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The Mystery Tour Athens

The Mystery Tour Athens, gives you the opportunity to “escape” from the usual stuff! Our innovative adventure game has elements of both a city tour and an escape room. The Mystery Tour takes you to the center of Athens, giving you the opportunity to discover important aspects of the city’s historic monuments through an interactive tour on bikes provided by us. Will you be able to unlock the secrets of the historic city of Athens?

Your goal
A contemporary historian claims he managed to create a special map of Athens, representing significant facts of the city’s 2.500-year history. The map gives you the opportunity to grasp and discover important aspects of ancient Greek culture. These secrets are well hidden in various historic monuments of the ancient city. You have the map and a cube to help you discover the story.

Who can play?
The Mystery Tour Athens is suitable for all! Families, tourists, friends and team building event participants will enjoy it. The true winners of the Mystery Tour are not the fastest team but the team that has the most fun during the tour!

  • Difficulty 60% 60%

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