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Horror Escape Rooms by Great Escape

Horror escape rooms is the most important evolution in the escape rooms industry. Their main element is horror, in every form! Visual, psychological, clear or implicit. Everything that causes terror, fear and anxiety can become an element of a horror escape room! Horror escape rooms have expanded significantly and make up the vast majority of new escape rooms. With themes influenced by classic ghost stories, urban myths, literary works, and movies!

They are usually very powerful experiences. They have fewer puzzles and codes than a “classic” escape room or not at all. Their weight is mainly in situations that cause fear, by using all available means. Of course the horror escape rooms have gained a fanatic audience, individuals and groups. These teams are constantly looking for new experiences, with more horror, darker stories, more powerful experiences.



Types of Horror Escape Rooms

The designation “Horror escape” is quite broad. Certainly, the elements that can create horror are about the same in every room: Story, atmosphere, setting, lighting and of course the presence of actors. But the terror in the escape rooms is not homogeneous. Each room is a separate experience.

Game designers mix all the available items in the appropriate doses to create unprecedented and memorable scary games. Their purpose is to activate the feeling of fear by using different techniques and with different stories, but similar conditions. Create a challenge for players that will trigger the feelings of horror they are looking for.




These horror escape rooms are mainly based on the visual and auditory factor. The scenery and the objects create a horror visual image. The story is usually bloody. Players in such a room live situations that could be in a horror movie with serial killers & cannibals. These rooms, except of course that do not accept people under 18, are generally for solid stomachs.

Game Masters alert players before they enter and are ready for potential side effects of spectacles. It is a form of escape room that has its roots in the old “haunted houses” you could find in Luna Parks. From these constructions, the form of the escape room as we know it today in general evolved. So the connection is obvious!


Psychological horror

It is not necessary for a horror escape room to be based on visual horror. In fact, we would say that this is a lack of originality! Sometimes, if you are used to such spectacles, the visual horror may no longer make you feel anything. In fact, an experienced player can even find constructions and visual representations funny! It needs something else, different and very powerful to create a sense of dread.

In this case there are rooms of psychological terror. There the fear does not come from the environment and the scenery. Fear comes from mind games! Strange reflections, shadows, objects that exist and disappear, strange sounds. Anything that can cause anxiety and not allow the mind to concentrate. A presence always linger. Puzzle solutions, that don’t look right, but they are. Small and big details that you don’t notice from the beginning, but important. It may not even have a trace of “blood” and yet, the psychological horror escape room is your most terrifying experience!



There is nothing more frightening than the atmosphere. When visual horror and psychological terror are combined with the more general climate, the best horror escape room is created. Of course, in every Room the atmosphere plays an important role. But few of these rooms have managed to combine the elements perfectly.

Few rooms really scare the players with just the atmosphere. At times, these are the most frightening of all! Atmospheric horror escape rooms can belong to any of the other categories mentioned above. The key is that they have managed to create a memorable and creepy atmosphere that scares and creates a feeling of pleasure.



Based on Pop Culture

Horror Escape Rooms are a form of entertainment as well as Art. So, like any Art, these too are influenced by other forms of Art. Many escape rooms around the world borrow thematic and visual ideas from popular movies, TV series, games or books. Horror escape rooms are no exception. There are many escape rooms that draw on themes from well-known horror films, either officially or as their ‘creative sequel’.

They may refer to such titles, characters, situations and “mythology” of these works. They can also have a prominent thematic or visual connection, but without the risk of copyright infringement. These horror escape rooms are some of the most popular, precisely because they put players in their favorite horror movie. There, they may encounter the “famous” assassin or the well-known mythical monster or ghost. To wander into familiar locations, in the same scary house or castle they saw in the movie, through a faithful representation. They can feel the same fear that the heroes of the movie felt. Or are the scary killers the real heroes of these stories? Players will know, If they manage to escape!



Horror Escape Rooms with actor

What is truly the most frightening element in a horror escape room? Is it the eerie atmosphere? The scary story that underlies the script? Scenes and special constructions? Maybe the sound effects? Music that may or may not be available at important times? An experienced horror escaper would answer immediately: The most important element in a Terror escape room is definitely the actor / actresses!

