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Great Escape – Indoor group games

Indoor group games are a good solution to entertain young and old when the weather dictates. Many times, due to rain, cold or other conditions, an outdoor recreation activity is not always possible. Thus, the Great Escape Rooms offer the opportunity for indoor group games, with specially designed escape rooms. The rooms of the Great Escape are located in Psiri, in the center of Athens. It is easily accessible by metro and ISAP, but also by foot from Syntagma and other areas. It is also an original and alternative activity that will surely be unforgettable to you! Even if the weather is good, few things can compare to the experience of a good escape room. Imagination and creativity, moments of thought, make indoor group games the best entertainment choice of all time!

Want to spend time with your friends and family? Maybe you want to organize your child’s birthday in a different, safe environment? Do you want to build relationships with your colleagues? Looking for a unique venue, such as a wedding proposal or a bachelor party? Then the Great Escape indoor group games are an activity you will love! The rooms of the Great Escape are full of well hidden puzzles, riddles and objects to combine! They require rational thinking, ingenuity, cooperation and team spirit. They greatly help in developing brain abilities and in developing cognitive functions. Action games thus help to develop memory and other brain functions. These are the intellectual abilities that every human being has and must practice in order to maintain and develop! It is the best escape from everyday life in fantasy places.





Indoor group games for adults

It is now understood that many of our mental and physical skills were created at a young age by games. Children develop these skills and learn new ones by practicing their minds. Games have always been the means to explore aspects of our character, such as imagination, creativity and sociality. Sociological and historical studies show that in all cultures, games played an important role in all stages of life. It is a fact that in our adult lives, we forget much of what games have given to our personality.

Great Escape Rooms indoor team games bring all of this to the surface. They remind us of the value of socialization, cooperation and communication. These are the most important reasons why adult indoor group games have become so popular. You enter a specially designed room with a view to escape. You have a specific time limit, usually 60 or 75 minutes. You need to solve the puzzles and make the most of your environment. Through codes, object use and rational thinking, you will be led out of the room. Test the group’s mental faculties, the level of cooperation and communication between your family or friends. Spend unique and unforgetable moments with your loved ones.



Great Escape indoor team games

There are 7 themed escape rooms to choose from at the Great Escape. 7 indoor group games, with different themes and levels of difficulty each, but just as fun:

The Perfect Crime

Three murdered women seek justification. Can you delineate the perfect crime, from the evidence the killer left behind? But will you do so, before he returns to the crime scene?

The Secret Agent

The secret mission file fell into the wrong hands. All your affiliates are at risk. Will you be able to locate the valuable envelope inside the office and leave before it’s too late?


The toughest prison in the world is waiting for you. How many can say they escaped the infamous Guantanamo? Will you do it? Use whatever is in your environment and above all your mind and observation. You only have an hour long!

The Ritual

He is hidding in the dark. He has you trapped inside his house, ready to use you in his ritual. You have to get out and find the exit without fear. None of this is certain. The most frightening room in town is waiting for you. Can you work in absolute terror? The room is strictly for people over 18 years of age and is not recommended for people with heart problems (room with actor)

The Survivor

You are shipwrecked on an exotic island. Everything would be ideal if there was a way to get out of there. The terrible thunderstorm stops for 90 minutes and you have a chance to escape. Listen to the advice of Captain Morgan of the Shipwreck. Will you be able to get away with it before the storm breaks out again? (room with actor)

The Circus

Solve the most playful puzzles, have fun and have a good time in our circus. An escape room for the whole family and the best children’s party in Athens is waiting for you.

Release The Kraken

The ‘Flying Dutchman’, the legendary ship, has sailed and you are in his hold! But you are not alone, as you have Captain Mead with you! Can you work with him and get out? And if you find the heart of Kraken in the process, will you use its power to dominate the 7 Seas? (room with actor)


Team Building in indoor team games

Indoor group games are also ideal for corporate team building events. The same skills that employees use in the office are what they find useful in escape rooms. The way they work in their day-to-day work will help them work together during their play. And if there are collaboration problems within the team, this activity is ideal for solving them! Through collaborative action to solve puzzles and challenges, partners will get to know each other better. They may discover opportunities they did not know and cultivate relationships between them.

