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Great Escape – Exit Rooms

Exit rooms are the new form of Alternative Entertainment for all ages. They have become especially popular in recent years, both in Greece and worldwide. In addition, they have created a fanatical audience, from people who are constantly discovering and playing new exit rooms, seeking new adventures and emotions. For some it is a pleasant occupation, for some it is just a hobby, for others it is passion. There are people who might be traveling to other cities or countries to take part in an exit game!

Exit rooms can provide unique moments of thought, logic, action and adventure for you and your friends. The aim of the game is to escape within 60 or 90 minutes (depending on the room) of the Great Escape Rooms. To do this, you need to break passwords, solve puzzles, find keys, and get out before time runs out. Test your mind and abilities, mentally and physically, discover things for you and others. Play the Great Escape Rooms with your friends, family, coworkers, or your other half. Use the items and objects you find in the room in the most creative and intelligent way. This will lead you to the final puzzle. Will you be able to decode the last challenge and open the exit door before being trapped in the room forever?




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Exit Games – Test your skills

Great Escape exit games will test your team’s intellectual abilities and challenge co-op skills. The challenges you face in the rooms require total concentration, team spirit, and speed to overcome them. Use your intuition, reason, and imagination to escape. Before joining the exit rooms, the game master gives you a presentation of the script along with the basic instructions. His job is to monitor you throughout the game via camera, in a perfectly legal way. The Game Master facilitates smooth flow of the game and helps if needed.

Help takes the form of clever comments, in the context of game history. In actress rooms, this is the actor’s job, staying in the role and offering help and objects. Exit games do not require special physical strength and knowledge to solve puzzles. Do you think you have what it takes to get away? The real purpose of escape games, like all group games, is one: Have fun! Have fun, have fun, live intense moments.

Also, create beautiful shared memories that will bind them together as a group or as a family! To laugh, to scare, to experience situations and emotions together. In the end, when they came out, they had learned something more about themselves and the others who were with them! After all, Plato, the great philosopher, had said, “You can learn more about a man by playing with him for an hour, rather than discussing with him for a week!”

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Exit rooms of Great Escape:

  • The Ritual  You are in the killer’s house. Can you escape? But will you keep your logic? One of the most scary games with actor. (Horror from 18+)
  • Guantanamo  Can you escape the harshest prison in the world?
  • The Perfect Crime  Can you find the culprit and solve the perfect crime?
  • Release the Kraken – Can you escape the hold of the legendary “Flying Dutchman” before waking Kraken? (Room with Actor)
  • The Secret Agent  The important file is in the wrong hands. Can you recover it before it’s too late?
  • Survivor Can you escape from the mysterious island before the storm breaks out again?
  • The Circus  Circus has fun, playing with your mind. Will you leave it?

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Exit games for all

Great Escape exit games are an alternative activity for everyone, in downtown Athens, in Psiri. All rooms are well-designed to accommodate small and large groups of people. Those looking for a fun and exciting game of logic will find exactly what they were looking for here. More specifically, exit rooms are a wonderful alternative form of entertainment for:


Looking for an original and fun activity to spend time with your friends? How many times do you go for coffee or a drink? How many lives does your favorite band do in a year? How many times do you come to one of your home for pizza and movies? If you are looking for something truly different, then Great Escape exit games are the place for you. Exit rooms are a different, special, interactive experience that you will surely love! It’s an activity that will tighten your relationships and bond you more! It will give you unique moments and shared memories that you will discuss for a long time.


Are you in Athens and tired of the classic activities you have done with your family so far? Great Escape can provide exciting and enjoyable moments for you and your children. They can also offer you true entertainment, in the ancient Greek sense of the word, the healing of the soul and new skills. Welcome to the most fun, interactive and exciting part of Athens.

Great Escape exit games are located in the heart of Athens, at 12 Lepeniotou Street, in Psiri. They are thus easily accessible from all areas of the Attica Metro Station. However, even if you come with your family car, there is a secured parking lot at escorts’ disposal for great escapers! Great Escape games are suitable for children 7 years and older. The exception is The Ritual which is for ages 18 and over.

For sure, kids find in the Great Escape a series of fantasy worlds waiting for them to explore! Parents find a number of mental challenges that they have to solve. The whole family finds it fun and entertaining, a shared activity that equally fascinates all its members! Exit rooms are really an opportunity for the whole family to have a good time!

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Childrens parties

And of course, Great Escape games are among the best places for kids parties! Children can play in the exit rooms and enjoy our fantastic stories with their friends. Parents can be sure of the entertainment and safety of their children. Our experience and the thousands of happy children and parents are the guarantee of the most memorable children’s party!

This year our team has been enriched with new members and we are preparing many new surprises and concepts for our little friends! Contact us to discuss all the details of your child’s party. Together we will find the perfect rooms, activities and extra services for one of the best alternative children’s parties!


If you’re a fan of online exit games, then Great Escape Rooms is the activity you should definitely try! The logic of both games is similar, but in the Great Escape, the protagonist is locked in a real room. And this protagonist is you! Do you think you are an expert on online games? Come to the Great Escape games and enjoy the ultimate experience! Do you enjoy Role Playing Games? Do you play either Pen & Paper or online?

Really, you can’t imagine how much they have in common with exit games. Searching and combining objects, trying to make progress in the game and completing the Quest. Even the interaction with the actor – Non Player Character (NPC). It’s like a 3D, live Role Play Game, where instead of some characters you’ve made, you are the protagonists! You make decisions that have consequences, you try to think within the context of role and era. In the end you can get out of the room or not. And the more exit rooms you solve, the more experience you get! Exactly, the more quests you complete, the more XP you earn! Are you ready for this live experience?

Team Building

The excellent collaboration of a team of colleagues in the workplace is the key to success for a business. Great Escape – Alternative Entertainment exit games, designed to study international best practices in the field. They are designed to enable each team to interact and communicate correctly and effectively. The ultimate goal is to enhance chemistry among its members. Colleagues discover each other’s abilities in a more relaxed space than the office.

They develop and cultivate common communication codes based on their shared experience. The Great Escape team has an important educational and work background in Human Resource Management and has designed several business activities. Major companies in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Goods and Retail have trusted us. Great Escape – Alternative Entertainment has taken Team Building and Team Bonding activities in Athens to a new level. We have been awarded at the HR Awards 2015 for our innovative methods of selecting staff using escape rooms.

It has also become the first exit room company in the world to receive such a distinction! A team building experience at Great Escape is definitely an event that will greatly improve the consistency of your team. It will show the strengths and weaknesses of each team and each employee. In addition, it will help them communicate better in the workplace and better express their needs. Above all, it will be a pleasant experience to have your staff discussing for a long time and wanting to repeat!

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