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Entertainment Venues for Kids

Great escape entertainment venues for kids are the perfect solution to a thrilling and fun experience. Great Escape Rooms are suitable for children from 7 to 107 years old! They are also suitable for girls and boys. Children’s playgrounds perfectly combine entertainment with cognitive development and greatly help in the psychosomatic development of our little friends. It is entertainment in the ancient sense of the term. Not just fun, but learning and developing necessary skills in a fun way.

The activities take place in a completely enjoyable and controlled environment with the supervision of trained game masters and actors. All rooms feature original scenarios, suitable for children and perfect design. In addition, the degree of difficulty of the rooms can be adjusted according to the ages of the children involved. After introducing and explaining the story, the children enter the room and the game begins. Children need to solve puzzles and discover hidden items, using their observation, imagination and reason.

Kids’ entertainment venues do not require special knowledge of history, geography, mathematics or general knowledge acquired at school. They need to work together to combine the elements they have discovered to decode the final puzzle and escape the room. Great Escape Rooms Athens children’s entertainment venues are located in the center of town, in Psiri. Great Escape educational games, is a logic game, suitable for small but also large groups of children. Children from 7 years old and up can play in all Great Escape Rooms escape rooms.




χώρος ψυχαγωγίας για παιδιά

Entertainment venues for kids and schools

Great Escape entertainment venues for kids are the perfect place for short or even one day school trips. Schools within Attica are easy to organize a school walk, bus or even Metro. Schools outside Attica that organize three-day or five-day excursions to Athens may include this activity in their schedule. In children’s games, they can be divided into groups and thus play in completely different rooms at the same time. As mentioned above, they do not need encyclopedic knowledge to escape the room, but harmonious cooperation, team spirit, concentration and speed.

Also, if the children are young, we can adjust the scenario and degree of difficulty of each room accordingly. School trips are an indispensable and integral part of the learning process. This has been accepted for decades by both parents and the Ministry of Education. Their main purpose is to socialize, learn, entertain and practice the skills of the students. Getting to know the world outside of school and preparing them for everyday life.

Sports Clubs – Artistic workshops

Great Escape entertainment venues for kids can benefit any extracurricular activity center with children. The skills development needs in this cases are no different than a school. With the consent of the parents, any private organization can offer this activity to its children. Either as a celebration of a sports club’s success, or as the start or end of a school year. A reward for the children who passed the foreign language exams or who simply did their best. Friends are created not only in school, but also in all extracurricular activities, where important skills are developed.

Entetainment venues for friends

Kids’ entertainment venues are definitely one of the most original and fun activities you will ever live with your friends. Entertainment venues for kids are a wonderful, interactive and alternative experience that you will love! Escape rooms include both action and thinking games.

Great Escape Rooms games can improve team relationships while providing unparalleled fun. Still, they will give you many beautiful shared memories that will build a friendship that will endure over time. How many friends can say they’ve been robbed or escaped from exotic islands?

Venues for families

If you are looking for an alternative and original activity for the whole family, then Great Escape is here. Great Escape Rooms entertainment venues can give you the most memorable and exciting moments. They can become your favorite family fun that you will all enjoy together!

Make a surprise for your kids, but also a gift for yourself by joining an escape room! Have a family activity with their uncles and cousins! Even grandparents can play. In the end, beautiful family memories will last forever!

Entertainment venues for children parties

Of course we should not forget the most beautiful moment of childhood! The birthday, the celebration and the party that accompanies them! We at Great Escape Rooms have been specializing in children’s escape rooms for years. Thousands of children have been entertained and have created fantastic memories in our rooms, at the most beautiful parties! Parents who have trusted us for years, know that we guarantee not only the fun but also the safety of our little friends. We also offer space for cake cutting and other activities. Contact us at 213 0354432 to organize the most memorable and fun children’s party!


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Great Escape children’s entertainment venues are designed to broaden the spirit and develop skills through play. Through such an experience, the children come into contact with the rest of the group as well as with themselves. They thus acquire both team spirit and resilience, as well as useful individual skills. In thinking games, children and adults find an enjoyable way out of their daily lives.

In particular, they effectively deal with the stress caused by increased obligations through interactive play. Some of the benefits that these children’s party venues offer are mental stimulation, mental skills training and interaction. The escape rooms develop the children’s intellectual skills and at the same time relax them. So we can say that they are a kind of active rest. Most of all, they belong to Alternative Entertainment.


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