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What are the most scary escape rooms?

What are the most scary escape rooms? This is a question for those who play escape rooms. Especially teams and players who prefer this type of room, the scary are constantly discussing it. In groups, in online discussions, in polls, where there are escapers who communicate with each other, they ask to learn. What are the most scary escape rooms, is the question they often ask. In which escape rooms will they experience the terror and excitement? Which escape rooms will make you feel the most tension? In which escape rooms in their common phrase ‘will they die’?

The answer will vary depending on the player, team and tastes. It varies depending on their conditions and mood. Of course the overall quality of an escape room is a determining factor. The quality of a room as a conception and construction but also as an investment is something to be seen. Of course there are ways to measure it. Ways that have developed over the years of this form of entertainment.

After all, escape rooms are a Science, as is Art! But the terror, the feeling of worry and uncertainty is not something one can easily measure! There is no “treadmill!” What exists is the uniqueness of the experience! Each player experiences a different experience in each scary escape room. It depends on temperament, his previous experience in rooms, the company with which he participates in the game. It also depends on understanding the story and the plot. The new elements that come with it and the creative use of the old ones play an important role. And of course, his expectations are always important. The reviews he reads, the opinions of the people he trusts and the ads play an important role in this.



Horror escape rooms

Scary escape rooms have been widely spread lately. A scary escape room is dominated by a sense of fear, which is also the main “competitor” of the players. The spooky story of the room defines its themes, scenes, objects and puzzles. It also determines the type of flow and of course the role of the actors, when they exist. Each escape room is a unique experience. Even if the same room exists in different locations or franchises, it is never the same. Of course scary escape rooms have several things in common:

  • Scary subject.
  • Sets – constructions.
  • Lighting.
  • Visual effects.
  • Sound effects and eerie music.
  • Scary performances by actors, with or without jumpscares.

But the originality of each room lies in the way game designers have managed to combine all these elements. The ways they have found to connect the atmosphere with the flow, integrate the different aspects of the experience into one whole. This is a key element of the Horror experience that the scary escape rooms suggest. Everything that gets you out of the comfort zone, causes you to be afraid. Anything that is unfamiliar or different from your expectations, causes a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety. On top of that, the designers of scary escape rooms create unforgettable horror experiences!



Escape room thriller

In Greek there is a peculiarity in the use of the term “thriller”. Especially for older generations, the word “thriller” is synonymous with “horror movie”. If a movie has elements of Horror, Supernatural or Human, we will call it a thriller. Similarly, when we talk about escape room thrillers, most mean scary escape rooms. Indeed, especially for Terror escape rooms, they mean escape rooms influenced by Terror films. Supernatural phenomena, curses, spirits and bloodthirsty serial killers are elements of an escape room thriller.

The English language however has a wider use of the word thriller. Whether for a movie or book, or even an escape room, the thriller is not necessarily a synonym for Terror. In fact, we can use the word “thriller” for anything that offers thrills. A Horror movie is definitely a thriller because it offers the element of fear and tension. But there can also be a political thriller full of scripts and power plays. A spy thriller, with an atmosphere reminiscent of competing countries and spies. Also, a war thriller that the enemy lurks in the trenches, but we may never see. A police thriller that has no horror scenes and supernatural elements, but an intense mystery and an impersonal criminal.

So escape rooms can be horror escape rooms, but not necessarily. An espionage or police-themed escape room can be a nerve-thrilling thriller in itself. Neither the visual horror nor the aggressively declared terror of jumpscare is needed. Small details that bring about fluctuations of emotions and activate the brain. The powerful story, which makes the team the protagonists of the adventure. Everything creates strong emotions and memories. In this regard, every escape room can be described as an escape room thriller!



The most scary escape rooms – Great Escape

Great Escape have created some of the most scary escape rooms in Greece. As Great Escape was one of the first escape room companies in the country, it is a pioneer in many types of rooms. Among these are of course the scary escape rooms. Both in Athens and Thessaloniki, the scary rooms of the Great Escape offer daily, moments of horror to many groups.



