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The Mindtrap – Great Escape Rooms

The MindTrap vs Great Escape…. Who will solve the puzzles, break the codes and discover the hidden objects? Will your team be able to escape from the room by completing tests in the preset time? The ultimate game of collaboration, brainstorming and team spirit is here! This new type of alternative entertainment is being developed in our country at an incredible pace, and the public has embraced it. Each group can consist of 2 to 7 people. The goal is to be able to escape from a themed room in a given time. To do so, they must use their mental faculties and five senses. They have to solve all the puzzles, break the codes and open the padlocks. To think unconventional and different, putting their imagination to work!





The Mindtrap

The Mindtrap is a business started from Thessaloniki, in a space of 400 sq.m. in the heart of the city. Very quickly, The Mindtrap was expanded to Athens and other Greek cities. This is its characteristic, which sets it apart from the other respective companies. It has thrown a lot of weight on the franchise piece, with ready-made concepts being given and set up almost exclusively in other stores. Nowadays, The Mindtrap is available in many areas of Athens and Thessaloniki with quite different themed rooms. The Mindtrap is still present in Komotini, Ioannina, Larissa, Chios, Heraklion and Corfu.

The escapers have the ability to play the concept of the room they want, at a location near them. The Mindtrap has been a business with exemplary development and diversification of capabilities. It has spread to other activities and is conducting a series of educational programs while researching and developing new concepts. It has been one of the fastest growing businesses of all kinds in Greece for years and participates in franchise exhibitions.



Great Escape rooms

Next to The Mindtrap is the Great Escape Rooms, which with the right business moves has managed to stand out. The Great Escape is based in Athens and more specifically Lepeniotou Street in Psyrri. As a business it seems to place more of its emphasis on quality of service rather than on rapid deployment. Great Escape has made sure that its games are unique experiences, with attention to detail.

Every Great Escape concept is unique! Even the few rooms operating under the same title in Athens and Thessaloniki are completely different experiences. This is something that the escapers audience seems to recognize. Both the single-player and the fanatics of the getaway teams have the best opinion of the Great Escape games. That is why it has managed to climb to the top of TripAdvisor ratings in the escape games category. At the same time it has a number of excellent reviews, both on the review site myescaperooms.gr and on escapers groups on social networks!



Great Escape has also been a business with significant growth, albeit with more strategic and thoughtful moves. In addition to the main shop in Psiri, in September 2017 the shop opened in Zografou, with 2 unique rooms. At the same time, Great Escape Thessaloniki has an important tradition and is considered the best escape room company in the city. Great Escape Thessaloniki is a pioneer in children’s parties and other special activities.

Here it is interesting to note that The Mindtrap started in Thessaloniki and developed in Athens. On the other hand, the Great Escape followed a reverse course from Athens to Thessaloniki! The Great Escape has lent its know-how to events throughout Greece. At the same time, created a number of special concepts for corporate clients, in the context of advertising campaigns and training programs. Over time, the team has expanded into other business areas, such as Hosting and Catering that complement the player experience.



Great Escape – Team building

Many new escape rooms have been operating in recent years and new ones are constantly being opened. But there is another element that makes the Great Escape Rooms stand out. It is its great dedication as a part of team building for executives of large companies and organizations. It is the first and only escape room company in Greece to have been awarded a professional award. Great Escape won awards at HR AWARDS 2015 in the “Innovative Team Building Idea” category for the “Alternative Employee Selection Process”. This made it the first escape rooms company in the world to achieve such a distinction!

TheMindtrap has followed the same footsteps and developed its own know-how. Many companies and organizations trust it for their needs! The founders of Great Escape have always had in mind the use of corporate team building rooms. This is because they have an important background, both educational and working, in the field of Human Resources. This is how they designed each room from the outset so that it could host such events. First of all, they designed them based on the mental abilities that employees use in their workplace. Organizations clearly want not only to recognize the abilities of their employees. They want to help them develop and become more productive and effective! So it clearly benefits both the organization and the employee! The purpose of the Great Escape is clearly to assist these efforts to benefit organizations. Of course, the use of escape rooms as team building tools is also offered by The Mindtrap, which also has corresponding services.


Team Building procedure

Escape Room – Team Building is an alternative to corporate activities in Athens. These are team building processes, using escape rooms and their general philosophy! The Great Escape has therefore created escape rooms that will test the capabilities of each corporate team. During the Team Building process, a group of colleagues lock themselves in one of our rooms with the sole purpose of escaping. The room has puzzles, passwords, and other elements that lead to escape from various spaces.

All of the Great Escape rooms are designed to reveal the chemistry needed to work together with team members. Intelligent scenarios are the most important reason why escape rooms are considered one of the best activities for Team Building. Participation in such games does not require players to have encyclopedic knowledge or specific training. What we consider to be an essential ingredient for success is quick thinking, understanding and the ability to work harmoniously. These are the same skills that colleagues use on a daily basis in their workplace.

Inside an escape room, the team will work together to solve the puzzles. They will share responsibilities, communicate properly and exchange information. Also, they will understand what is right and push the team towards the goal and what is wrong and delay it. Throughout the game, roles, character and abilities of each of the colleagues will be revealed. These may not be obvious at first glance in the strict workplace environment. But inside an escape room, where the element of fun is predominant, there’s more room to express yourself! Both the employees themselves and the HR department have a lot to learn from such a corporate game.


Outdoor games

Of course, corporate team building events are not limited to escape rooms! The Great Escape team has developed a variety of outdoor games, based on the same philosophy as the escape rooms. This way they can frame any corporate event, both at the customer’s headquarters, a hotel or even outdoors! And it’s not just a concept but an entire series, which through easy customization can meet all the potential team building needs of a company. But its services to companies and organizations are more limited because of less flexibility.


Final evaluation

Both companies, The Mindtrap and Great Escape, are the most important representatives in the field of escape games in Greece. They started almost at the same time and were developed to provide many great moments of entertainment. Hundreds of thousands of players have played in their rooms to experiencing adventure, tension or horror. They have experienced the feeling of achievement after a successful escape. They have also experienced the stubbornness of an accident that prevented them from a triumphant exit and have tried again.

For most escapers in Greece, some room at The Mindtrap or GE was the first room they ever played. Even today, they are a steady gate for new fanatics to enter the escape room! The MindTrap and the Great Escape have a lot to offer in the escape room business in Greece. They have set the franchise rules for escape rooms and are by far the most successful examples. They are the first in the country to pave the way for the use of escape games at corporate events. They have thus increased the credibility and recognition of this particular occupation to the public. They made it known and accepted by audiences who might have considered it marginal and not serious. In the years to come, both companies will continue to be great examples of business practice. And not just as escape room companies, but as Alternative Entertainment groups, pioneering in the field.