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Board games – Escape Rooms. Think outside the box

Board Games for Escapers! When the escaper does not go to the escape room, the escape room goes to the escaper! You and your group are fans of escape rooms and want to play continuously. But you dont want to get out of the house and go to an escape room? Wouldn’t it be fun if the escape room could come to you? That’s how game designers thought and created the escape board games! And while the name refers to classic board games, portable escape rooms are much more. It’s the whole experience of an authentic escape room inside a box!

What is an Escape Board Game?

Escape Board Games are a very interesting idea. It is a transfer to the board game logic of all the elements that make the escape room a memorable experience. History, artistic and visual performance, puzzles, flow, time constraints. The sense of urgency. And of course the team spirit that characterizes escapers when playing in an escape room! There is a great variety of Escape board games. They cover different topics and are intended for a different number of players, while also having an age rating, usually with a lower player age limit. They have different degrees of difficulty and sometimes different game systems. Some are richer in iconography and “atmosphere”, others have a minimal visual identity and give more emphasis on gameplay.

What does an escape Board Game contain?

In the escape room board games, the box contains everything a team needs to play.

  • Data cards and help cards
  • Puzzles
  • Decoder
  • Notebook
  • Special objects to be used in solving puzzles
  • Brochure with instructions, rules and tips. These leaflets even introduce the unfamiliar to the escape room’s way of thinking and playing.

Everything a team needs to play is in the box. This makes escape board games easy to transport outside the home too. You can play with a portable escape room in the cafeteria (and the recently opened play cafes). You can also play during holidays, even in a hotel room or campsite.

Adrenaline rush

And if the atmosphere is the most important thing to you in an escape room, why not combine it? You can play in a space that is close to its themes to increase realism. Murder in a luxury hotel? Play in a hotel! High tech futuristic backdrop? In a building of special architecture that refers to space-based! Dark and scary story? Play in your grandfather’s basement! Exotic mysterious island? On the beach in summer, with the sea in the background.

Board Games – Subjects

Like real life escape rooms, board games follow different subjects. The central idea of ​​’escape’ can take many different forms. Many stories develop, with the ultimate purpose of escape. Science laboratories with crazy scientists. Futuristic space stations or underwater colonies where the computer has decided it does not like humans. Anelia underground where paranoid killers confiscate their potential victims. Lost ancient ruins or temples where the only living creatures are the players. Sects and strange religions seeking sacrifices.

Everything can be a script in the escape room board games, just like a physical escape room. The only limitation is the imagination and skill of the designers! As in the natural escape rooms, the gameplay scenario puts you straight into the story. But here, instead of a game master or narrator, players can read the text at the back of the box. They can also read it, along with extras to help with the puzzles, in the accompanying guidebook. The theme is largely the one that defines the puzzles as well. And the puzzles in an escape board room are usually directly related to the subject. This is another thing in common with the natural escape rooms.

Board games – variations

But apart from the pure “escape” board games, there are variations. Mystery games, where players solve puzzles and search for clues, not to escape, but to find the killer. Lost Treasure Games, where players, using maps, items and even GPS, search for treasures. Knowledge, where players use real historical knowledge and observation to solve historical mysteries.

  • based on history and puzzles
  • create a mysterious atmosphere for the players
  • need team spirit and cooperation
  • have a caring visual style and artistic direction


Like a natural escape room, a portable table escape room may have one drawback: If you play it once, you can’t play it again. You have solved the puzzles, you have learned the secrets of history. You may have altered or destroyed a piece of the puzzle in order to solve it. The creators of the game themselves recognize this. Indeed, some of the game boxes state that “this game can only be played once.” The prospect of playing it once only makes the game less attractive. But this is not much different from a natural escape room, which usually cannot be played by a player or team a second time. And the reason is exactly the same, because the puzzles are already solved and the players know the use of the accompanying objects.