In addition, they will be familiar with the logic of division of labor. They will experience the pressure of time and effort to achieve the goal, just like in a work project. At the end of the game they will have learned to work together and think together. They will improve their coordination and will know themselves and others better, as well as weaknesses that can be resolved. But all this will have been done in a fantastic and fun environment, away from the pressure of the office.



Long experience

Following this experience, partners will transfer this knowledge to their workplace as well. More and more companies abroad and in Greece are choosing group indoor games for this purpose. At Great Escape we have extensive experience in team building indoor team games. We are the first Escape Room company in the world to receive awards for our Human Resource Development techniques. We were awarded the 2015 HR Awards for the techniques we have developed for staff selection. The Great Escape team is made up of experienced HR professionals with a strong background.

In addition to the Great Escape escape rooms in our facility, we have developed a number of indoor group games. These games are portable and can be customized to suit the needs of each corporate customer. Also, indoor portable games can be set up at the customer’s place or at a conference and event venue. So corporate team building can be made easier, but the experience remains the same! Portable indoor group games are an activity that ideally frames a company conference. It is a fun and relaxing activity that can take place at the beginning or end of your corporate event. Contact us to identify your organization’s needs and find the right team building solutions. Our experience and the clients that have trusted us in recent years are the best guarantee!



Indoor group games for kids party

Are you tired of home parties? Adornment, cleaning and cooking is something you want to avoid? You do not want to be responsible for the safety of a large number of children? Are you worried about having to prepare coffee, food and general things for parents too? Then the Great Escape indoor group games are the place for your next kids party! Escape rooms are an activity that will surely excite your child and his friends.

Save the hassle of preparing a party and give the kids an experience they will remember for a long time! The children enter a specially designed theme room, in order to escape before the time runs out. To achieve the goal, they must use their logic, observation and senses. This way they will find the hidden elements and solve all the puzzles. All tests will lead them to the exit! In the end they will have a good time and have a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction!

Participation in Great Escape Rooms games does not require any special encyclopedic knowledge. What is needed for the smooth outcome of the game is the harmonious cooperation of the children and the use of mental skills. The escape is possible if children act as a team, using their critical thinking, creativity and imagination. Great Escape games for kids are suitable for boys and girls 7 years and older.


Why choose the Great Escape

There are a few more reasons to choose the Great Escape indoor group games for your party:

  • There is a special area in the Great Escape for partying after the game and cutting the cake. At the same place, adults can sit back and enjoy their coffee while the children play.
  • It is an economical solution as the costs are relatively small compared to other similar options.
  • Concepts can vary depending on your needs and the ideas of our partners.
  • Great Escape provides the required security. Player safety has always been our primary concern, be it adults or much more children. Our rooms meet all required specifications and have all the safety certifications. According to international escape room practices, children are monitored by a closed circuit with cameras.

In some of the rooms professional actors are working, with knowledge and experience in improvisation and children’s theater. Through their interpretation and interaction with children, they will give them the best memories.



Indoor team games – The element of fun

Because, above all, we are talking about a game, the Great Escape’s rooms are based on the element of fun. Whether we are talking about the puzzles or the performances of the actors in their respective rooms, they are all designed to entertain the players. At the end of the game, the teams have fun and have unforgettable moments. They have created the most beautiful memories with their loved ones. Indoor group games are a multi-faceted experience for everyone. Whether you are friends, children or colleagues, each team will find something that will make it fun! And if they play once, they’ll want to play again!

Book now for one of the Great Escape Rooms indoor group games. Come to a world of fantasy and adventure!