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Proper team operation is all about a productive business and organization. Colleagues must be able to interact properly. To know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. To know what to expect. Let them know how your colleague thinks and reacts under pressure. So there is a way to get to know your colleagues better. Identify precisely these characteristics that define a good colleague and help to work together. But how do you know what to expect in the workplace? But of course, playing! Using team-based experiential activities to build or tighten a team is a practice that has gained ground worldwide in recent years.

It relies not only on theoretical academic research, but mainly on the practice of thousands of successful examples, with different types of outdoor and indoor games. The great advantage of team bonding using games is that it does not look like compulsory activity, boring and tedious. It is not an imitation of working day-to-day work in office. It’s a fun rules-based game designed to both strengthen relationships and have fun and get away from the ordinary. Out-of-the-box experiential experiences connect a team much more than endless corporate meetings, presentations and talks. And the more unusual the activity, the tighter the bonding of the team becomes and the more elements of colleague character are revealed.

In Greece, Great Escape – Alternative Entertainment was the first to introduce a special form of team building: team buildings in Escape Rooms! For this innovative practice, the company was awarded in the Greek HR Awards in 2015. It was thus the first Escape Rooms company in the world to receive such a distinction. In recent years we have been trusted by many large companies from various venues to organize their corporate team buildings . Executives from all disciplines have been left to the guidance of our experienced facilitators, not only in the rooms of the Great Escape but also in tailor-made outdoor games.

Outdoor games are another specialty of our team that has designed and adapted a significant number of related activities. And we are always thinking of new ideas and approaches! The trust of our corporate clients honors and fills us with the responsibility to further enhance our services. To discuss the details of your corporate team building, contact us!