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Treasure hunt in Athens is a fun activity for the whole family. It is one of the activities suitable for children and adults and everyone can enjoy it equally. Hunting a hidden treasure is primarily a game! Players form teams, solve puzzles, and follow elements to reach an end goal. Usually, the goal is to find an item or get to a location first. The teams employ their imagination, creativity and observation. Team thinking and work are required to solve the puzzles, and sometimes minor physical tests may occur.

The goal ultimate goal for the players is to have fun and create beautiful team memories! It can be activities for friends who want to play and have a good time. It can even be part of a corporate team building, where a group of colleagues is trying out a group outdoor activity. They should use the same skills they use in their workplace, but as part of a fun group activity.



Suitable areas for treasure hunting

Treasure hunt in Athens can be done indoors, in a building or complex of buildings. Many organizations have organized such games in museums and archaeological sites, in cultural centers or office buildings. Also in large shopping malls, gardens and indoor markets, zoos and other places. But it is infinitely more fun when outdoors! Then it requires physical activity as players have to move from one place to another to find the next puzzle. The solution to each puzzle reveals their next location. Each location is therefore a station, with the final location being the “treasure” place! There may be game masters at each site. They are responsible for the safety of the players, as well as for the proper flow of the game and the rules.



Treasure Hunt in the center of Athens

Many times an entire neighborhood or more, can be the setting up for an outdoor treasure hunt. Designers can integrate landmarks in the area as “stations”, where puzzles and challenges lie. Athens, a city of dozens of places of interest, is the perfect place to host such an event. Especially the center of Athens, with its planning and its many monuments has a special dynamic. Through a treasure hunt in downtown Athens, participants can wander the monuments and neighborhoods. They can wander through History itself.



On December 15, 2019, the Great Escape organized the Great Treasure Hunt: The Christmas Ticket in downtown Athens. It was the first large-scale treasure hunt game in the historic city center. As they wandered through downtown Athens, the teams were able to discover the true spirit of Christmas. Young and old entertained and came up with solutions to the puzzles. At each wandering station, actors and facilitators helped create a festive atmosphere. The prime concern of the Great Escape Rooms was and will always be safety, in every activity.



Great Treasure Hunt in numbers:

  • 74 teams
  • 550 players
  • 12 stations
  • 13 actors
  • 30 facilitators
  • 8 product & communication sponsors
  • 4 hours of activities
  • 4,5 klm in the center of Athens
  • Infinite fun!



Great Escape would like to thank everyone involved in the design and implementation of The Christmas Ticket. Actors, facilitators, volunteers, donors, product and communication sponsors. Those who offered their creativity and excitement to deliver the Christmas magic through the perfect result. The great response of everyone involved, motivates us to organize even more and bigger events in the near future. Through them we aim to highlight the center of Athens, but also to provide Alternative Entertainment to all.



Few words about Great Treasure Hunts

The Great Treasure Hunts are large-scale outdoor games. Designed by the experienced Great Escape team. They follow the logic of the “treasure hunt” game. Participants are divided into groups, visiting city sites. They solve puzzles and look for clues that lead them closer to their goal. The game features immersion actors as well as game masters-facilitators who assist players. At the same time, game masters ensure the safety and smooth flow of the game. Objects, special constructions, new technologies and geoinformatics services are being used. At the end of each Great Treasure Hunt there is usually a big party, where prizes are awarded and there are gifts and many surprises!