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Logic games by Great Escape Rooms

Logic games exercise the human mind and logical abilities. They are intended to stimulate mental processes and cultivate intellectual skills. Also, they make the mind think out of the box while staying within the common sense. The games challenge the common competencies that all humans possess in order to sharpen them. In addition, they are important tools for the development of mind and basic skills. Especially for children, logic games are essential for their proper intellectual development!


Logic games – How to play

Logic games can take many forms. One of the simplest logic games is of course an enigma or puzzle. The puzzle belongs to pure logic games, and often contains visual or auditory elements. You can solve a riddle using logic, but you may also need some prior knowledge. A puzzle does not require prior knowledge, but it requires analytical and synthetic ability to solve it. Simple puzzles and riddles are the best logic games for children, which help a lot in developing their mental skills.

It is characteristic that in all cultures of the world to have childrens riddles as a form of education. They sometimes take the form of children’s songs, and appear in children’s stories and books. The most difficult thinking games are combinatorics. These, as shown by the characterization, combine different forms of riddles and puzzles. They are thus of increasing difficulty and require greater dedication, thought and more ‘sharpened’ abilities. They may be small or larger puzzles with material elements. Made of wood or metal, they are a major challenge for everyone, young and old, experienced and less experienced. They are usually individual, but there are also group games that need the skills of an entire team to be solved. They may have some themes and be part of a branded series. Other times they are improvised company games.



Escape rooms & logic games

The world’s top logic games are definitely the escape rooms. They combine the two previous categories, using all of their elements appropriately, tied around an interesting story. Players come into the story because the scenes, objects, and performances of the actors help immersion. They learn to think in a special way that fits into the “season” and the story. All logic games within a escape room, beyond their form, follow a specific theme. The ultimate goal οφ an escape room is not just solving puzzles, but escaping with your team. They give an incentive to the effort so that the joy of the solution is no longer just a prize. but the getaway!


Logic games & Mental abilities

Logic games practice all the mental abilities inherent in humans.

  • Analytical thinking: The ability to break informations you receive into pieces, in order to discover its useful and least useful parts. An indispensable skill in a world of continuous information flow.
  • Synthetic Ability: The ability to synthesize different pieces of information together. This way you have more complete information that will solve the problem.
  • Combinatorial: The ability to combine different types of information and stimuli from different sources. Probably the most important intellectual skill of the human being that has led to the advancement of material and spiritual culture.
  • Observation: The ability to observe the environment using the 5 senses and extract information for analysis or synthesis. Rapid observation is characteristic of highly intelligent individuals.
  • Conceptual thinking: The ability to relate information from environmental observation, memory and all other cognitive abilities to one another. It’s probably the most important ability because it actually makes us understand and function in our daily lives.
  • Memory: The ability to store information that is collected by our senses. Memory supplies the other mental abilities with the stimuli and information they use to function. A good memory is very important for one’s mental skills.
  • Concentration: All mental skills need concentration to function properly. Concentrating under stress is something that is cultivated and is an important asset in difficult situations.
  • Group Thinking: Every person has about the same mental abilities, but each has a different degree of cultivation. Combining different people’s mental skills leads to a faster and more effective solution to a problem. Therefore, the ability to engage in group mental processes and work with others is the most important!



Logic games for all

Logic games multiply and practice the mental skills of everyone involved in them:



A basic condition for their intellectual development, children’s logic games practice all of the above skills. It is very important that children play logic games from an early age, in order to better develop their abilities. A good idea is to introduce them to children’s lives through alternative children’s parties in an escape room. There, they will come into contact with the whole range of logic games, in a pleasant environment with their friends! They will soon be asking themselves to play such games!



Those who learn to think together stay together! Couple logic games will teach you to think like your other half! They will help you develop the same skills to jointly solve your common problems. In addition, we could say that logic games for couples are the secret to a happy long-term relationship!



The friends stay together because apart from memories they share a common way of thinking. Logic games for friends is the way to get them both at the same time! By playing logic games together, friends learn how other members of their group think. This of course leads to better communication, which results in the strongest friendly bonds! Playing games together is the best thing they can do.



