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Great Escape rooms – Team Bonding

Team Bonding in Escape Rooms is a new form of alternative entertainment, which spreads at high speed in Greece and around the world. Escape Rooms is an interactive team game, that puts your mental skills and imagination on alert. Your mission is simple… You are locked in a room, trying to escape within the predetermined time of 60 or 90 minutes. To do this, you have to discover hidden elements, to solve puzzles, break codes, and manage to work as a team, under the pressure of time. Team Bonding in Escape rooms, is a challenge for your logic. The co-operation and communication required, in order to escape, makes it the ideal Team building activity. Try one of the most fun things to do in Athens!


team bonding


Team Bonding in Escape rooms

At Great Escape, you can choose the scenario you like, among 7 themed rooms. There are different degrees of difficulty and the room themes vary. The solution of the puzzles and the room flow are made in such a way, that if the team works properly, will escape marginally. Here you can become a detective and solve the “Perfect Crime”, get into the mind of a great businessman, like Leonardo di caprio in “Inception”, experience the isolation of a “Survivor”, feel the thirst for freedom, like a “Guantanamo” prisoner, or just feel the basic instinct of survival, trying to stay alive in “The Ritual”….


team bonding


Benefits of Team Bonding in Escape Rooms

Team Bonding in Great Escape Rooms, offers a well-thought-out team activity. The rooms were designed with the aim of strengthening human relations and cooperation, in order to achieve a common goal. Each room has different Team Bonding capabilities. The choice must be made, based on the characteristics of the staff. The participating groups interact with each other, collaborate and use their creativity and cognitive abilities, under the intense pressure of time. Team Bonding in Escape Rooms, requires all of the features that a company needs to achieve … Employees are better acquainted with each other, in an environment well above that of Team Bonding’s classic activities.


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Learn your team better

The result of the process, is a pleasant activity for business members. A team, more united and ready to maximise performance, at work. The head of the company may want to watch the stuff through the cameras, in order to know the strengths and weaknesses of his team. In this way, he can reinforce weaknesses, with various techniques and increase productivity. You can learn which member of the team has leadership skills and good communication level. Also, you can find out who can prioritise and make an action plan, under pressure. For sure, team members will learn many aspects of their character and build communication, trust and teamwork.


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Team Bonding Analysis

After the end of the game, it is possible to analyse all the steps, the group did in the room. This analysis includes, time management, decisions taken by the team, level of communication, who took initiatives and who were grouped. There is also a full discussion with the team members, about the reasons they managed or failed to escape. Do you want to slightly increase the competitiveness of the staff and make the game, more interesting? Then you can divide them into 2 groups and play at the same time in 2 different rooms. Each group, will try to come out of the room first, thus it increases adrenaline even more. Are you looking for Team Bonding in Escape rooms ?? Book now in Great Escape

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