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Games for two people by Great Escape Rooms Athens. Are you tired of strolling in cafes, bars, cinemas, theaters and looking for an alternative activity to spend your time with? Been to anywhere a couple can go to Athens? Are you years together and looking for ways to have fun with your other half and bring your relationship to life? Did you know some time ago and want to break the ice? Do you feel there are aspects of your partner’s character that you haven’t discovered yet? Want to get to know him / her better? Not yet “together”, but do you feel that this is the person you want to share moments with and look for opportunities to get closer? Then we have the solution!

Games for two at Psirri Athens

Great Escape Games for two people, located in the center of Athens, at Psiri and Zografou, are ready to offer you the most exciting experience of your life. Enter one of the Great Escape’s themed escape rooms, and escape before the time runs out. Make use of the environment around you, find hidden items and secret passages. Break the codes, solve the puzzles and combine the objects with intelligence to lead you to the final puzzle or padlock, which will give you freedom and an important sense of accomplishment. The Escape Rooms are ideal for couples or friends looking for a new activity who can work together to have fun and test their mental abilities. We are sure that this experience will fascinate you as well as connect you with shared memories and new emotions. After all, escape rooms are a game of intelligence, and as is well known that intelligence is the most appealing feature!


dead body marks παιχνίδια για 2 άτομα


Themed Rooms for 2

The games for 2 scenario and theme will be presented to you by Game Master before you enter any of the escape rooms. You can choose between the 7 themed rooms of the Great Escape Rooms in Psiri and the 2 themed rooms in Zografou, in the style and history that suits you. The rooms have been designed and implemented in such a way as to stimulate your mental abilities and stimulate your analytical thinking.

So, with the priority of ensuring the best possible experience for you and your other half, we give a little help if we deem it necessary to move on to the next puzzle and continue playing. If for some reason you feel discomfort or want to leave the room, you can use the panic button and open the exit door. As much as this weakness in front of your mate may stress you out, your fun and safety is the most important thing to us!


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All Games for two people

Spend some of the most fun and creative moments of your life and become the protagonist in an adventure, thriller or fantasy scenario. Share this experience with your other half and get beautiful shared memories that will lay a solid foundation for a lasting relationship! The story and atmosphere of each room can be an ideal opportunity to experience the moments that only cinematic and literary couples can live.

  • Release the Kraken – Other couples go boating, you live together the most intense pirate adventure!
  • The Ritual Embraced, protecting each other and trying to escape the utter terror. Tied up forever!
  • The SurvivorThe exotic holidays you promised each other are a fact. You just have to escape the mysterious island!
  • Guantanamo Romantic living together in lawlessness. Escape together from the toughest prison in the world
  • The Secret AgentGreat love is born in the trenches and in the common struggles for the salvation of thousands of innocents. Will this be yours?
  • The CircusThe circus has always been a fun experience for couples. In this circus you will have fun playing together. And the Circus itself will have fun playing with your mind
  • The Perfect Crime In police films, the delineation of crime brings the protagonists closer. Will it be the same in your personal police movie?
  • Whisper of Shadows – Some couples will visit a psychic to reveal to them the future of their relationship. Experience the most atmospheric escape – Book Now
  • The Basements Secret – Your relationship will be tested in the dark basement and you will get out of there, closer than ever. If you escape… – Book Now


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Benefits of Games for 2 people

A game can offer moments of joy and bring you close to your partner. Through this experiential activity, you can broaden your spirit and get away from the stress and routine of daily living. In the end you will have a beautiful memory, different from all the others, that will bind you forever! In Great Escape’s two-person games, you will develop some useful skills and relax, while hidden aspects of your character may need to be improved, or your mate didn’t know about them, and will probably make you more charming in her / his eyes! Great Escape 2 person games enhance:

  • communication and support within the couple.
  • the feeling of mutual trust between the couple, very important in any relationship.
  • working together to achieve a common goal.
  • mental abilities.
  • positive emotions
  • the creativity and expression of individuals.
  • self-esteem and confidence.
  • skills such as leadership, decision-making and sharing of responsibilities, under intense time pressure.
  • the ability of the couple to hear and take into account each other’s opinion.


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Will you be able to concentrate on overcoming the challenges that await you in Great Escape games for two? Will you be able to work harmoniously and communicate properly? What will this tell you about your relationship and your other half? Encyclopedic knowledge is of no importance to your successful escape. What you need to do is have confidence in intuition and reason, both yours and your partner’s!

Increased room requirements need dexterity, speed and important brain skills such as memory, reasoning and observation. Below are some tips to help you:

  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes to overcome obstacles easily and generally be more comfortable.
  • Have constant and proper communication with your other half. This is of course basic to a relationship in general, but in escape rooms it finds its best fit!
  • Update your match when you discover a new item or solve a puzzle. We do not have secrets from our other half!
  • Assemble every object and element you find in one part of the room so you can both have eye contact with it at all times.
  • Search the room as best you can. Items can be hidden anywhere.
  • Think creatively and have an harmonious cooperation between you.
  • Don’t forget to have as much fun as you can! Create the best memory with your partner!