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What is Team Bonding?

The Team Bonding activities are a variant of Team Building activities. The principles that govern them are similar and apply to the same target group. That is, in groups who want to learn to work harmoniously together. Sometimes Team Building and Team Bonding activities are carried out in parallel, or follow each other. The tasks that team bonding events participants must complete, as a philosophy, are no different from daily tasks in a workplace.

Deadlines, the flow of puzzles, the distribution of responsibilities all mirror processes within the work environment. To be able to complete them, they must demonstrate the same skills as any modern worker needs. Thus, both team building and team bonding processes are essentially ‘simulations’ of the professional environment. But they are fun and interesting, having the element of imagination, gameplay and fun!



Differences between Team Building & Team Bonding

The theoretical approaches, processes and methods of Team Building and Team Bonding are quite similar. Indeed, these two types of group activities have basically a common origin. But there is a significant difference, which is evident in their names.

Team Building

Team Building processes are about a team that is now created. Its members have not yet developed common codes of communication and cooperation. They may not even know each other by name and this is the first time they are in the same place! In this case, Team Building processes are intended to “build” the team from scratch. Build trust among members, learn to communicate and work together harmoniously. In addition, getting to know each other not only as names but as personalities. To reveal to other members the positive and negative aspects of their colleagues in order to adapt to them. Finally, make their skills known to HR staff to delegate appropriate tasks to the right people.

Team Bonding

Team Bonding, on the other hand, is about strengthening the relationships of an existing team. The team can collaborate daily for a long time. Have already completed some projects together, or are now starting a new one that requires more skills. Its members probably already know the ways they work, through daily co-operation. In this case, team bonding activities are intended to further deepen team bonds. They bring out the good elements of pre-existing internal communication and cooperation and demonstrate what needs to be improved. They train participants to prioritize tasks and to share responsibilities.

In general, team building and team bonding activities offer a unique opportunity. Through the game, participants can see the positive and negative aspects of how they work as a team and as individuals. They can thus further improve the positives and work on the negatives. This is done in a protected environment where failure is not condemnable. So they can discover even more about their collaboration and be ready for future job challenges.



Participation in Team Bonding activities

Everyone can participate in team bonding activities. There is no prerequisite for encyclopedic knowledge or special preparation. Team bonding is appropriate for any type of team that wants to tighten relationships between its members.

  • Groups of colleagues working in the same workplace.
  • Partners who work together on projects nearby or remotely. They may be employees of the same company, organization or NGO.
  • Groups of partners from different companies and organizations that need to work together on a common project. In this case, a team bonding event is one of the few times that we are all together in the same place!
  • Athletic teams that want to improve their communication and acquire more skills.
  • Workgroups that are in direct contact with customers who want to develop quick thinking and communication skills.
  • A group of classmates or peers who have shared tasks or projects and want to learn to work together.
  • Groups of coworkers who have been collaborating for some time but have taken on new tasks or have accepted new members and are in the process of adjusting.
  • Any team that is currently or in the future collaborating on any project. There is no limit to the type of team and collaboration!

Team Bonding benefits

Team bonding activities have many and significant benefits for a team. Whether it is a team of colleagues, or people who work in any context, team bonding has to offer:

  • Optimizing communication between team members.
  • Creation of common communication codes that will be used in the work environment.
  • Use of cognitive and work skills in problems reminiscent of everyday work experience.
  • Boosting these abilities in an environment very different from the workplace.
  • Empowering each other, which helps in the successful assignment from managers.
  • Developing new competencies for team members, through their involvement in situations and completing tasks.
  • Getting to know each other in a more relaxed environment.
  • Creating or further strengthening relationships between team members.
  • Strengthen the team’s ability to operate under pressure and with clearly defined deadlines.
  • Creating trust and a good climate among team members. Training members on how to make decisions and prioritize tasks.
  • Increasing the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of the team, and hence the organization.



Great Escape Games for Team Bonding

All Great Escape rooms are suitable for Team Bonding activities. This is because all rooms are specially designed to encourage collaboration and teamwork. Indeed, each room also gives weight to a different aspect of the work skills needed in the modern workplace. Players need to work together to solve the puzzles and meet the challenges. To complete each room all team members must work together, as also individually.

