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Athens Clue Vs Great Escape Rooms

Athens Clue and Great Escape are one of the first and largest Escape Room companies in Greece. Escape rooms are a kind of live game of thought and observation. It requires cognitive abilities that are innate to every human being, but it never fails to provide fun and beautiful moments. In the escape games, groups of people are locked inside a specially designed theme room. Their purpose is to escape from it in a predetermined time, which counts. For this to happen they have to make proper use of the objects they find in the room. To solve a series of puzzles, find hidden clues and understand their meaning.They need to combine them all together in order to gain their “freedom”!

Players must have the skills of observation and critical thinking. They need to have imagination and thinking beyond the ordinary. They should also be able to cooperate, which will bind them together. One thing that is not necessary is encyclopedic knowledge. Indeed, escape rooms are the best activity for friends, families or couples.




Escape rooms in Athens

Escape rooms have a history of many years, in Asia, America and Europe. Different “schools” were developed in Japan, the USA and Hungary and gradually spread around the world. In 2015 the escape rooms were introduced in Greece. This year, according to calculations, a new room was opened every day and a new business every 3 days. Dozens of companies exist in Attica, all of which have hundreds of escape games together.

Their themes vary, from mystery, police adventure, fantasy or science fiction. Especially in the last year the vast majority of companies that have opened have so far only one room. Their weight has fallen into the supernatural horror escape rooms, with or without actors. The money the owners have spent is enough, the work is serious and the players have multiple choices.

Companies are legitimate entertainment services companies that pay taxes and social security contributions and employ employees. In general, the space in the escape rooms is rapidly expanding and many new ideas are coming to the fore. In Athens there are 2 companies that seem to be one step ahead of the rest, Athens Clue and Great Escape. They are the first escape rooms companies in Athens and still have a significant and dynamic presence. Their business model and their growth model are the basis of all that followed. They are the companies with the most experience and recognition. For many, they have become synonymous with the concept of “escape rooms”.

Athens Clue

Athens Clue is the first business with escape rooms ever opened in Greece! That alone is enough to make Athens Clue one step ahead of other businesses. It’s really important that it brought a whole lot of entertainment, and laid the groundwork for all future steps! We are sure that when it opened its doors, everyone was wondering exactly what an “escape room” is! It is the business with the most thematic rooms than any other.

Overall, Athens Clue has created 20 thematic rooms in 3 different locations covering the whole Attica. One space is located in Hilton in the center of Athens. The other in Maroussi, in the northern suburbs and the third in Glyfada in the southern suburbs. Until recently it had a space near Syntagma, the most central part of Athens, but suspended its operation. Some of its rooms are the same in different locations, but there is always some variation that enhances the sense of uniqueness. An Athens Clue experience will be unforgettable to players. Athens Clue has also moved into the franchise, setting up a Patras Clue store in Patras as well.



Great Escape

The second company is Great Escape, which counts several years of operation and development. Located in the center of Athens, in Psirri, the Great Escape is in the perfect location for anyone who wants to visit. It is sufficiently served by two stations, Thissio Station ISAP and the Monastiraki Metro Station. It is also very easy to reach on foot from Syntagma and other parts of downtown Athens.

Although it is the most successful company in the area, it has not sought its rapid expansion. Great Escape seems to place a great deal of emphasis on the quality of its services and on the development of new concepts. This is something that the escape games public recognizes and accepts. Great Escape holds an important position among all ratings companies on all ratings platforms.

This is one of the activities most TripAdvisor users recommend in Athens. In addition to the main Building in Psiri, Great Escape also has a building in Zografou, with two more unique rooms. At the same time there is the Great Escape Thessaloniki, which has its own brilliant course in the city! Especially the kids’ know-how of Great Escape Thessaloniki is unmatched on a creative and organizational level!



Team Building στο G.E. & Athens Clue

The two companies, Athens Clue and Great Escape, introduced an innovative service in Greece. This is corporate team building using escape rooms. This made them stand out from the many others that followed. Great Escape Rooms in particular showed a great deal of dedication to team building for corporate executives. Athens Clue has also taken important steps in this direction and is an equally important choice of major companies and organizations.

But Great Escape is the first escape room company in the world to receive an award for innovative team building practice. It won this award at HR AWARDS 2015 in the category “Innovative idea for team building”. The subject of the award was the “Alternative Employee Selection Process” methodology. The same skills that employees use in the workplace should also be used in an escape room. Whether at the Great Escape or in Athens Clue, our teammates have to face challenges. At their core, challenges resemble those in a work environment. Time flies, and the demands on logic games are many. Working together is essential, as is proper communication. If they want to get out of the room they have to solve the puzzles and break the codes. Teams are not always ready for what awaits them, but they soon find common ground.



Tailor-made T.B. Activities

AthensClue and Great Escape have also been expanded to team building in areas outside their rooms. Using their know-how and mind games principles, they have developed ways to convey the experience of an escape room. Great Escape in particular has significant experience in tailor-made outdoor games, which can be deployed anywhere a customer chooses. Whether at his office, in a hotel, or even outdoors.

Athens Clue has successfully completed office conversion projects into temporary escape rooms for corporate clients. At the same time, Great Escape has designed and manufactured entire collapsible constructions for advertising purposes. These constructions have been erected in exhibitions as well as public spaces and have been incorporated into advertising campaigns. Both possess the experience and professionalism that the market requires in such actions.



Great Treasure Hunts

Great Escape has something very innovative in its activities. The Great Treasure Hunts, which are outdoor games. Inspired by Hidden Treasure games, the Great Treasure Hunts are a fun and outdoor game for everyone. They are based on the same principles of escape rooms and include actors and game masters to facilitate players. The first was held during the Christmas season of 2019 in the center of Athens. Many more are on the schedule for the future. So far Athens Clue has not organized something similar, but it can certainly do so in the future.


Final evaluation G.E. Vs Athens Clue

Both companies are important pioneers of escape rooms in Greece. AthensClue was the first company to pave the way for Alternative Entertainment in the country. It laid firm foundations on which the rest followed. Great Escape followed, introducing new ideas and working on a new business model. The two companies have taught the Greek public the escape rooms and are still at the top of escapers’ tastes. The 3 AthensClue facilities and the other 2 at Great Escape in Athens are filled daily by players. People who aim to be entertained, live unique moments and create beautiful memories. Great Escape and Athens Clue are now synonymous with quality Alternative Entertainment for thousands of Greeks. You must have played in one of their rooms. If not you can book now and experience the magic of escape rooms.