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Games with action by Great Escape

Escape Rooms is one of the games with action you could find. They are spreading rapidly across the globe, in large and smaller cities. In Escape Rooms you can live with your friends or family, unique moments of action and adventure. Such games are based on the harmonious collaboration of the team and the interaction with the specially designed thematic rooms. The goal in games with action is to escape using your mind and your innate mental abilities.

This must be done before the time is up. To do so, you must thoroughly search the room. You have to find hidden items and combine them in a clever way. Your goal is to solve all the puzzles and overcome every test. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of encyclopedic knowledge. Inside the room you won’t need it at all. All you need to do is work together, operate reasonably despite the time pressure, think and move fast! Each room has a different theme and is a unique challenge! Are you brave enough to put your mental skills and imagination to the ultimate test? Do you think you can escape? Then BOOK NOW for one of the games with action.



Escape rooms – Games with action

Before getting into one of the games with action you will get to know the Game Master. He or she will present you the scenario and rules of each room. At our facilities in Psiri you can choose from 7 unique themed rooms. You will definitely find what suits you. Each of the rooms is designed with great care. Its purpose is to have fun and to maximize your skills. Our priority is to make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

This is why sometimes, for the smooth outcome of the game, we give a little help in case you get stuck. This way the team moves on to the next puzzles and the game goes on. Of course, if anyone in the group feels discomfort for any reason, they can leave the room immediately. Just press the “panic button”. Great Escape Rooms action games guarantee you to have unforgettable moments. You will become the protagonists of an action scenario, a thriller or a fantastic adventure!



Our rooms in our central facilities in Psiri:

The Ritual

The ultimate game with action, but also a powerful horror game. The game that tests your mental abilities as well as your temper! Can you get away from what is chasing you? Can you find the exit from the nightmare? Will you be able to work as a team, in fear? You only have to find out! (room with actor)

Release the Kraken

The Flying Dutchman, the legendary ghost ship awaits you! Inside its hold, you’ll find one of the most exciting games with action. There you will also meet the pirate Captain Mead. If you work with him harmoniously and listen to his stories, you will come out. Otherwise, the awesome Kraken will take you with him to the bottom! (room with actor)

The Survivor

The mysterious island of The Survivor is here and invites you to the true adventure! One of the biggest Athens games with action, containing in addition to mental also physical tests. With you you will have the Shipwreck, who has been there for years and knows the secrets of the island! Will you be able to escape the exotic paradise together or will you be trapped there forever? (room with actor)

The Perfect Crime

The crime is done! Data is scarce and the police are in trouble. You, the experienced detective team, took over the case! Can you discover the evidence and the weapon of crime to shed light? But the killer always returns to the scene of the crime. Are you able to clear up the case before they return? If you like police series, this is the action game you will remember for a long time!

The Secret Agent

The important archive of your secret mission is in the wrong hands. It will soon be delivered to those who want to hurt you. Will you be able to find it inside the office that has it hidden? Will you have time to escape before your opponents return? A game with action, a spy adventure for quick thinking that will fascinate you!


The harshest prison in the world, the infamous Guantanamo, keeps you in prison. You are innocent and you know it, but you must flee there before the end comes. All the adrenaline of a cinematic getaway from prison, in a game with action and intensity!

The Circus

Playful, funny and cheerful, The Circus is the perfect room to get into the world of action games. A game for the whole family, which only requires ingenuity, observation and good mood. A wonderful experience that will be unforgettable.



Tips for games with action

Do you have the skills to overcome challenges and escape the Great Escape games with action? Do you think there is no puzzle you cannot solve and code that you cannot break? Want to find yourself in a fantasy and adventure world in the heart of Athens? Trust your rationality and intuition and meet the increased demands of the Great Escape Rooms successfully. Speed, dexterity, memory, creativity, perception, logic, all innate mental functions of man in the alert. Some helpful tips for you:

  • It is best to wear sneakers and comfortable clothes so you can move around with ease. Action games mean movement, intensity, dynamism! These are a big part of the experience. Live it to the fullest.
  • Keep in touch with other members of your team. Not only inform them every time you discover an item, or solve a puzzle, but constantly exchange information. Nothing is trivial, no thought is silly. Every contribution counts!

More Tips

  • Aggregate every item you discover at a specific point so all players can have instant access. Also, any item you use to put it elsewhere so you don’t get confused afterwards! You can easily get distracted by the intensity of the game and not be sure what you have used or not!
  • Look for as much as possible, every corner of the room, all areas. The items you need can be everywhere. Remember, every game with action has its own flow and logic!
  • Always think creatively and out of the box! Logic is a very important factor in an action game, but imagination is just as important. Enter the position of detective, pirate, wrecker, agent. This is the essence of action games.
  • Work in harmony with your team. games with action are mostly group games. They require very good cooperation but also offer beautiful shared memories that binds friends, a company or family!
  • And finally, have fun! The escape rooms are, above all, games. Aim for your entertainment!



Team Building

Games with action are ideal for Team Building activities for companies and organizations. They greatly improve the levels of employee collaboration and sharing of responsibilities within the team. Their main purpose is to improve employee relationships and collaboration. At the same time, they offer moments of relaxation and entertainment outside the restrictive and formal workplace environment. Through the process of such a game, you can determine the levels of cooperation of your company executives. This will enable you to plan appropriate actions to improve procedures and delegate appropriate responsibilities.

Overcoming difficulties as a group, employees can get to know each other better. Whether it’s new colleagues or a team that is already working together, the experience will benefit them. They will tie in a different way to the one in the work environment. Apart from escape rooms, we have also moved the logic of games with action to tailor-made games. We have the ability to support your corporate event with team building – team bonding activities in your area. Whether it’s your office, hotel or even outdoor space, our team will be there. Contact us to create the perfect tailor-made game to suit your corporate needs!



Children parties

games with action will surely excite our little friends. The escape rooms are suitable for the most memorable and creative children’s parties. It’s an activity that will free parents from the hassle of preparing a party at home. Parents will save not only the cleaning but also the responsibility for the safety and entertainment of the children. In addition, Escape Rooms is such a different activity that children will remember for a long time. Our spaces are suitable for children 7 years and older, boys and girls. You can close one or more of our games with action, depending on the number of children. Our specialized staff is here to answer all your questions. Contact us to design the perfect party for you!

Some more reasons to choose to have your own children’s party at the Great Escape are:

  • The existence of a place where parents can wait while their children play in action games, drinking their coffee. At the same place you can later cut the cake and continue the party!
  • It’s a much more economical solution than having a kids party at home if you calculate all the expenses.
  • Safety is our primary concern in all Great Escape action games. All required safety standards are strictly observed in all areas and activities. At the same time, there is an enclosed monitoring circuit in the premises so that we always ensure the safety and smooth flow of the game.

Great Escape games with action are waiting for you. Live your adventure together with your friends. Are you ready to become the protagonist? Book now in one of the Great Escape rooms!