Great Escape escape rooms awaiting you for an exciting team bonding activity are:

The Circus

A relaxed and playful room that requires proper coordination and team thinking. Its puzzles are suitable for all ages and are the most enjoyable introduction to the world of team bonding for a team that has successfully completed a project and wants to relax. But along with relaxation it will also test their skills to prepare for the next job challenge!

The Perfect Crime

A police mystery awaits the players. They must use all their analytical abilities and observation. Often, only one will notice some detail that leads to the puzzle being solved. He should then communicate it correctly and effectively to others. This process is not much different from the case in the workplace: when a partner communicates matters of his own competence, in a simple and understandable way, so that others can understand them.

Release the Kraken

The pirate ship holds many nautical puzzles and activities. In this way, the group learns to mentally tune into a specific topic and to think in a specific manner. This will be very useful in special-purpose projects or new activities assigned to it. The pirate will help your team at your escape attempt and will provide the necessary directions. (room with an actor).

The Secret Agent

There is an important file hidden inside the office. Players need to find it at a predetermined time and also getting out. In order to do so, they must systematically investigate the site. They must set priorities and separate the important tasks from the less important ones. They also need to remember the tasks they have already completed and how they led them to the next. Procedures are not much different from everyday practice in an office! The skills they need are the same, and the time pressure too.


They say that in prison, if you do not learn to cooperate you will not survive. In order to escape Guantanamo prison, the team members need to coordinate effectively. To share roles and to set boundaries for their responsibilities. Everyone who completes their tasks reports to the team to change priorities. They all have to work together to break the codes and get out!

The Ritual

The team will be tested not only in thought and coordination but also in endurance. The purpose of a team bonding at The Ritual is to learn the team to react properly and operate under extreme pressure. In horror, the team tries to escape, unlocking the secrets. But they are not alone. There is someone with them that motivate them in a positive … and negative way. The Ritual is the experience that will take the collaboration of an already structured team to the next level. It will prepare them for top challenges and new projects! (room with an actor).

The Survivor

A room made for Team Bonding, The Survivor is the best choice for this process. In addition to being able to play up to 7 people at a time, The Survivor has a special feature: Along with the mental puzzles, players must complete light physical tests in order to escape. Both mental and physical challenges require teamwork and effort. They require communication and coordinated movements. They also require trust between team members on specific aspects of the room. Everything is done under the guidance of the Shipwrecker, who encourages and helps players to meet the challenges! (room with actor)



Outdoor Team Bonding Activities

Great Escape team bonding activities are not limited to the escape rooms we operate in Psiri! Our experienced HR team has designed a range of related outdoor team bonding activities. Easy to prepare and implement, our games have been successfully run at a variety of corporate events. Important international companies from various countries have trusted us for the training and entertainment of their staff.

But beyond our existing activities, we are able to design and implement any form of team bonding. We can diagnose the needs of your company or organization and create a tailor-made experience for you only. In addition, we can build on your corporate philosophy and principles. We have the ability to use concepts important to you and your corporate identity in the construction of puzzles and in the flow of activity. The possibilities are endless. Through our personal communication, we will create the perfect experience for your people. We will arrange it at the venue you choose for your corporate event. Our experienced and trained staff will ensure proper operation and flow and of course the optimum result. In the end this event will turn into the best memory for your employees!



The fun element

There is a special aspect of team bonding activities in a Great Escape room, or in an outdoor activity. In addition to the educational value of the activity, staff is experiencing a fun element different from what they have lived through. A separate experience. Team members will remember this moment for a long time and will want to relive it as they laughed and entertained. Every Great Escape team bonding experience includes the fun element! Because it’s basically a game where the team members are having a good time. It is an educational activity that is also a moral reward for their hard work!

Contact us to arrange a team bonding activity for your team. Offer your staff not only an education, but an experience they will remember for a long time. Let them benefit from developing their abilities and the fantastic environment. At the same time you as an organization benefit from the developed skills of your employees! Our knowledge combined with the experience of dozens of successful team bonding events guarantees success!