowling children’s party

If you think they will like it, then is a good alternative. Combine the game with your party. Most of the bowling areas also offer food so you are covered by the buffet theme.




Beach party

A very clever idea for an alternative summer children’s party is to do it on the beach. Children will enjoy playing on the sand and the sea and will enjoy it. All you need is a good sound system and a good choice of music.

Party spa

If the party is exclusively for girls, a very clever alternative is the spa. Nail care, beauty masks, sauna and swimming pool, massages and make up are things that will delight everybody. In addition they will be able to gossip to all the boys in their absence.

Paintball party

There are several places in Athens that can be booked for 1-2 hours. Your son and his friends will have a great time. Then you can make them the table in the business restaurant and cut the cake.


εναλλακτικά παιδικά πάρτι


Whatever you choose you can tailor it to your own needs and your own finances. Athens offers us many places where you can organize the most original and alternative children’s parties.