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Horror Games by Great Escape

Do you enjoy Horror games and scary movies while the idea of ​​a roller coaster ride thrills you? A strange cocktail of brain hormones, dopamine, endorphins and adrenaline. Substances that make the mind look for these experiences again and again. Fear is probably the most basic survival instinct for all kinds of planet! The plethora of brain points that analyze an upcoming threat is in itself a fact that shows the importance of fear in our brain functions. Our species has certainly spent most of its evolutionary course as a prey to other species, than as a predator. We had to be alert and ready to face the threat at all times. The creatures that chased primitive humans were always faster, stronger, more flexible than themselves.

Thus, man learned to trust the instinct of his fear, so as not to lose his life. The feeling of fear and our mind were what kept our species alive. In a world where all other species had natural superiority. But today, areas of the brain such as the tonsil, the brainstem, the hypothalamus and the hippocampus, which have been constantly on alert, are beginning to malfunction. The main reason is the existence of man at the top of the food chain for thousands of years. It is the absence of a real threat to his life from something “non-human”, something incomprehensible and unmanageable.



Horror Games – The Ritual | Great Escape Psirri (12 Lepeniotou str)

Something is coming and is thirsty for blood! A shadow appears on the wall behind you, and pulls you into the dark. Time has lost its meaning, fear is your only companion, you feel that death is the best thing that can happen to you… .The Ritual comes to break through the security shackles to make you stronger and make you to have fun.

Strange hormone secretions, in one of the most scary games in Athens, playing with your mind and nerves! The atmospheric scenery, the music, combined with the live acting of the room will surely make you scream !!! Relying on your own and your teammates’ strengths to survive! Because he comes and he is thirsty for blood… The Great Escape Rooms offer a unique experience of anxiety, tremor and adrenaline you’ll never forget.


τρομακτικά παιχνίδια με κεφάλι κούκλας


Horror Games – The Basement’s Secret | Great Escape Zografou (20 Biskini str)

Behind closed doors you feel that there are hidden secrets buried deep in time. You walk alone into the darkness desperately searching for some light. You are experiencing moments that remind you of something. Moments that make you wonder … What games do children play alone in the dark …? The Basement’s Secret is a game that activates all brain centers related to the fear and secretion of the “hormone cocktail” ».

In addition to the spooky atmosphere and creepy Live Acting, the room’s location in a truly dark basement itself blurs the boundaries between game and reality, which enhances the sense of danger and therefore enjoyment! Great Escape Rooms offer yet another powerful experience, which activates the feeling of fear to the fullest and keeps the body and mind alert! And as the King of Terror Steven King, the most influential writer of our time, had said: we face our real fears. ”



τρομακτικά παιχνίδια εργαλεία


Fun & Horror Games

As man evolved, most of the things that created fear to us for millennia, stopped being so frightening. We now have ways to protect ourselves from wildlife. We have also explained the weather and natural phenomena and the lightning and the eclipses do not scare us. We have effectively tackled and eliminated diseases that killed millions of people in previous centuries.

By building a society in which we have excluded all that cause us fear, we are now trying to create controlled situations of terror. So we try to make all these parts of the brain, which have been created and developed through millions of years of evolution, to function again and not be completely inactive. This would result in huge neurological changes in the human species.

With Horror Games, one of the most basic instincts of man is waking up and becoming a medium of fun. We put ourselves in a state of fear of our own free will, with no real danger. This is how we experience this sense of euphoria that follows. While we naturally know that danger does not actually exist, the brain reacts as planned for millions of years. Thus it secretes the corresponding substances and diffuses them throughout the body.


τρομακτικά παιχνίδια σε δωμάτιο

Fear Management

Horror games nowadays, are widespread and have huge fans around the world. In addition to their strong emotions, they also teach us to manage fear and deal with the unexpected. Fear, after all, is an integral part of human culture. We meet him in fairy tales, in cinema, theater, music and even in Video Games. There is a whole “industry” of horror production, including even professional makeup projects.

At the same time, there are online and not only communities of commentary and analysis of the artistic products of Terror. And of course it’s a very big part of the modern culture of escape games and Alternative Entertainment. Certainly, fear is embedded in all of our social activities and entertainment, in an effort to exorcise it … But let’s see how our brains work in a state of intense fear.


ψυγείο με ανθρώπινα μέλη


Horror games & brain functions

Let’s do some neurophysiology and brain anatomy lessons! The process of horror games begins with the optic nerve, which receives and transmits the visual signal to the “tonsil”! Amygdala is called the part of the brain, which is responsible for identifying and recognizing the threat. Then there is the “brain stem”, which is the part of the brain that causes the body to momentarily paralyze.

Then, the “Hippocampus” is the one that puts us into combat or flight, or as they say Fight or Flight. At the same time, the “hypothalamus” secretes the necessary hormones, the “frontal cortex” compares fear with previous experiences, and finally the “anterior lobe” decides whether or not to defend. As we can see, a large part of our brain is involved in the whole process of fear recognition. This is very indicative of the importance of fear in our brain functions and in our general cognitive development!


κεφάλι από τα τρομακτικά παιχνίδια

Fight or flight?

Within a fraction of a second, the brain secretes about 30 different hormones. This is how it prepares the body and the spirit for flight or fight. The pulses go up, we breathe fast, taking in large amounts of oxygen. Insulin production stops so that higher amounts of glucose make the brain over-function. Finally, the heart raises the pulse to blood the muscles in anticipation of intense physical activity. Within these fractions of a second, where the anterior lobe is needed to analyze the signal received by the almond, the human body:

  • Is bathed in cold sweat to relieve from muscle overload
  • The pupils expand to better identify the danger.
  • Some basic functions of the body, such as digestion, are suspended to save energy.

So we see that in addition to the brain, the whole body is activated in a state of fear. Its many different functions come into ‘battlefields’ and the euphoric substances are dispersed throughout the body!


τρομακτικός κορμός δέντρου


Feeling of fear and escape rooms

Escape rooms are one of the most popular horror games for one very important reason: They are natural and realistic games that activate the 5 senses. They take place in real scenes, with lighting, with objects, as well as visual and sound effects. Much is also based on the live action potential of each ‘threat’, killer, ghost, zombie, ‘monster’.

It requires real physical activity and physical effort. Without wanting to downplay video games, escape rooms generate much stronger brain stimuli, precisely because of this realism! in a similar experience, despite the element of the puzzle and the thinking game. These players are constantly demanding new horror experiences, even more dynamic, more sophisticated and sometimes more extreme. Experiences that further activate the centers of the brain.


τοίχος με φωτογραφίες