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Recreational & educational school trips

School trips are an integral part of school life and an essential element of the learning process. Students’ entertainment, their socialization through the game, as well as the practice of their skills, is their main goal. School trips are divided into 2 categories, educational and recreational. Both types are included in the annual school curriculum to cover teaching as well as pedagogical purposes. These trips bring pupils together with monuments of cultural value but also give children the necessary entertainment. If you are looking for alternative ideas for educational trips, close to the interests of the students, you are in the right place.

School Trips at Great Escape

Great Escape Rooms are located in Psyrri and are ideal for short or one-day school excursions. The classes are divided into groups of 7 students, that enter the specially designed Great escape rooms. The goal of the students is to escape from the rooms at the predetermined time (60-90 minutes). To succeed, they must use their five senses and their cognitive skills to discover and solve a series of puzzles. School excursions at Great Escape Escape Rooms do not require encyclopedic or other knowledge.

The main component for the successful escape of students, is the cooperation between them. All rooms include intelligent and original scenarios to choose the room that suits them. The flow of the rooms is specially designed, so that when the children co-operate harmoniously and give 100% of their abilities, they escape shortly before the end of the time. In addition,  Escape Rooms have enormous benefits for students of any age, as the puzzles are adapted accordingly.


The 10 major benefits of Escape Rooms for school tours are:

  1. Strengthening personal relationships and noble rivalry.
  2. It helps to improve basic skills such as communication and organization.
  3. Increasing creativity.
  4. It helps students to understand the importance of the division of responsibilities
  5. Development of logical ability and critical thinking.
  6. Children learn how to organize their time.
  7. Enhanced observability.
  8. That students learn to function and work under intense time pressure.
  9. It offers a fascinating environment.
  10. And finally it offers moments of fun that students will talk about, for a long time.

Advantages – Great Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have several advantages over other school activities. It is suitable for both sexes, without the benefit of being girls and boys, as it does not require special physical abilities. They do not need any special knowledge, so the characteristics that children have developed over time are enough to carry out the mission. The rooms can be combined with other educational excursions as they are close to all the museums in the center of Athens.

In the great escape games for children, all pupils from 7 years of age can participate. The department managers can monitor children through the special camera system in all rooms. In this way, students have fun while teachers can observe the level of cooperation of children and their particular skills. Through the play and the intense spiritual stimuli that children take, they bring to the surface features such as:

  • Leadership skills – Almost always, one of the children with the necessary features take the role of team coordinator.
  • Thinking outside the ordinary frames – The group of students must think creatively and as we say “Outside the Box”.
  • Teamwork & communication – Children have to collaborate and “listen” to what their friends have to say, in order to escape.
  • Positive Thinking – The team must believe in its abilities, think positively and not give up.

Best Rooms for School trips




The Survivor

You and your classmates are in the year 1865 in Latin America. Holding in your hands the map of an island that hides an immense treasure, you fall with your balloon in the sea after a mighty storm. Eventually your wave been washed up on a mysterious island! Two months later, completely exhausted by the conditions, you decide to leave the island with a raft, you built. But luck is not on your side again. Another storm makes the raft pieces, and it scuffs you on the north side of the island, where you have never been before …. There you will face a huge surprise …



 The Circus

In our Circus there is not much crowd. It seems to be a very interesting place, but everyone feels that something strange is happening. Something so strange that you shiver … and instead of having fun with the Circus, it begins to have fun with you, playing strange games.



Secret Agent

In this room, you are transported to Krakow in 1939! You are in the office of a businessman who is trying to find ways to save innocent people from the German troops. Having a considerable influence on several German officials, he writes a list of names of people who could work for him. Its ultimate purpose is not to work but to keep them alive, using it as an excuse. You must find these records before they fall into the wrong hands and save the lives of hundreds of innocents.


σχολικές εκδρομές Great Escape Rooms Athens



You feel trapped, but you do not see the walls around you; You want to run and escape, but it’s dark to find the way; It’s almost impossible to escape through the prison of mind … The reason is simple ….. You can not see the bars that keep you trapped .



Perfect crime

Join your classmates in one of the most exciting escape rooms in Athens! You are the members of one of the most experienced detective groups and you are trying to figure out a seemingly perfect crime. The police currently have no evidence of the murderer … Are you able to find the necessary elements that lead to the weapon of crime and the discovery of this murder?