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We know that as parents you want to provide the best experiences for your children. Even more so when it comes to their birthdays, celebrations and special memorable occasions. Good memories from childhood are very important for a child’s proper and balanced psychological development. At the same time, group activities with children of the same age contribute to the proper socialization of children. Socializing, interacting with other kids is extremely important at the age of personality formation. There is no better place to create beautiful shared memories for children than the Great Escape themed rooms! There they will sharpen their minds to try to solve the puzzles. They will travel through history and live the adventure. Party venues are ideal for interacting with each other and with the actor (in rooms with an actor), laughing and creating beautiful memories. That way they will bond more together.

Circumstances in which the Great Escape children’s parties are the best option:

  • Birthday
  • Celebrations
  • Carnival
  • End of the school year
  • Obtaining a foreign language degree
  • Beginning or end of a season of group activities (eg sports, etc.) to engage with children.

But even if you’re not a parent, the group activity offered by Escape Rooms for Kids is the best option. A number of agencies working with children can do events and activities in the rooms of the Great Escape.
Beginning and end of the school year, Christmas, Easter, graduation ceremonies and many other special occasions are perfect for a game in the Great Escape Rooms. The purpose is, of course, to strengthen children’s relationships with each other, but also to have fun, to create beautiful memories!

Examples of who can host parties and events in the escape rooms:

  • Public and private schools
  • Foreign language institutes
  • Secondary School Tuition
  • Martial arts schools
  • Sport associations
  • Art workshops for children
  • Conservatories and music schools
  • Creative workplaces

A kids’ party at the Great Escape is a process that will be unforgettable for children. They will have a good time with their friends and bond. Parents and teachers will feel the satisfaction of offering a great experience. In the end everyone will be happy! Contact us to arrange details for the most memorable children’s party in the escape rooms of the Great Escape in Athens and Thessaloniki.