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Games for two

Games for two – Great Escape Rooms Athens. Got bored of cafes, bars, cinemas, theaters and looking for an alternative activity to spend your time? Do you want to have fun with your other half and boost your relationship? Have you just met each other and want a way to break the ice? Then we have the solution!

The games for 2 at Great Escape, are located in the center of Athens and are ready to offer you the most exciting experience of your life. Get into one of the rooms and escape before the time runs out. Use the environment around you and find the hidden elements and secret passages. Break the codes and combine the objects with intelligence, in order to guide you to the final puzzle that will set you free. Escape Rooms are ideal for couples or friends, looking for a new activity to have fun and test their mental capabilities. We are confident, that this experience will fascinate you.

The Rooms – Games for two

The scenario will be presented to you, just before you enter one of our escape rooms. You can choose among 7 themed rooms, the style that suits you. The design and implementation of the rooms have been done in such a way, as to test your cognitive abilities. At the same time, the rooms are meant to entertain you and give you some pleasant moments. Thus, having as a priority to get the best experience for you, we give a little help if we judge it is necessary, in order to move on to the next puzzle and continue the game. If you feel discomfort for any reason, or want to leave the room, you can use the panic button and open the exit door. Spend some of the most entertaining and creative moments of your life and become protagonists in an adventure, thriller or fantasy scenario.

  • The Ritual – Can you get away from Ritual’s schizophrenic killer? – Book Now
  • Volcano Island – Can you find and take the lost treasure? –  Book Now
  • The Survivor – Can you escape from this mysterious island? –  Book Now
  • Guantanamo – The most difficult task is to escape from the prison of your own mind! – Book Now
  • Secret Agent – Find all the hidden files and save as many innocents as you can, from the troops of S.S. – Book Now
  • The Circus – This Circus is not like the others. This circus is playing with your mind. – Book Now
  • Perfect crime – Find the murder weapon and scout a seemingly perfect crime!  –  Book Now

Benefits – Games for two

A game, can lift your mood, offer moments of joy and bring you closer to your partner. Through this experiential activity, you can broaden your spirit and escape from the stress and routine of everyday life. In Great Escape you will develop some useful skills, while many hidden aspects of your character that you need to improve, will come to the surface. The games for two enhance:

  • communication and mutual support.
  • the feeling of mutual trust between the couple.
  • cooperation, in order to achieve a common purpose.
  • mental abilities.
  • positive feelings
  • creativity and the expression of individuals.
  • self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Decision-making skills, under intense time pressure.
  • the ability of the couple to listen and to take each other’s opinion into account.

παιχνίδια για 2 ατομα

Tips – Games for two

Will you be able to concentrate, in order to overcome the challenges awaiting you, in Great Escape escape rooms? Encyclopedic knowledge, is of no importance for your successful escape. What you need to do, is to trust your intuition and logic. The rooms require dexterity, speed and increased brain capabilities, such as memory, logic and creativity. To help you, we recommend that you:

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes to overcome the obstacles with ease.
  • You have permanent and correct communication with your other half.
  • Inform your mate when you discover a new item, or solve a puzzle.
  • You gather every object and item that you find at a specific place in the room.
  • Search every centimeter of the room. Elements can be hidden anywhere.
  • Think creatively and collaborate.
  • Do not forget to have fun.