It is what makes the room come alive, that creates the feeling of threat. What’s more, it keeps the team alert and promotes the story and plot of the room. An actor and his live acting can make or break the whole experience! Usually the actors in the action games play the role of the antagonist, the killer, the spirit, the zombie, the mythical being. The way he manages players, the help he gives them and the way he does it, the jumpscares, are all elements of their experience.



The best horror escape rooms

What are the best horror escape rooms? Which one is the best horror escape room of all? These are some very common questions lately! In forums, in online groups, in conversations between friends and teammates. Players ask about all aspects of the experience. They ask about the atmosphere, the intensity, the special constructions and the scenery, the lighting, the sounds, the gameplay. They also ask about the presence and role of the actors, the existence of jumpscares, the “direction” and management of the teams.

Some ask absolutely nothing more than the “will we die?” Motto that has become very popular, almost as a meme. The riddle of “which one is the best horror escape room” is more complex than the most difficult puzzle. But we think we have the answer! The best horror Escape rooms are the ones you personally think are the best. These are the ones you spent the best time with your team. The ones that have the most intense, most anxious and most frightening memories! It is solely a personal and group choice that you consider the most playable as the best. Of course you will hear everyone’s opinions and preferences. You will definitely read reviews. But in the end, the best escape rooms are the ones that made you feel good!



Great Escape Rooms

The Great Escape has unique horror escape rooms, considered one of the most “powerful” for fans of the genre. These escape rooms have provided endless moments of terror and loud emotions. Both the “professional” escapers and the endless groups of friends that have passed, have created strong memories in them. The positive, enthusiastic reviews of players on social media, review sites and TripAdvisor speak for themselves.

The reputation of the Great Escape horror Rooms in Athens is spreading. The Great Escape was one of the first escape room companies to introduce live acting horror Rooms. Was also one of the first to create such realistic game conditions, to test the boundaries between game and reality. In the Great Escape Rooms, in Psiri and Zografou, there are absolute horror options that satisfy even the most demanding player!



Great Escape Psyri (Lepeniotou12)

The Ritual: Probably the most scary and realistic horror escape room in Athens. The Ritual is not a simple escape room. It’s a real horror experience! The players of The Ritual, who at least manage to escape, do not come out alone. Their experience has changed. They have recognized their limits and in many cases have surpassed them to survive. In addition, they have wandered inside the killer’s home. They have tried to dominate their fears and work together to escape! Do you think you’ll be able to escape The Ritual? (room with actor)


Great Escape Zografou (Biskini 20)

The Basement’s Secret: For as many millennia as human civilization exists, people have been afraid of being beneath the earth. They instinctively fear the dark and the unknown, the supernatural and what they do not understand. The Basement’s Secret plays with all these fears. The teams that come to play, immediately realize that it will not be a mere escape, but a life experience. The famous staircase leading to the basement has haunted their nightmares! The Basement’s Secret evokes all senses, with stimuli of fear. It is one of the most unique and unprecedented experiences. (room with actor) – BOOK NOW



Team building in horror Escape Rooms

One of the key skills of a worker in the modern work environment is working under pressure. Especially in high-demand and responsible jobs, such as company executives, this ability is critical. An important element of work pressure is fear. Even in times of crisis, time is valuable and the right feedback depends on the survival of a company. At that time, such an ability can prove to be salvageable.

Workers who have succeeded in mastering fear are much more efficient in both normal and special conditions. Team building activities in escape rooms are a practice companies use to develop employee skills. Gradually, in Greece, more and more large and important companies and organizations are resorting to these activities. This is for an important reason for any organization. In addition to developing teamwork and communication skills, it also develops resistance to pressure.

As time flows in reverse, the team must achieve the goal, which is to escape. This targeting is no different from the targeting of a work project. The horror escape rooms offer exactly the ability for a group of employees to learn to operate under extreme pressure. There is no greater pressure than the primordial feeling of fear. Someone who learns to control it can also use this skill in their daily work life. The experience of a Terror escape room and the cooperation of players in such a situation can be transferred to the workplace. A team that operated efficiently under pressure in a game can work in any demanding project. This fact makes the horror escape rooms the best team building activity for any company!

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