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Escape Rooms

Indoor group games

Great Escape - Indoor group games Indoor group games are the solution for our small and big friends, in order to enjoy when the weather conditions impose it. Great Escape Rooms offer you this option, with specially designed escape rooms, in the Psyrri area. This...

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Horror Games

Great Escape - Horror games You like terrifying games and horror movies, while the idea of a ride in an amusement park fascinates you? A strange cocktail of dopamine and adrenaline make the mind searching this type of experience, again and again. Fear is probably one...

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Action Games

Great Escape Rooms - Action games Action games in Escape rooms, is a new form of entertainment that is spreading rapidly across the globe. Experience some unique moments of adventure, fun and action, with your friends. Action games are based on interaction and...

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Things to do in Athens

Great Escape - Top things to do in Athens Greece is well known for its ancient civilisation,  amazing beaches, unique nightlife and exciting top things to do in Athens. It is the ideal destination, for anyone who want to have fun and leave the stress behind. Greece,...

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Escape Games

Great Escape Rooms - Escape Games Escape games are a new form of alternative entertainment for all ages. These games, became very popular in recent years, in Greece and around the world. Escape games will give you and your friends some unforgettable moments of action...

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Battle Track

Battle Track - Construction TV shows like Survivor and wipe out, and events such as the Legion Run, have provoked peoples curiosity, to test their skills on some obstacle course or battle track. In this type of racing, speed, endurance, strength and skills are tested....

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Group Games for Adults

Great Escape rooms - Group Games for Adults Group games for adults. - Games, help us from an early age, to explore the world and find our way in real life. The truth is, that many of the skills we have acquired, actually come from game. Unfortunately, as adults, we...

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Team Bonding in Escape Rooms

Great Escape rooms – Team Bonding Team Bonding in Escape Rooms is a new form of alternative entertainment, which spreads at high speed in Greece and around the world. Escape Rooms is an interactive team game, that puts your mental skills and imagination on alert. Your...

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Alternative places for children’s parties!

Venues for Children's Parties! Children's parties - Your child's birthday and is undoubtedly one of the most special days of the year. Are you wondering where you will find the most original ideas, to have moments like this, engraved in his mind? You have made lots of...

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Kid activities   Nowadays, where you have to work more than 8 hours per day you have less time to spend with your family. You don’t see your kids as long as you would like. So to spend the holidays with your kids is a great time to enjoy time together. So if you...

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Birthday party in escape room

Which are the most original Birthday Parties places? If you ask a child what his favorite day is, will surely tell you, his birthday. Not just because it is the day that will take many gifts. The main reason is because that day he will organize his party. He will be...

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Alternative activities for children

Alternative activities for children One of the main problems faced by a modern parent is the time he / she will be asked to spend with his / her children. Modern working relationships tend to increase working hours. An increase that automatically reduces the free time...

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