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Alternative playgrounds

Throughout Attica, there are now countless playgrounds that parents can choose for our little friends. Several playgrounds, already escaped from the well-known patterns of the past and are trying to offer a different perspective to children’s entertainment. This view, is therefore about how we deal with the nature of the game and the free time of our child.

Interaction within these spaces is one of the most important factors, that let the child socialize, express and explore the self and the environment around it. In this venues, there is an active interaction between the players and the space. Thus the space does not passively surround the children playing in it. At the same time, it gives parents the opportunity to feel children again and to relax. These activities, apart from individual entertainment, must strengthen the bond between parent and child too.

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Great Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are an alternative to what the classic playground offers. In these special rooms, children enter a landscaped space to escape before their time runs out. So to be able to get out of the room, they must use their observation, imagination and logic to solve puzzles and find hidden passages and elements.

Unlike conventional playgrounds, Escape Rooms are not just for very young ages. Each room has a different scenario and setting, as also the difficulty is adapted to the age of the children taking part. Our rooms make children activate when the countdown starts and motivates them to give one hundred percent of their potential. The team is encouraged, to learn how to work together and communicate, by combining each child ‘s abilities with the rest of the team, in order to achieve the common goal of escape.