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Escape Rooms

Great Escape new season

New Season, New Getaways, New Surprises! Our goal is to offer you the most memorable getaways, the most powerful experiences, the best memories. Recreation, education, team spirit, escaper community representation at major events. Great Escape will also be present...

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Games for two

Games for two people by Great Escape Rooms Athens. Are you tired of strolling in cafes, bars, cinemas, theaters and looking for an alternative activity to spend your time with? Been to anywhere a couple can go to Athens? Are you years together and looking for ways to...

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Horror Games

Horror Games by Great Escape Do you enjoy Horror games and scary movies while the idea of ​​a roller coaster ride thrills you? A strange cocktail of brain hormones, dopamine, endorphins and adrenaline. Substances that make the mind look for these experiences again and...

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Escape Games

Escape Games by Great Escape Escape Games are online games where players must escape using each track's environment. If you play an escape game, you will find locked doors, hidden clues, puzzles, various objects and secret passages in the rooms. You have to use the...

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Children party

A children's party is often a common affair. Activities that parents have seen at other children's parties or learned from other parents. Some kids get bored very easily and make a fuss. In the end, a few boring memories are left for the kids who are invited, but also...

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5 reasons for first appointment in escape room

The first date is a difficult affair. Two people who want to get to know each other better deal with embarrassment, anxiety and the invisible wall that separates them. But it is something else that increases the stress of this remarkable meeting, especially for the...

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Mind Gamers Types

Each game is played in its own way. Whether individual or in groups, requires the player to activate his or her mental capacity to progress to the end or to be rewarded with as much score as possible. This is also the challenge of the game. But what if the game...

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Thinking Games

Thinking Games Thinking games, boost brain skills and is a fun method to improve concentration and many other mental functions. Several researches that have been made over the last few decades have shown that thinking games help maintain logical flow of thoughts and...

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Mystery games

Mystery Games - Great Escape Undoubtedly, mystery games have a special charm over us. Curiosity is an inherent characteristic of man and perhaps, what makes us stand out from other species. So we see that a piece of human nature has the need to deal with problems and...

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School trips

Recreational & educational school trips School trips are an integral part of school life and an essential element of the learning process. Students' entertainment, their socialization through the game, as well as the practice of their skills, is their main goal....

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Team Bonding in Escape Rooms

Great Escape rooms – Team Bonding Team Bonding in Escape Rooms is a new form of alternative entertainment, which spreads at high speed in Greece and around the world. Escape Rooms is an interactive team game, that puts your mental skills and imagination on alert. Your...

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