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The ideal Escape Room Guide

The time when the escape rooms were limited in number belongs to the past. Within just a few years, escape rooms established in Greece and today are the pinnacle of alternative entertainment. The huge appeal to the Greek public has led to the creation of dozens of companies, each of which is active in the design and implementation of thematic rooms. Now, every group of players can choose which escape room to try next, since the rooms differ not only in atmosphere but also in degree of difficulty. Rooms for beginners or potential solvers, live performance or atmospheric, scary or puzzle, the options are plentiful. It is estimated that there are currently 336 escape rooms operating in Athens and Thessaloniki alone.

The quality of the Greek escape rooms comes from the first in Europe, attracting a large number of foreigners who visit our country to play as many rooms as possible.The unexpected rise of the escape rooms and the overabundance of options, on the one hand, has led to the creation of fans.On the other hand it caused chaos to those who take their first steps in the Game. It is not easy to choose which room to start with or to move on to. Each escape room has a different degree of difficulty as well as its own theme. Likewise, not everyonelikes horror rooms nor does everyone want the cast involved. There are players who prefer action and others who remain loyal to classic puzzle solving.

MyEscapeRooms Guide

The difficulty of searching for escape rooms led to the creation of websites dedicated exclusively to that. These sites collect and record information about escape rooms, player reviews, ratings and recommendations. Researching these sites we discovered myEscapeRooms. We distinguished it for its ease of use, choice of features, informative content and the unique room scoring system.

At MyEscapeRooms navigation is simple. The first thing the visitor sees on his screen are the five popular rooms of the last 15 days. The visitor has the option to see the escape rooms of both Athens and Thessaloniki, changing the city at the top right of the page. The user can join or log in via their Facebook account.

The categories of myEscapeRooms are: Rooms, Top, Companies and Blog.



In the “Rooms” category the user can find all the escape rooms operating in Athens or Thessaloniki. The “search” option enables him to type in a keyword and find the room he is interested in. By clicking on any escape room, the page with all the room information is displayed. Here the user can first see the company the room belongs to, the address, the degree of difficulty, the number of players allowed, the duration of the game as well as the scenario. The series has the overall score and the detailed range of players.

Finally, the reviews of the players who manage to escape and the ratings they have given. Each registered user can add their own review and rate for the room they have played. The 7 subcategories of scoring help both to get an overview of the escape room and to make it easier for the player to choose his or her own game based on their preferences. At myEscapeRooms, the user can individually evaluate room originality, atmosphere, puzzles, cost, gameplay and game master or actor. Particularly original and impressive is the appearance of room ratings. The chart appears as a cobweb with seven edges. Each of them corresponds to the seven categories of scoring. Depending on the statistics of each room, the shape of the tissue also changes. The rating is based on user reviews.



In the category “Companies” you can find all the companies that are active in the field of escape rooms. In addition to the “search” option, the business listing is presented in alphabetical order.


The category “Top” is of great interest. Here one can find the best escape rooms based on the evaluation of the players and not only. In myEscapeRooms, the rooms are equitably divided according to the central axis of the game so the user can make the right choice. There are separate subcategories for horror rooms, atmosphere, puzzle rooms and live performance. Among the top subcategories there are three more general: the best of the best contains the best rated escape rooms. Top trending includes rooms with upward mobility and talk of the town the most famous. The “Leaderboard” is the latest subcategory that includes the ranking of the most active users, those who have written the most reviews. The more reviews you write, the higher your level. There are twelve graduations. Here we can see the ratings of each player, the average score, the breaks and finally the percentage of the breaks.


Blog is the latest addition to the site. The myEscapeRooms editorial team publishes diverse content articles with the common denominator of escape rooms. But the blog will also feature articles by readers – players who share their common interest and want to comment on this alternative fun that has come into our lives in recent years. In summary, myEscapeRooms is handy and informative site, which makes the game search as enjoyable as the game itself. This is the perfect guide for those who love escape rooms and beyond.