Scary escape rooms in Athens – Great Escape

The Ritual

The Ritual is a room that defined the concept of Terror in Greece. As one of the first live-action horror rooms in Athens, The Ritual introduced many of the “rules”. Most of the scary escape rooms that followed, imitated several of its elements. The evocative atmosphere, the large spaces, the immersive introduction, the impressive live acting are landmarks of this room. The Ritual is the barometer room with which scholars compare every scary escape room that followed! And all this, because The Ritual is never a simple scary escape room. It was, and is a complete horror experience that has captured thousands of players! The Ritual is located in Great Escape Psiri (12 Lepeniotou str., Psiri) (room with actor).



The Basement’s Secret

The Basement’s Secret is a scary escape Room, playing with all human phobias. The fear of the underground, the fear of the dark, the fear of being watched by “something” in the shadows. Fear of the Supernatural, but also of the Human. All this and much more are the feelings of fear that players experience. Anxiety and tension. Everything else can not be easily described in words. The Basement’s Secret is a scary escape room full of questions, with difficult answers. The Basement’s Secret Room is located in The Great Escape Zografou (Biskini 20, Zografou) (Room with Actor) – BOOK NOW



Scary Escape Rooms in Thessaloniki

The Ritual Nightmare Edition

The Ritual Nightmare Edition is the most important scary escape room in Thessaloniki. It may draw inspiration from the corresponding Athens room, but The Ritual Nightmare Edition is a special experience! Lovers of Terror consider it the most frightening and ruthless thing in Thessaloniki. Indeed, for the co-host, The Ritual Nightmare Edition is synonymous with the scary escape room. It is an experience that every escaper should try. Adrenaline, uncertainty, strong emotions. All in 75 minutes! (room with actor) – BOOK NOW



Ritual 0: The Beginning

The Ritual 0: The Beginning, is not just the prequel of The Ritual Nightmare Edition. Nor is it simply a masterfully designed outdoor game. It is the most dynamic experience of Horror that remains eternally engraved in memory and soul. Nothing is the same after that. You fell that people on the street are looking at you. The buildings are hiding secrets. An invisible presence is always near you, threatening. The streets of Thessaloniki are transformed from familiar places to unknown landscapes. Are you sure you know where you going? Do you know where you are? Thessaloniki’s most thrilling thriller awaits you. (room with actor) – BOOK NOW



Luna Park Haunted

Luna Parks are places for fun and play. They are colorful and bright places where the whole family lives beautiful moments of care. But this Luna Park is a bit different. Abandoned after police intervention, it stands in the desert. But, many times, locals say they see lights and hear eerie laughter, that shouldn’t normally exist. One of the city’s newest scary escape rooms is a challenge for those who think they are not easily scared! At every step, fear lurks. What has spread its shadow over what was once a place of joy? Can you find out? Will you prevent unlocking its horrible secrets, or will you be a part of it forever? (room with actor) – BOOK NOW




Something unique in the area of ​​Terror starts from Thessaloniki. If you are looking for the most scary escape room, you have just found something much more. 25.12 is not a simple Terror escape room. It is a Role Playing Game (RPG), where players are called upon to take on roles. The most original, interactive Terror experience you can imagine. Atmosphere and fear. Choices and consequences. Everything is part of the game. Nothing has prepared you for it, nothing can compare to it. The chapel is waiting for you. Do you dare to go through its door? (room with actor) – BOOK NOW



The rooms of Great Escape Thessaloniki are located at 22 Vassileos Irakleiou Street. Ritual 0: The Beginning is an outdoor game on the streets of Thessaloniki.


Team Building in scary escape rooms

Scary escape rooms are ideal for corporate team building events. The process of an escape room is not far from the daily working reality. Problem solving to achieve a goal, under relatively adverse conditions and within a limited time. To this, we can add the working pressure that is simulated through the element of Terror. Fear and anxiety are the most important forms of stress, the time that runs out, the goal that is not achieved.

The team that needs to work together effectively while the killer or supernatural entities threaten her. Although there is an element of imagination and play, the whole situation is no different from one day in the workplace. Great Escape has been a pioneer in team building events for companies and organizations for years. Thus, the Great Escape team has an important academic and professional background in Human Resource Management. We have designed many escape rooms, as also indoor and outdoor game. In additon, we have been honored for our practices at the HR Awards 2015. Great Escape was the first escape room company in the world to receive such a distinction. Since then, it has not stopped improving and developing its techniques, creating new games and new partnerships. The largest companies in Greece and major multinationals organizations have trusted G.E. for their team building needs.



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