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Scary games have gained a large and fanatical audience, especially in recent years. A whole culture of escape rooms has been created, which actively seeks out new scary experiences. Humans are definitely the only species that seeks to feel fear. From books, video games, horror movies, roller coaster, parachuting and bungee jumping to visiting the Escape Rooms. It is evident that many people enjoy the instinct of self-preservation. They seek as a reward, the secretion of adrenaline and serotonin. They are also looking for increased heart rate, sweating and muscle stretching. They finally seek all the satisfaction that comes from overcoming fear.

The experience of gaining control over the basic instincts is almost addictive! All of this has been explored by science, both neurophysiology and psychology, creating a whole body of knowledge. In scary games, some parts of our brain know that the scenario we are experiencing is not real. We know that there is no immediate danger and that there is a safety net. But some of the more ancient brain structures, carriers of primitive instincts, react as if they were reality. So in scary games like The Ritual and The Basement’s Secret, we can experience a nightmare. But we know it’s not real. It’s not a real situation that threatens our lives. We can experience the horror, having the necessary sense of security, to add the feeling of pleasure to the experience. In addition, we can actually “play” with the brain’s production centers. Activating the process of terror, albeit falsely, these centers themselves produce the substances that create euphoria! In a nutshell: With horror games, we ‘hack’ our brains!



The inexplicable charm of scary games

There have been several psychological studies that try to define terror and interpret the inexplicable charm that it causes us. There have also been studies on brain chemistry when scared. Biochemistry and neurology have identified the secretory substances and their effects on the body. As you may understand, it doesn’t make sense to like to be scared… Nature didn’t make up our brains to enjoy the feeling of fear.

As a species, we share many of the primitive or otherwise basic fears with other mammals and most other creatures. The basic fears are deeply rooted within us and have been created throughout our evolutionary course on the planet. Our fears take many forms, for what we cannot see, for darkness, for creatures with sharp and large teeth, for snakes, spiders, rats. For lightning and natural phenomena. The eternal fear of death and of course the fear of the supernatural.

All of these are some of the indelible marks of the past. This is the basic instinct of self-preservation that exists in every being. That is why both psychology and neurophysiology claim that fear is an integral part of us. These primitive beliefs and instincts, which seem to be a thing of the past, are hidden within us, ready to protect us! Just as our species protected us from all kinds of danger, thousands of years ago and made it dominate the planet. In the Great Escape Rooms, this vein of fear that lies deep in our minds is being mined!


8 Reasons we love Scary Games

  • The need we sometimes feel for scary stimuli comes from our ancestors. Primitive people have always been on the alert for possible animal attacks and many other stressful situations. Around them they had creatures much stronger, more flexible and faster than themselves. Only if they were constantly alert could they escape and survive. So the situation, also known as Fight or Flight, was stored in our DNA and in our subconscious. It became what we call “genetic memory”. So when we take part in such a scary game, we actually reactivate and satisfy this forgotten instinct. The intense fascination surrounding scary games around the world is precisely due to this paradoxical fact: that while man has evolved into a dangerous and hostile planet, he has found himself suddenly in an unusually safe environment. While it was almost at the bottom of the food chain, it’s at its top!


  • Fear is a psychological challenge that helps us to function more effectively in everyday reality. By learning to operate in a state of fear, we can also be calm in the everyday problems that arise.


  • People who have fun with scary games are more successfully exploring the darker aspects of themselves. They have escaped the conviction that by denying this dark side, we will make it disappear. Only if we study and test this side we can understand it and limit it. This is a field of study in psychology and scary game designers use many of its principles. Creating a good scarygame goes through a study of human psychology!

More reasons

  • The emotional repression of part of ourselves is the cause of anger and other negative emotions. So people who have fun with scary games tend to be calmer in reality. Players of those games have dominated their emotions. They are used to maintaining their temper while their subconscious tells them to paralyze with fear. In addition, they have learned to think clearly under adverse conditions. So they can keep their temper in real stressful situations.


  • It is no exaggeration to say that scary games are a form of psychotherapy because they focus on suppressed thoughts and emotions. Everyday life causes violent tendencies and sometimes we want to externalize them. No escape room is allowed for any form of violence, or the game stops immediately. However, only adrenaline and the other substances that this activity releases can heal our aggressive instincts. Just as video games push for such trends to be outsourced to a completely safe activity, so do scary games. With the exception that these games are the closest in reality players will ever live. Thus their benefit in regulating the repressed tendencies will be even more effective.

