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Team Building

Great Escape Award – Team building

Great Escape is the world’s first escape room company, which receives the HR Team Building Award.

The company was awarded in the HR Community Awards 2015, with the “Innovative Practice” award. Reason of the award, was its presentation, for the alternative Team building and Employee Selection Process. The Employee Selection Process is a method of the Great Escape team, which has a remarkable HR Background.

Great Escape – Team Building

Team Building in Escape rooms, is the new alternative activity for companies in Athens, Greece. Great Escape, created for you high quality Team Building activities, to test your team’s skills. Get locked into a room, full of well-hidden clues, codes and puzzles and find out if you can escape. Great Escape Rooms, include intelligent scenarios, specially designed to create the necessary chemistry in the team. This is the main reason, escape rooms are one of the top Team Building activities in Greece, for businesses and organisations. The game, does not require special knowledge or skills, but cooperation is essential for the successful completion of the game! Undoubtedly, it is a pleasant change for the employees, who will talk about their experience for a long time!


Team Building Rooms

In Great Escape, there are 7 themed rooms, through which you can choose for team building activities. Difficulty level and subject, vary depending on the room. The flow of the game, is made in such a way, that the team escapes just before time ends and only if they work as a team. In the rooms of the Great Escape, your staff members can become detectives and solve the “Perfect Crime”. They can enter into the mind, of one of the world’s richest businessmen, into “Inception” room. Furthermore, they can experience the thoughts of a “Survivor”. Feel a prisoner’s need for freedom, in “Guantanamo” or feel the basic instinct of survival, in “The Ritual”.

Team Building activities – benefits

Great Escape Rooms, enhance collaboration, creative thinking and efficiency in workplace, offering Team Building activities beyond the established ones. Through well-hidden elements and puzzles, teams must rely on their individual power, as also to work effectively, in order to achieve the goal. By participating in such a high-pressure environment, teams have also the opportunity, to improve their performance.

In more detail:

  • Team Building in great Escape, encourages interaction and free expression among colleagues, something less likely in the workplace.
  • Players should use their observation and cognitive skills, to withstand pressure as time is over!
  • They will get to know each other better, as they will work together harmoniously to escape the room.
  • This kind of Team Building activity, encourages teams to think creatively as they face the challenges.
  • Bring members of the team closer and create a sense of success, if they manage to escape.
  • Team building at Great Escape has a fascinating and fun environment, far superior to traditional team building activities.
  • Finally, it improves useful skills, such as Time management and competence sharing.

Great Escape – Team Building advantages

Team Building activities at Great Escape, have many advantages over other classical activities. Some indicative advantages are: • No special skills need to be involved. It only needs the inherent characteristics of personality, that each player has evolved over time. • It is suitable for both sexes, without giving any advantage to either. • It does not require physical strength. • To succeed, teams need to work the best they can. • It gives the company’s managers the opportunity to watch the groups by special cameras, so that they can discover the advantages and disadvantages of team’s performance. • No special talent is needed. • It can be done quickly and easily, at low cost

Team Building activities – Skill Enhancement

Great Escape team building activities, give the opportunity to your staff to have fun, while you analyse their skills and level of teamwork. The exciting and entertaining environment, gives intense spiritual stimuli and does not require a high physical condition. It is a safe and smart choice, for every type of employee in the centre of Athens. The characteristics the team must have inside the room, are similar to the essential features that make a business succeed. Features such as: • Communication – Players must be able to listen to other members, in order to escape. • Strategic planning – The team must prioritise and quickly create an effective action plan. • Leadership – Team must be coordinated by the person with all the necessary leadership characteristics. • Thinking outside the box – The team must think out of the ordinary, analyse data and think creatively. • Teamwork – Perhaps the most important asset a team needs, in order to escape the room. • Positive Thinking – The team must believe in its abilities and not resign.

Team building, is suitable for employees and corporate executives (before starting a team project)  

Employee Selection Process

Great Escape, in Athens, Greece, has created an alternative method of employee selection process. The method indicate to the recruiter, features of the prospective employee, such as: teamwork, logic, communication, leadership, perception, cooperation, receptivity, observation and time management.

Best Rooms for Team Building. Contact us, for more information. “You can find out more about a person, playing an hour with him, than he discovers by talking to him for an entire year.” Plato “427 BC – 347 AD

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