The solution to the problem

Designers of portable escape rooms have tried to solve this problem in a number of ways. Alternative scripts in the same game. Different developments depending on the team’s decisions that lead to a different outcome. More than one way to move on to the next puzzle. Ability to purchase “expansions” with additional material in the story or a completely new flow. Second and third parts of the same game, which continue the familiar story and lead it in new directions. More demanding game modes in the same game, varying rules, reducing help or hiding items. Here again, variations can only be limited by the imagination and skill of designers. All of this, either alone or in combination, guarantees to increase the value of the game. Players in a board game escape room are always ready for new challenges, as long as the story, design, flow and puzzles are rewarding. Just like the players of the natural escape rooms.

Introduction to the world of escape rooms

An important benefit of escape room board games is that they can be the introduction to the world of escape rooms. There are people who have never played in an escape room and who may be reluctant to try. These people can have their first experience in a home environment. Their home or a friendly home will be their first escape room and their friends the first team. There they will experience for the first time the intensity of the game and the joy of “escaping”. Through the instructions and tips given in the accompanying leaflet, they will get into the logic and way of thinking of escapers. So they will definitely want to experience the fullest experience of a physical room.

The scenery, the objects, the sound, the actor, are the unparalleled elements that will turn the original players into fanatical escapers. And it will all start with their contact with the escape rooms in their living room! Through the escape room board games, the audience of natural escape rooms expands and the concept becomes more familiar. Board game lovers who come into contact with escape rooms will see them as a natural continuation of their favorite hobby. You can’t describe the feeling of living in 3 dimensions what you lived in one! Although many of the skills required are the same, rational, analytical and observational, the feeling is clearly different. A board escape room player or board game in general will be captivated by this transition from fantasy to reality. We could say that players starting from board games escape rooms are predisposed to become the most fanatical escapers!


As we said above, it is possible for players to play a portable escape room in a space that has something to do with its history. This is the first step to increase your sense of immersion. Gradually and with the use of other elements, a home lounge can normally be converted into an escape room. With role-playing game tips, the joy of the game increases.

Some tips that can increase the interactivity of an escape room board game are:

  • Suitable clothes and accessories for the theme of the game.

  • Use as many terms, words and modes of speech as possible related to the topic.

  • Proper music and maybe sound effects that add depth to the game.

  • Appropriate lighting or even fluctuation depending on the developments.

These elements, used for decades by role-playing game masters to increase the enjoyment of their players, are also suitable for board game escape rooms. What will further enhance the quality of the game is the operation of one of the players as a Game Master. This player will have studied the game and will act as their respective Game Master in Role Playing: introducing players to the story, taking care of the atmosphere and providing appropriate assistance. This will then be another step towards transforming the player experience into a complete escape room experience!

Portable escape rooms in Greece

In Greece, board games escape rooms are available in specialized board game shops and bookstores. It is also found in large chain stores and a few children’s toy stores. Of course it is quite simple to order from e-shops in Greece or abroad and come to you. You can find table escape rooms both in English and translated into Greek at affordable rates. Here’s something worth noting:

The difficulty of having a portable escape room replicated by a team that has played it determines its value. The prices in board games escape rooms are the same as the price one would pay to play once in a room. So board escape rooms are accessible to the public, both for board game fanatics and escapers!

In recent years there has been a great dissemination of escape rooms to the Greek public. This gave the opportunity to translate into Greek a series of games of this type. The verbal performances are very good and the reproduction quality of the artistic approach is high. These toys guarantee moments of intense mental activity as well as adrenaline in the home environment. So, our friends in our country can have the experience of an escape room without having to move out of their home.

Mind games in the Great Escape Rooms

In addition to the best escape rooms in Great Escape, we also have a wide range of board games escape rooms. Also, a number of other similar thinking and mystery board games for all ages. At the same time, you will find Greek and English puzzle books, small puzzles and other thinking and logic games.

Some games are for groups, for many hours of fun. But others are individual and provide interesting brainstorming for young and old. So after your Great Escape Rooms game, you have an appetite for even more puzzles and the magic of the Escape room, just get a board game. There is no better preparation for your next getaway!