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Great Escape room for kids

Before we talk about Escape Rooms for Kids, let’s see what is best for their spiritual development. What they need to learn from the youngest possible age? And what is it that will make them become adults with developed thinking and judgment? But of course they make effective use of their mental skills and all the innate potentials of the human mind. Learn to combine elements of the environment, analyze situations, synthesize information, to reach a solution. Proper use of mental skills is probably the most important lesson a child can take. There is a way for children to cultivate all the intellectual skills while having fun! And this is the Great Escape rooms for children!



Benefits of a children’s escape room

Escape rooms for kids are one of the most rewarding activities for our little friends. All pedagogical and psychological studies emphasize how important it is for children to learn through activities. Encyclopedic knowledge is transmitted into the classroom within the educational system. But important intellectual skills are adequately practiced through play and experiential approach. Whole major pedagogical theories have been based on this, from Plato to Maria Montessori and more recently Freire.

Great escape rooms for children are also targeted at this. Escape rooms for children sharpen all mental and intellectual abilities. Every person has innate abilities, but their cultivation in childhood makes a difference. Children who have sufficiently cultivated their brain skills will become intelligent and functional adults. Beyond the formal education and education system, mental skills are better cultivated in experiential ways.

Skills that Escape Rooms for kids, sharpen

Analytical thinking

The ability of man to analyze the information he receives and to divide it into segments. He, thus discovers which parts are useful and which are less useful. A skill that is essential in the everyday life that children will experience, as the flow of information is continuous.

Synthetic ability

The ability of humans to synthesize different information with a common characteristic. Thereby creating an integrated information that leads to solving mental problems and daily needs. It is a very important skill that every child should be fostered by a young age. Escape rooms for children are the ideal exercise to develop this capacity to the maximum.

Combinational ability

The ability of humans to combine different forms of information and stimuli from different sources. Different sources include either our different senses, or different sources of information. It is perhaps the most important intellectual skill. Of course, it is essential for the proper mental development of every child from an early age.


The ability to observe our natural environment through the use of our senses. Observation is the skill that fuels analytical and synthetic ability. This means that its proper functioning is essential for our performance! Sharp observation is a key feature of high intelligence people and is cultivated in the Escape Room for Kids as well.


The ability to link together all the information available. These can come from observing the environment, memory and all other abilities at the same time. It is probably the most important skill for a child because it actually makes him / her aware of the situations around him / her. So he can respond accordingly, of course, based on his personality, upbringing and innate talents.


The ability to store all information collected from the environment by the use of the senses. Also the information we have received using our other mental abilities. Memory constantly feeds on other mental abilities with stimuli and information the person has already acquired. A good memory is very important for all one’s mental skills. The escape rooms for children do not require memorization of verbal information but of spatial, schematic and color. This way they cultivate this skill better and much more effectively, even at a much older age.


All human cognitive skills need concentration to function effectively, even under adverse conditions. This ability is cultivated and is an important asset of the child in future, stressful and difficult situations. Ifsomeone has cultivated concentration from a young age, he will be able to cope better with adult life. Through play in the Escape Room for Kids, the need to concentrate under the pressure of time greatly helps to improve this ability.

Group thinking

The combination of different individuals’ thinking and mental abilities always leads to a faster and more effective solution to a problem. Any activity that an adult will engage in, will require that he or she has learned to work properly with others. Work, studies, other activities and of course creating his own family in the future will require good cooperation at every level. There is perhaps nothing more important than this: The child’s ability to engage in group intellectual processes and work harmoniously with others to solve problems.


The fun part of escape rooms for children

The most important element of a children’s escape room is that all these functions are cultivated through playing. This is not a difficult and demanding learning process, but a fun one! We could say that it is not much different from the games they play anyway. But it is unprecedented for them, more organized, with plausible scenes and objects, with intellectual challenges that will fascinate them!

The presence of actors in the Escape Rooms for Kids is also very important because our little friends have direct interaction and supervision. So they know how to properly lead children to activate all the skills they need. Children have a good time, because they combine playing with learning.



Children parties in Great Escape

The best way for our little friends to get in touch with escape rooms for kids! At Great Escape we have a great experience organizing children’s parties, having already hosted thousands of children in our rooms. Children games in the Great escape rooms also give kids the opportunity to continue their party in a collaborative space. Their entertainment and experience are unforgettable and they are eager to repeat it and come back to another room!

In addition, Great Escape’s location in downtown Athens, at Psiri, 12 Lepeniotou, makes it an ideal meeting place. Children and parents can come by Metro (Monastiraki Station) or Electric (Thissio Station). There is also guarded parking, with special rates for those who play at the Great Escape. Kids’ escape rooms are not just for birthday parties or celebrations! Every important occasion is worth celebrating! Beginning or end of a school year, athletic success, receiving a foreign language degree are just some of the cases that justify a party!

Educational excursions, school and tutorial visits, graduation parties, are some of the occasions we have hosted. Contact us to arrange all the details of the kids’ escape rooms party you’ve always wanted. This year our team has been enriched with new partners and fresh ideas for unforgettable children’s parties. So we have even more appetite and passion to offer children a fun and special experience, beyond the established ones!