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The Great Escape Rooms are located in the center of Athens, at 12 Lepeniotou Street, Psirri! Psirri is the most beautiful and lively district of Athens, the vibrant heart of the city. It is a historic area, where we find some of the capital’s most beautiful buildings. Neoclassical mansions that served as homes for prominent families in old Athens coexist with newer constructions.

Antique shops and craftsmen of wood and metal, the latest of their kind, are next to trendy bars and restaurants. Psiri is the center of Athens nightlife and activities. It is packed with award-winning restaurants and bars of all kinds and for all levels. Thousands of people, especially young people, have it as their daily hangout. Indeed, the neighborhood is full of people at all times of the day and night.

psyrri's narrow streets

What you will find here

Psyrri is a colorful area, which hosts a whole range of activities. Apart from the vibrant nightlife and catering shops, here you can find:

  • Many clothing stores with a special style.
  • Gallery of works of art, some of which belong to the artists themselves.
  • Theaters and music scenes, with classical or experimental repertoire.
  • The best pastry shops and themed pastry shops.
  • Touristic shops.
  • The famous antique shops, owned by legal professional antique dealers, with knowledge and passion for their work.
  • Alternative Entertainment Facilities, with more important escape rooms such as the Great Escape!

All these different activities have made Psirri a choice for all hours and days! Be assured that anytime, something is happening to Psiri!

Graffiti in psyrri, Athens city center

the heart of Athens

Psyrri, Monastiraki and the surrounding districts of downtown Athens are the tourist heart of the capital. An important role for this, is:

  • their central location in the historic center of Athens
  • within walking distance of the Acropolis, Plaka, Ancient Agora, Museums and other attractions
  • with direct connection to Piraeus Airport and Port via Monastiraki and Thissio stations.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the area every month. They either live in a short-term apartment or in one of the boutique hotels Athens have created. Indeed many of the old spacious buildings and mansions have been transformed into beautiful, stylish Athens boutique hotels, each with its own distinct style. With their personal care and affection, the owners of these buildings thoroughly renovated them. They added their personal aesthetics to the Athenians’ meeting places. Even more, they gave a special touch to the area and made it a tourist destination. In addition to the rooms, these hotels usually feature fine dining and elegant roof gardens overlooking the Acropolis.

Ederlezi boutique hotel Athens exterior

Ederlezi Boutique Hotel Athens

Of these many new Athens boutique hotels, some are on our way to Lepeniotou. The newest and best, the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel Athens is a concept boutique hotel, based on Bohemianism philosophy. Completely refurbished with natural materials, the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel Athens opened its gates in May 2019. Already a landmark for Athens and has created beautiful memories for all its visitors so far!

It has 8 rooms, each with its own aesthetics and an excellent roof garden, with 15 varieties of Greek plants and 2 olive trees. The roof garden is a beautiful addition to the neighborhood. is essentially a garden on Lepeniotou Street, with excellent views of the entire area. Soon, the Ederlezi Boutique Hotel will have a restaurant and an excellent wine bar with a selection of flavors and labels of Greek wines.Pirri: The colorful neighborhood of the Great Escape! Restaurants, trendy cafés, cultural and entertainment venues and boutique hotels Athens are waiting for you to discover them! Combine your game of Great Escape with a ride on Psiri and enjoy the best, Athens has to offer!