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A children’s party is often a common affair. Activities that parents have seen at other children’s parties or learned from other parents. Some kids get bored very easily and make a fuss. In the end, a few boring memories are left for the kids who are invited, but also for the partying child. Things are different at children’s parties in escape rooms. What is happening has nothing to do with boring activities in a home or garden. After all, children have often seen similar things and are not easily excited. It also has nothing to do with a party at a playground.

At a kids’ party in an escape room, kids have fun, but also sharpen their minds. They think, they observe, they combine. In the end they find the solution to the puzzles themselves or with the help of the actor and game master. This is how they cultivate self-confidence, while learning to work with others and trust. In addition to being fun, it is also an educational activity. It is entertainment in the ancient sense of the word! And of course it is something they will remember for a long time, a vivid memory of joy and success with all their friends! This is because in the rooms of the Great Escape Rooms for children, a significant number of people can play from 6 to 9 per room. In total, up to 50 children can play simultaneously during a children’s party at the Great Escape.

To experience pleasure and excitement. Live the adventure and create their own vivid memories and stories inside the escape rooms. The Great Escape party venues are the first choice for parents and children! All these years, many thousands of children have celebrated birthdays and important moments in the Great Escape Rooms in Psirri, Zografou and Thessaloniki. Their own childrens joyful voices and smiling parents are the biggest reward for us. Contact us to organize the perfect children’s party for your kid!