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Educational Games by Great Escape

Knowledge is power! This is one of the great truths. Every person must have knowledge, but not only encyclopedic. People need knowledge and cultivation of their innate skills. Educational games are probably the most enjoyable way to not only acquire knowledge but also to cultivate it! These kinds of games aim to broaden our spiritual horizon, through a group experience.

Through game, people have the experience of an unusual contact with others, but also with themselves. Educational games are an ancient need of people, observed in every culture. They are conducted for the purpose of learning knowledge and skills, but also for the entertainment of the participants! They offer a way out of stress and routine of daily living.



The structure of Educational Games

The key ingredients we find in educational games are interaction, challenge, physical and mental stimulation. The magic of the game is that it makes us feel, think and act at the same time. An educational game, especially in an escape room, has the potential to completely absorb us. It is no coincidence that the escape games have an element of immersion. It also helps develop skills and is perhaps the only active rest. Educational games:

  • Prevent, heal and reveal children’s psychosynthesis.
  • Develop and improve innate cognitive skills.
  • Train and entertain at the same time, in harmony.
  • Cultivate respect, cooperation, teamwork, nobility and friendship.
  • Contribute to the need for expression and creativity, releasing imagination.
  • Give rise to a feeling of confidence after the successful completion of the game.
  • Offer plenty of laughter and joy, especially in rooms with an actor who has the necessary knowledge and experience to trigger reactions.



Great Escape Rooms

The Great Escape escape rooms are clearly educational games! They even have a dual purpose, fun and spiritual benefits. They are suitable for children from 7 to… 107 years old and can play an important role in their psychosomatic development. Escape Rooms are aimed at all children, boys and girls, as they have no such limitations. Their goal is to combine entertainment and spiritual development. This is done in a completely controlled, safe and enjoyable environment. The rooms are perfectly designed, with original scenarios.



All team members must use their logic and senses to find hidden clues and puzzles. By decoding these findings and with the necessary cooperation between them, they will be able to successfully escape the room. Great Escape action games are located in the heart of the capital, Psiri. It is easily accessible by Metro from Monastiraki Station or ISAP Thisio Station. You can even keep your private car in the parking lot next to the Great Escape. The escape rooms are exciting logic games, perfect for accommodating small and large groups. More specifically, the rooms are suitable for:


Great Escape Rooms are suitable for short or one-day school trips. Students can be divided into groups and enter different rooms at the same time. Depending on their number, there are possibilities to extend the game. The team can enter consecutive rooms or different groups enter the same room one after the other. Successful exit from the rooms requires no special encyclopedic knowledge, only concentration, speed and cooperation. Kids can choose the scenario they prefer to play after the gamemasters inform them of the options!


The Great Escape escape rooms are a fun, original activity to spend quality time with your friends. After all, escape rooms are by nature, games for friends. The escape rooms will give you an alternative, interactive experience that you will love! It is one of the few educational games that can tighten relationships. They will offer you unique and unforgettable moments, powerful memories that will be a reference point for your company. Each group is a little more knit and a little wiser, after a good escape room!


Are you looking for an original, alternative activity for you and your children? The Great Escape rooms will give you unique and exciting family moments. It’s a form of fun for the whole family. Everyone, regardless of age, will find something that will fascinate him in a Great Escape room. Come to the most fun part of the city and indulge in the magic of the Great Escape.



Children parties

Kids parties in an escape room are probably the most important opportunity for a child to combine education with fun! Such an experience will not only provide all children with entertainment, but will also teach them important skills. A kids’ party where kids play in groups will be an unforgettable experience! At Great Escape we have a lot of experience in organizing kids party, so we offer our educational games to families who want a reliable, fun and safe solution.

Our experienced staff designs and implements a multitude of parties for significant numbers of children each week. Parents can rest assured that their children will have the best, safest and most fun activity. In addition, they themselves can wait comfortably in the adjoining area, where later the party can continue. Contact us to organize the best children’s party you’ve ever done!



