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Birthdays and celebrations are probably the most special days of the year for your children. Sports success, the beginning and the end of the school year, success in a foreign language exam, are some important occasions. Every parent wants their kids to have the best memories of those childhood landmarks. Are you looking for something really different for your next children party? Are you tired of repeating the same ideas? Are parties in a crowded apartment or an impersonal playground boring for you? Are you looking for something different and original that will not only excite the kids but also make you, stand out in their eyes? Or maybe you just don’t want your house to be a mess?


Relaxing and unforgettable children party

There is a way to forget about the stress and responsibility of a kids party at home. Injuries, dangers, preparation hours, cooking, fatigue, mumble after party. You can avoid all this! Give our little friends an unforgettable experience.



Children parties at Great Escape

Great Escape rooms, is a unique escape game that will fascinate children. At the same time it will sharpen their spiritual abilities. Children will enter one of our themed rooms, aiming to escape. Each room is a complete fantasy story. Scripts and scenes are suitable for young and older children. They have to use their mind, senses and logic to solve puzzles and find the hidden elements.

Time is running out! In the end, after their successful escape, the children feel good and confident. They will definitely going to have a great time and they will like to do it again soon! It is important, that the children work together as a team to solve the puzzles and overcome the challenges. In this way they will strengthen their relationships, learn to coexist harmoniously and work together. Beyond that, they will create beautiful memories with their friends! One thing is for sure: At the end of the party, parents and children will be absolutely delighted!



Development of important skills

Playing in Great Escape Rooms has many positive aspects for children of all ages. Logic games such as escape rooms, enhance children’s relationships with each other. Skills such as critical thinking, interpersonal communication and teamwork, observation, creativity are all sharpened and developed in an escape room. The development of these skills at an early age gives children important skills.

Coordination, teamwork and communication are inherent skills that every person posses. Children from the age of 7 and up can play in Great Escape rooms. Parents also have the choice of an acting room, in consultation with the Great Escape team. In these rooms, the actor is involved in the story. His role in solving puzzles is advisory, while at the same time he is giving an interactive performance.



Why to choose Great Escape for your kid’s party

The most important reasons why Great Escape rooms are the place for the best children’s party:

  • A place right in the heart of Athens, in Psiri. Very close to Monastiraki Metro Station and even closer to Thisseio ISAP Station. Parents no longer have to look for streets and homes in neighborhoods they do not know!
  • An economical solution, especially at a party with lots of kids, since there are special rates. The costs for the celebrating child’s parents will be comparatively less than other related activities. It will probably be more economical than a home party! ”
  • All Great Escape rooms escape rooms are completely safe, as they meet all necessary specifications. In addition, the trained staff of Great Escape rooms ensure that all safety rules are respected. Parents have the opportunity to examine the proposed rooms after consultation with us.
  • There is nothing scary about Great Escape rooms. Rooms are converted when there is a children’s party to suit the occasion.
  • The actors of Great Escape rooms have all the appropriate training and experience in children’s theater. They know how to work with children and guide them in clever and fun ways to solve the puzzles.



Our Rooms

The Circus: A funny and exciting circus waiting for the kids to solve its puzzles!

The Perfect Robbery: The thief left evidence behind, but police have not been able to find him. Can children solve the mystery of the perfect robbery?

Release the Kraken: Tucked away in the legendary pirate ship, the kids with the help of the pirate, solve clever sailor puzzles! (room with actor)

The Secret Agent: Inside the office is an important list of names. Kids have to solve puzzles and find codes to discover it.

Guantanamo: Will the children be able to escape from the prison that they were unjustly locked up?

The Survivor: The children along with the shipwreck are on an exotic island. They must solve puzzles and complete tests to escape before the terrible storm begins again. (room with actor)


The Great Escape rooms are located at Psiri, 12 Lepeniotou Street.

Contact us. We will take care of all the details of the best children’s party you have ever done. We are here to answer any questions you may have and suggest solutions!

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