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Great Escape new season

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Blog | Great Escape Rooms, news

New Season, New Getaways, New Surprises!

Our goal is to offer you the most memorable getaways, the most powerful experiences, the best memories. Recreation, education, team spirit, escaper community representation at major events. Great Escape will also be present this year, with quality Alternative Entertainment and many surprises!

Escape rooms

And this year, the 9 themed Escape Rooms of Great Escape are here. Great Escape Psiri (12 Lepeniotou) and Great Escape Zografou (Biskini 20), all waiting for you, to give you moments of adrenaline, fun and joy. Family, friends, colleagues, couple? A wonderful experience awaits you!

Great Escape Psirri

The Circus – Book Now

The Perfect Crime – Book Now

Release the Kraken – Book Now

The Secret Agent – Book Now

Guantanamo – Book Now

The Ritual – Book Now

The Survivor – Book Now

Great Escape Ζωγράφου

The Basement’s Secret – Book Now

Whisper of Shadows – Book Now

Team Building – Team Bonding

Great Escape – Alternative Entertainment is the most innovative company in the field of Team Building in Greece. Awarded in the year 2015 in HR Community Award for its innovative practices, it became the first Alternative Entertainment company in the world to receive such a distinction. Whether using the Great Escape rooms, or tailor-made educational programs and games, our experienced team is ready to take care of developing your own team! The list of companies and organizations that have trusted our company is constantly expanding. Their trust honors us and fills us with pride. This year we aim to make the Greek business community and the general public even more aware of the use of Team Creation and Personnel Selection techniques through the use of Alternative Entertainment tools. Contact us to jointly diagnose your company needs and suggest the best solutions in the field of Team Building in Greece!

Children parties

The Great Escape Rooms host the best and most memorable children’s parties! Children get the most beautiful memories of their childhood, along with all their friends. Parents are assured of the safety and fun of our little friends, in an environment that encourages imagination and develops intellectual skills. This year, our team has been further enriched and our concepts will be even better! Contact us to design the best children’s party you’ve ever seen!

Event participation

Great Escape – Alternative Entertainment has for many years supported and participated in all major Pop Culture events taking place in Greece. Our goal is to bring the general public in touch with the escape rooms as a hobby and as a form of entertainment. Even more, showcasing Art and Creativity behind an escape room! Great Escape’s constant presence in these events has made it synonymous with Alternative Entertainment in Greece. Look for us this year! We’ll be there!

Other surprises

At Great Escape the surprises never stop! We will always think and plan something new for your own entertainment. Special events, wedding proposals, parties, activities in and out of our spaces! Last year was the Great Night of the Dead, the two-day Halloween-themed party that all of Athens was talking about! This year will be … No, we won’t make a spoiler. You will see!