Team Building events

Great Escape places particular emphasis on team building – team bonding activities for companies and organizations. The Great Escape team has a strong background in Human Resource Management, both educational and working. In addition, Great Escape was awarded the Innovative Practice Award at the HR Awards 2015. The award was dedicated to the applications of escape rooms practice in personnel search. It was thus the first escape room company in the world to receive such recognition! All escape rooms in the Great Escape are designed to develop and manage modern cognitive skills. These are the same skills that are inherent in all people and that employees use in the modern demanding work environment.

Colleagues will activate their teamwork and work skills in a different, imaginative space. At the same time they will have fun, away from the strict workplace framework. The result will be to create beautiful memories and common codes of communication that will transfer to their daily work practices. Their collaboration will be better and the organization more efficient! Contact us to identify your company’s needs and design together the best corporate team building solution! In addition to educational games in the escape rooms, we have also developed a number of portable indoor and outdoor games. In previous years we have successfully organized large outdoor events. We have partnered with team building activities for major corporate events and international conferences throughout Greece.


Educational Games Benefits

Great Escape educational games are a dynamic and interactive process based on teamwork. They develop important intellectual skills while helping to boost self-esteem. Children learn to listen and process different points of view on topics. In this way, they cultivate values ​​such as respect, cooperation and responsibility. They develop team spirit and learn to work together for a purpose, which is a basic social skill. Indoor educational games with a solid structure and rules can teach children boundaries.

The competitive situations that children experience everyday are enough! In school, in sports, in parallel activities, and even in social relationships. Therefore educational games do not need to further enhance this phenomenon. In the Great Escape rooms, the only opponents are themselves and time. In addition, the team is creatively channeling its energy into a game of mental and physical skills. Games helps relax and is used by pediatric psychologists as a treatment for difficult emotional situations. It is a fundamental way of learning and interacting, regardless of age. It is also the way to sharpen our existing skills and get new ones!



Our Rooms

The Circus

A lovely room, full of vibrant colors and toys, perfect for introducing children to the concept of escape rooms. The Circus is one of the educational games that can sharpen the ability of hand-eye coordination. Kids and adults will play and have fun at The Circus. The Circus is also the best children’s party room!

The Perfect Crime

The Perfect Crime is an educational game that will improve the ability of children and adults alike. Through the various elements found in the field, players must reach the killer’s footprint before he can return. They need to use their logic and work together properly, as a fearless detective team. So they will live their own unique police adventure! For children’s parties, the room turns into The Perfect Robbery and the theme changes from murder to robbery. This way our little friends can experience the room!

Release the Kraken

An educational game – experience. Release The Kraken takes you to the legendary Dutchman’s ship. There, Captain Mead the pirate is waiting for you, along with puzzles, codes and mechanisms. Your goal, to get away with learning about pirate history, astronomy, geography, and a whole host of other topics! Along the way you will learn to work as a team and develop communication skills that you did not know you had. A room that children will love because of the subject and interaction with the actor. (room with actor)

The Secret Agent

Codes and padlocks in a memory and combinatorial training game. Attempts by players to find the hidden file will only work if they learn to use all their skills. Analysis, combination, memory, observation, all matter to successfully leaving the room. It seems simple, but it is not. It requires good cooperation and communication. One of the best educational games for all ages, keeping the mind and senses alert.


Guantanamo’s room of codes and keys belongs to educational games that require quick thinking. The team is unjustly imprisoned in the infamous Guantanamo. You have little time to solve puzzles, find secret passages and escape. Through this experience, players sharpen their analytical and synthetic ability by combining elements and objects. Every player is important in trying to get the team out!

The Ritual

Absolutely scary The Ritual, belongs to educational horror games. Fear, which is an essential component of it, force the players to operate under pressure. The evocative atmosphere teaches that nothing is as it seems. The Ritual is a horror Escape Room, for players above 18 years old. But it is a room that groups of adults can enjoy, scare and bond with! Learning to control your fear is one of the most important lessons you can take. (room with actor)

The Survivor

The ultimate educational game of teamwork and fun! At Survivor, teamwork and collaboration count, and that’s what players learn. The various puzzles and light physical tests are intended to teach the value of teamwork. Players must all work togethe, prevail and escape! The Survivor is a room so well designed that it is addressed to everyone. It’s the perfect educational game, whether for friends, kids or even for a corporate team building event! (room with actor)