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Mystery Games – Great Escape

Undoubtedly, mystery games have a special charm over us. Curiosity is an inherent characteristic of man and perhaps, what makes us stand out from other species. So we see that a piece of human nature has the need to deal with problems and find solutions. The process of solving them, is the way the human brain develops. When we force ourselves to find a solution to a problem, we put brain synapses into operation and create new ones.

As we know, the way that evolution is working, is simply adaptation to the environment. So, when we are facing demanding situations and we aim to overcome them, our brain is evolving in its effort to adapt. Perhaps this is exactly where all this charm is coming from! The fact that their explanation makes us feel and become smarter.


παιχνίδια μυστηρίου


Great Escape Rooms – Παιχνίδια Μυστηρίου

The Great Escape mystery games are ideal for those who are looking for an interactive, group activity. They will certainly put your mental capacity and creativity to the test. We guarantee that in the specially designed rooms of Great Escape, you will experience unique moments of adventure, action and fun. Mystery games will challenge your logic, imagination and communication skills. Will you be able to work as a team under the intense pressure of time to get to the last puzzle and escape? Will you be able to concentrate and work on high speed, to overcome the challenges that you will encounter? Here, you do not need special encyclopedic knowledge to escape …. All you have to do is trust your logic and intuition! The escape rooms are full of riddles and mystery and require skill and quick thinking. Of course, their increased requirements also offer invaluable benefits to the participants. The challenges you will encounter contribute to the development of brain capabilities and functions, such as memory, creativity and logic.


Παιχνίδια μυστηρίου


Rules? – Mystery Games

Great Escape mystery games have relatively simple and comprehensible rules. Before entering one of the specially designed rooms, you will be given a presentation of these basic rules and scenario to get into the climate of the game. Also, during the game, Game Master will watch through a camera, so if you stick to a riddle, he will give you some help, for the smooth outcome of the game. The main objective of the game is to escape from the rooms, always within the specified time.

The time you have in the mystery games, ranges from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the room. During this time, you and your team will be confronted with complex riddles that you have to solve. You have to find hidden objects and keys, break codes, open padlocks and combine all this in an intelligent and creative way to lead you to the exit. Do not forget to leave your ego out of the room … because here you can only win as a team, or just lose. You will be able to solve the final puzzle that will give you freedom before you get trapped in the room for ever ??? The Great Escape mystery games are suitable for:


  • If you got bored with all the classical activities, then Great Escape can offer you and your family, the exciting moments you were looking for. Great Escape rooms are ideal for girls and boys.


  • If you’re looking for the most entertaining and original activity to spend quality time with friends, then the Great Escape mystery games are here for you.


  • Are you a fan of online mystery games? Our rooms are an activity that you will definitely love!

Team Building

  • Great Escape mystery games are suitable for Team Building activities. They enable groups to interact while boosting chemistry between them.


  • Are you looking some original gift, for your other half, ? In Great Escape, you will surely find what you are looking for !! We guarantee that this will be the most exciting date you have ever had.


παιχνίδια μυστηρίου


Our Rooms

Great Escape rooms are located in Psyrri, in the center of Athens and have the ability to accommodate small and large groups. It’s one of the best solutions to spend your time creatively. Become the protagonists in one of the mystery games, scrutinize it and escape … We guarantee you will experience an unforgettable and exciting experience! Take part in a safe adventure and become part of a fantasy world that will capture your imagination. Choose the room that suits you and let yourself be in the magic of:

Volcano Island

  • Survive at Volcano Island at Allou fun Park and find the lost treasure with the help of the map you have in your hand. Volcano Island – Book Now

The Ritual

  • Can you get away from The Ritual’s maniac murderer? One of the most exciting horror games in Athens. The Game is suitable for people over 18 years old and inappropriate for people with heart disease. The Ritual – Book Now


  • It is impossible to escape from the prison of your mind, because you can not see the bars that surrounding you …» Guantanamo – Book Now

Perfect crime

  • Will you manage to solve the perfect crime? The killer remains inconceivable by the authorities and you must find the crime weapon to trace the murder! Perfect Crime – Book Now

Secret Agent

  • Save as many innocents as you can, from the German army. Find the secret files and hand them in the right hands. Secret Agent – Book Now

The Survivor

The Circus

  • In Circus, there is something that makes you shiver. So strange that instead of having fun with the Circus, the Circus is amused by playing with your mind. The Circus – Book Now