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Thinking Games

Thinking games, boost brain skills and is a fun method to improve concentration and many other mental functions. Several researches that have been made over the last few decades have shown that thinking games help maintain logical flow of thoughts and short-term memory. This type of games keeps the brain synapses active and create new ones through the stimulation of brain cells.

Our brain works just like our body’s muscular system. That’s why we need the “gym” to keep him alert. Thinking games cause the brain to come out of the autopilot it uses for daily routines. In essence, the brain is forced to use Cerebral Cortex, from which human intelligence also originates. So, when we put ourselves in the face of such toys, the brain evolves mentally, trying to adapt to these difficult conditions.

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Thinking Games at Great Escape Rooms

Great Escape Rooms thinking games, are ideal for those looking for a cognitive and interactive group activity. In our specially designed rooms, you will experience unique moments of fun while also testing the skills of logic, imagination and communication. Your team’s goal is to solve all the puzzles of the room and exit before the time runs out. Do you think you will be able to function as a team, with speed and concentration under the strain of time? In thinking games, encyclopedic knowledge is unnecessary. Here you demand logical association, speed of thought and increased intuition. Do not forget that your individuality must stay out of the room, because in Great Escape you can only win as a team.

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Whats the rules?

Great Escape thinking games have comprehensible and simple rules, which we explain to you before entering the room. This way you will be more confident about your moves, while entering the scenario of each room. Throughout the game, you will have the Game Master, who is responsible for the smooth outcome of the games. G.M. watch your moves through the special cameras and are there to help you if you stack for a long time in a puzzle, or if you experience any problem. Time in escape rooms ranges from 60 to 90 minutes. During this time, you must be able to solve complex puzzles, break codes, find hidden objects, and manage to combine everything in a clever way to get to the door of the exit.

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Thinking Games – Benefits

Thinking games have a lot of mental benefits and are recommended by scientists as a way to keep our brain active. Logic games can keep our brain healthy, at a time where stress is really intense. So if classic crosswords, puzzles and board games seem boring and accustomed to you, you should definitely try the Great Escape escape rooms. In addition, it is now scientifically proven that people who often use their minds are less likely to develop some form of dementia.

Thinking games can become a valuable ally for our brain function and at the same time entertain us. Our frequent participation in these activities helps to increase our mental performance by creating new brain synapses. Scientists have named the ability of our nervous system to adapt to cognitively demanding situations, “Neuroplasticity”. Putting ourselves often in such demanding situations is tedious if we do not have fun, at the same time. This is the main reason why we designed some of the most challenging but also entertaining rooms of Athens. In more detail, some extra benefits we can gain from taking part in these games are improving skills such as:


Observation is the key factor in efficient information processing and is the key element of learning. Thinking games help greatly, to improve this ability. They also help us to focus and concentrate under intense pressure.


Memory is a brain function that has the ability to store information and recall it when we need it. It is of immense importance and without it, it would be practically impossible to carry out the simplest daily activities. Thinking games can greatly enhance memorization and data management. As a result, we can more easily focus our attention, recall useful information and cope efficiently with everyday life.


Logic is one of the most important brain skills because it is the main pillar of the functioning of a society. Thinking games, enhance our ability to identify patterns. In short, our ability to associate an object with a group of other objects. This ability helps us draw conclusions based on a reasonable set of thoughts and solve difficult problems.


The ability of perception, serves to process information with enormous speed and to react directly to changing situations. This skill and multitasking are two more skills that are greatly enhanced by thinking games.

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