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Escape rooms Team Building for companies

Escape Rooms are one of the best Team Building activities for companies. The challenge is to Escape from a specially designed thematic room with time to push relentlessly. Puzzles can be quite difficult, but if the team succeeds to work together harmoniously, then the chances of escaping increase significantly.

Team Building from GREAT ESCAPE ROOMS

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Escape rooms Team Building for companies

The very popular team building practices for companies, designed by GREAT ESCAPE ROOMS create a very pleasant atmosphere that will be remembered and discussed by the participants for a very long time. At the same time, business executives are given the opportunity to analyze the skills of their employees. In Skills, Communication, Organisation, Critical Thinking, Reasoning and Inventiveness in High Pressure Conditions.

At the end of the escape process from this room, GREAT ESCAPE’s specialized staff will analyze in co-operation with the HR manager of the partner company. It will analyze all the movements of the team, the decisions they have taken, the quality of communication they had and what they could have done correctly so they had escaped in even less time than their performance.

Why to choose ESCAPE ROOMS Team Building

The key areas that will be improved in a team by participating in escape rooms Team Building activities are:

  • Communication

This is probably the key component a team should have to escape. Everyone should say out loud all the objects they found in the room, so the rest of the team to know. Example: If at any point in the room there is a padlock with a 4-digit code, the others have to know it to look for an item that gives them the 4 numbers. Also several puzzles require cooperation of 2 or 3 people to solve them. This is something that makes communication an essential ingredient for completing the process.

  • Leadership

The common feature of most teams that fail to get out of the escape room in time, is the lack of a leading figure. Someone who will propose ways to solve a puzzle. He will actually get ahead and lead the team up to the end of the mission.

  • Creative thinking

When the team enters one of the escape games, it has essentially entered an unknown world. They are facing challenges in order to escape. This means that you have to create ideas on how this will work. You don’t practice in something that is known to you, but in something completely unknown. Time pressure makes the need of creative thinking even greater.

  • Patience

Even the most powerful personalities that have the leadership features should learn to hear what someone else is suggesting from the group. When the door is closed everyone is equal. When someone has something to suggest, the others should listen to him carefully before deciding. Also several puzzles need a lot of patience to be solved.

Finally, a dinner can follow after your experience in the Escape Room. During that dinner, the whole team can discuss and analyse the assets, but especially the mistakes that have deprived them of even better performance.

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