The Volcano Island Escape Room

    Latin America, Year 1867. After your first failed attempt to reach the hidden treasure Island and still having the map in your hands, you decide to give it another try, hoping to make it this time…
    You get your team members together, again. In your new effort you have the assistance of the King, who provides you with his fastest ship.
    After traveling for 13 days and overcoming extreme weather conditions, a mysterious tropical island appears in front of you. Exactly where the spot on the map was showing…
    Somewhere in the Caribbean!
    An imposing Volcano is located in the middle of the island. You approach the coast, and leave the ship on the south side of the island. You hope you will manage to survive the challenges you are going to face, and get back to the ship, with the legendary treasure in your hands!

    • The entrance is prohibited to visitors belonging to vulnerable groups such us pregnant women, people with heart problems etc.
    • Minimum age 15+.
    • Not suitable for people with claustrophobia and fear of heights.
    • Requires basic physical abilities.
    • Athletic clothing is necessary.
    • It is recommended for players, to carry a second pair of shoes and socks.
    • In case of extreme weather conditions or rain the booking will be canceled and you need to make a new reservation another available hour.
    • The Volcano Island Escape Room is located in Allou! Fun Park.
      (How to get to Allou! FunPark » )
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