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Great Escape – Kids Games

Kids Games offer one of the most memorable and exciting experiences. The purpose of our little friends is to escape from the specially designed room before the 60-minute period ends. To be able to open the exit door, they must use their mind and find the hidden elements, solve all the puzzles and break the secret codes. The difficulty and the scenario always adapt to the age and level of children.



Great Escape games for children, strengthen the thinking and greatly improve the levels of cooperation of the group that takes part. At the same time, it teaches children to think logically, without losing their temper, even under the pressure of time that counts backwards. This is an activity that improves skills that are useful in their daily lives, such as school exams. In addition, Great Escape games for kids, cant teach them the value of rules in our lives, which we must follow to achieve our goals.

During the game, particular emphasis must be given on the value of listening to the ideas of others. If children do not hear each other and work individually, they will not be able to escape, as we have said the most important component is cooperation. Thus, kids games, in our facilities, teach them to operate in groups.

If you were looking for an entertaining activity while making our little friends have fun with their soul, Great Escape Rooms is what you ask for.

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Kids Games of G.E. giver tremendous attention to their safety. All of our facilities are approved and adhere to security regulations, while Game Master oversees and assists kids through the CCTV circuit.

Children can at any time press the panic button and exit the room. If they so wish, parents can also monitor their children’s movements or accompany them and play with them in the room.