Even more reasons….

  • Some of the most interesting activities are often scary. Paragliding, bungee jumping, diving, mountaineering and other alternative activities. So, the more resilient we are to fear, the more experiences we will enjoy and broaden our horizons. People who understand the nature of terror often challenge themselves by constantly expanding their boundaries.


  • After such an intense experience in the Great Escape, you will feel better equipped to deal with your demons. You may be able to distinguish between fear and mere annoyance. You will also learn to stay calm, knowing that you can overcome fear. You don’t have to study psychological texts, as the designers of the scary games have done it for you! If desires were our motive and not our hidden fears, then we would surely be much happier.



Fighting stress

Scary games also include an anti-anxiety therapeutic property. Through such experiences, we learn to manage stressful situations in our daily lives. To try, but also to expand our personal limits. In addition, we learn to manage our reactions and operate under pressure. In psychology, this process is called “emotional regulation”. By participating in the game, we have the feeling of controlling the situation, simultaneously with the feeling of fear. We know that the danger is not 100% true and yet, the corresponding areas of our brain are activated.

These experiences may bring about different types of repressed ideas and clusters that we may want to process. Our body responds in an identical way to both true and constructed fear. Millions of years of evolution and the instinct of self-preservation leave us no choice. So, this experience is like a real stressful situation, but we can safely learn to manage. We could say that horror games are a purely educational process. It is a “battlefield” training that gives us important tools to deal with everyday situations!



The Ritual

Something comes and thirsts for blood, a shadow appears on the wall behind you, pulling you into it in the dark. Time has lost its meaning and fear is your only companion! You feel that death is the best thing that can happen to you…. “The Ritual” is the ultimate Athens scary game. It comes to break the zone of comfort, entertain you and make you stronger. Teach you things about you that you might did not know yourself! Here you can learn things about loved ones you never even imagined.

The Ritual is a room capable of making you sleep with lights on for several nights…. But it is doubtful whether you will be able to sleep! To complete the game, players must go through the puzzle-solving and item-finding process. But this will not only be under the pressure of time, but also an immediate threat to what lies within The Ritual. Endless bursts of adrenaline, in one of the most exciting horror games ever, for sturdy nerves! The music of the room, the atmosphere and the thrilling Live acting will make you scream !!

Coming out of the room, you will first assure yourself that everything is okay. Then you’ll realize how much is missing from your daily routine, this burst of adrenaline. Come to the Great Escape, and live a unique experience you will never forget. (room with actress).

The Ritual is located at Great Escape Psiri – Lepeniotou 12


The Basement’s Secret

Behind closed doors you feel that there are hidden secrets buried deep in time. You walk alone into the darkness desperately searching for some light. You are experiencing moments that remind you of something. Moments that make you wonder … What games does children play alone in the dark … The Basement’s Secret is a room that takes terror to a new level, because it has a special element: It is located in a real basement. It thus exploits man’s innate fear of underground and dark places.

This is combined with atmospheric backdrops, darkness, sound effects and live acting. It activates all areas of the brain that warns you for danger. The brain secretes all chemicals that create a sense of alertness and euphoria. The result is a terrifying and enjoyable experience! An original story, full of secrets awaits for you. A place with puzzles, riddles and a mysterious presence. (room with actor).

The Basement’s Secret is located at Great Escape zografou – Biskini 20 – BOOK NOW


Team Building

Scary games are perfect for team building events between colleagues in companies and organizations. Fear and pressure will bring out the actual abilities of each participant. They will influence the way they interact with their teammates, both in the game and in the work environment. In the end it will give valuable information about them to both themselves and the Human Resources department of the business. Most of all, it will tie the team, which will learn to react under pressure altogether. In a future stressful situation, the team can learn useful lessons from this experience and collaboration. By playing other scary games, they will keep learning each other better and better.


Fun in scary games

Above all, scary games are just games. They have defined rules, beginning, middle and end. They also have clear victory conditions, which in the escape rooms is just to escape the room in time. This gives them the element of fun, which is very important in any experience! As they entertain us, we learn something about ourselves and at the same time change the way we think and react! Scary games go beyond the limits of fun and can be called “entertainment” in the ancient Greek sense of the word!