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Escape Games by Great Escape

Escape Games, also known as escape rooms is an online adventure game, that you have to find a way out by exploiting the surroundings. In the rooms you will find locked doors, hidden clues, various objects and secret compartments. You must use the objects wisely, click on them and find a way to interact. You can use them instantly or you can add the objects in your inventory. Ultimately, you must use them, in order to solve puzzles and riddles and find a way to escape the room. The interface of these games is usually minimalistic with ambient sounds, in order to enhance the sense of isolation.


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How did Online Escape Games began?

The basic idea of Escape Games goes back to 1988, where John Wilson created the adventure of “Behind closed doors”. This game was based on text only and the players were trying to escape from a toilet. Then this kind of game became more popular after ” Crimson Room ” a Japanese online game by Toshimitsu Takagi, which spread in 2004 at great speed, all over the internet. The tremendous success of these online games is also the main reason for creating Real Life Escape Games.


How did Real Life escape games began?

Real Life Escape Games, first appeared in 2007, by the Japanese company SCARP. They created a Live Escape Game where players had to solve riddles and puzzles, to escape from a specially designed room, at the predetermined time of 60 minutes. After that, Escape Games spread to the rest of Asia and eventually arrived in Europe in early 2011. Today, escape games are one of the most popular TripAdvisor activities. The main reason for this tremendous success, is that the world is bored with online entertainment and endless hours in front of the screen. People realized that it is much more fun, to try escape games, in real life.


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How do i play Real Life Escape Games?

The basic idea is similar to the online Escape Games. You enter into a specially designed thematic room, aiming to escape before your time runs out. The way to do it, is to find hidden items, break codes, open locks, and find secret passes. You have to combine everything, in an intelligent way to lead you to the ultimate test, that will give you your freedom. Each room has its own theme and script, which is shown to you before entering the room. At Great Escape Rooms, you can choose the style you like, through 8 different escape rooms in Psyrri. Escape Games can accommodate large and small groups of friends, families and Team Building activities. Spend creative moments and become protagonists in the Escape Game that suits you.


  • Volcano Island – Can you find the lost treasure?  Book Now
  • The Ritual – Can you get away from The Ritual’s killer? Book Now
  • Inception – Steal the code, from the subconscious mind of one of the richest businessmen in the world, before the spinner stops spinning.  Book Now
  • Guantanamo – Can you escape from the prison of your mind? Book Now
  • Perfect crime – Find the weapon of crime and figure out the murderer! Book Now
  • Secret Agent – Save innocents from the German SS troops and find the secret files.  Book Now
  • The Survivor – Escape from the mysterious island. Book Now
  • The Circus – The Circus is enjoying playing with your mind. Book Now


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Who can play in Escape Games?

Escape Games are suitable for all the people that are looking for something new in the field of alternative entertainment. Whether you are a group of friends, a family or a company looking for an original activity for its staff, we are confident that this experience will fascinate you. After entering the room, what you need to do is concentrate on the goal and work as a team in order to escape.


What if we can not solve the puzzles?

Escape Games are designed to challenge your cognitive abilities, while having fun. They include a variety of different types of puzzles and riddles, requiring different abilities. This means that each member of the team can contribute to the common goal of escape. Making sure you get the best experience is a priority for us. For this reason, if the team can not solve a puzzle, Game Master, who is watching you through CCTV, gives a little help to get to the next challenge.


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Can kids participate in Escape Games?

At Great Escape, we believe it is important to be able to provide unforgettable experiences to kids and adults. For this reason, although some of our rooms are suitable only for large “children”, there are too many rooms that can be enjoyed by the whole family. So children of 7 years and over can easily take part in the game, without any problem.


What if I want to get out of the room?

You can leave the room any time you like. Whatever the reason is, you can exit the room using the panic button, which opens the exit door.

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Escape Games Tips


  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes so you can easily pass the obstacles in some of the rooms.
  • Have good communication with all your teammates. For the smooth outcome of the game, you must inform the rest of the team whenever you discover something, solve a puzzle, or just need help.
  • It is very important that there is someone in the group who will coordinate your actions and play the role of the leader.
  • Also, a very useful tip is to gather all the items and objects you find in a particular place, so that the whole group can see them.
  • Check every inch of the room. The clues may be hidden anywhere.
  • Finally, think creatively and work in harmony with your team.