Family is the most important element of a child’s early life and where they will develop their first skills. The logic games for all the family can become the favorite acitivity! They will tie the family even further and create the best childhood memories with parents. They can give parents the opportunity to help nurture their children’s mental abilities in a protected environment. It will be the perfect form of education and fun and everyone will learn something!



Logic games are the best form of corporate team building and team bonding. This is because they give a group of colleagues the opportunity to identify each group’s mental skills. So colleagues can successfully combine them to solve the game, but also later in their workplace. And this is not done under the pressure of the office, but in the most relaxed and fun environment. This also gives the company Human Resources Department the opportunity to better recognize the abilities of each team member. It will then assign the tasks that best suit to each one, increasing both productivity and job satisfaction.



The rooms

Great Escape offers a variety of logic games, centered around a well-written story. Escape Games combine thinking, the use of innate human abilities, and teamwork. So, besides having fun, they are also suitable for team building activities for companies. Book now in one of the Great Escape’s logic games and enjoy an exciting experience! – BOOK NOW

The Circus

The best introduction to logic games for younger ages! The Circus is a room full of puzzles for the whole family to enjoy. Colorful and fun, The Circus will take you into a world of smart challenges. It will energize the mind and give you moments of joy! Live the experience!


The Perfect Crime

To solve The Perfect Crime you have to get into the logic of the killer. Games where players look for the criminal have a long history. The combination of elements, clues and objects is a fascinating logic game that mobilizes all mental functions. That’s why the genre of police-themed games like The Perfect Crime has always been very popular!


Release the Kraken

Is there any logic to the pirate ship? Captain Mead will teach you to think like a pirate! Only then will you be able to combine what you find in the Flying Dutchman’s ship, to escape before the Kraken wakes up! Every object, every element, every piece of space can hide the next secret. Observance, combinatorial thinking and a bit of “pirate logic” are all you need!


The Secret Agent

The biggest challenge for your logic is here! The Secret Agent is a code-breaking logic game and requires a significant commitment from the whole team. This is where the mental skills of not only the individual players are tested, but the whole team together. Because only with teamwork and skill combinations can the important file be found before it falls into the wrong hands.



Your logic is the only ally in trying to escape the harshest prison in the world. One of the guessing games based on combinations and keys, at Guantanamo you will test all your mental skills to get away. Utilize your analytical and synthetic abilities to gain your coveted freedom!


The Ritual

The Ritual is a game that has a special relation to logic. Specifically whether you can maintain your logic in absolute terror! Calm and concentration are the mental skills that will make the difference between life and death.


The Survivor

The Survivor dominates the logic of survival. You have to use all your mental abilities before you can leave the exotic island before the storm starts again. And you have to admit that in Captain Morgan’s words, the shipwreck also makes sense. Even though it seems to have been lost for years!


The Basement’s Secret

Can your logic survive the basement of The Basement’s Secret? Is concentration and analytical ability enough to find the way out? Puzzles, codes, keys, all of which require human mental skills, become more demanding when there is a presence in the shadows. Concentration and spiritual clarity are difficult when you feel like someone is watching you.


Whisper of Shadows

What logic can there be when past, present and future unite in front of your eyes at Whisper of Shadows? Being able to combine elements scattered across space and time is the ultimate mental test. Everything will be clear in your mind soon. Or will they get even more complex? One thing is for sure. The mind is your only ally against the mysteries of time!


Logic Board Games

And of course, in the Great Escape rooms, in addition to the escape rooms, we have other forms of entertainment for you: A wide range of logic board puzzles of every level, both team and individual. Also a series of books with puzzles and riddles and codes, by Greek and foreign authors. Board Games are ideal to continue practicing your mental skills after your escape.

Smart gifts for your loved ones. A powerful introduction for someone who has never played logic games. A different gift for kids. Powerful Challenges for Experienced Solvers! Experience, thinking and entertainment never stop! Sharpen your logic and mental skills with the Great Escape rooms logic games.