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What are Thinking Games?

Thinking games are a very important invention that enhance each person’s mental abilities. It is a method of improving concentration and many other mental functions. There has been a lot of research in recent decades on these topics in the fields of Neurophysiology, Psychology and other sciences. They have therefore shown that thinking games help maintain a logical flow of thoughts and short-term memory. These kinds of games keep brain synapses active and create new ones by stimulating brain cells.

Our brain is essentially a “muscle” and functions just like our body’s muscular system. This is the reason why it needs the corresponding “gym” to stay alert and develop further. Thinking games force the brain to get out of the autopilot it uses for everyday tasks. They are bringing him to new situations and unprecedented challenges he has to face. During these processes, the brain is forced to use the Cerebral Cortex.

The cortex is the most active part of the brain from which human intelligence derives. So when we put ourselves in such thinking games and challenges, the brain evolves mentally. Trying to adapt to difficult and unprecedented conditions, the brain “improves”! The benefits of thinking games have been discovered by all cultures of Humanity. Since ancient times there have been recordings of thinking games, puzzles or simple riddles. The riddle is perhaps the simplest game of thought, and whole myths have been based on it, like Oedipus.



Thinking games at Great Escape Rooms

Great Escape Rooms thinking games are perfect for those looking for a mind-blowing and interactive group activity. Our basic thinking games take the form of whole escape rooms! In our specially designed spaces, you will experience unique moments of fun while also testing your logic, imagination and communication skills. Do you think you can afford to work as a team, with calmness, speed and concentration under the stranglehold of time? In Great Escape Rooms thinking games, encyclopedic knowledge will not help you out. This requires analytical and synthetic ability, rational thinking, speed of thinking, and increased intuition.


How are thinking games played?

Great Escape thinking games have simple and understandable rules. We make sure to explain them in detail before you enter the room. This way the team is more confident about its moves. But this introduction has another function. The fantasy element is intense in the escape rooms and each is built around a scenario. With the introduction you will also get into the climate of the scenario of each room. Throughout the game, you’ll have the Game Master on your side. G.M. is responsible for the smooth outcome of the games. It monitors players’ movements through special cameras and is there to help if they get stuck in a puzzle for a long time, or if they have any problems.

During this time, you will have to solve complex puzzles, break passwords, find hidden objects. You have to think as a team and be able to combine everything in a clever way. Your goal is to complete all the challenges to get to the exit door. This process will activate all your mental functions, but also your imagination! Success satisfaction will also boost your confidence and bond you as a team! They may be activities designed to exercise the mind, but they are always games! One of their primary goals is to entertain the participants and is something they can accomplish perfectly!



Thinking games – other forms

In addition to escape rooms, thinking games can take a number of other forms. Just because we talk about games, in addition to thinking, each one is designed to provide fun! And of course they appeal to all ages, as there are different types of thinking games and with different difficulty! Thinking games are for everyone!


Board games escape rooms

Board games that follow the logic of the escape rooms, with all the necessary elements, puzzles and rules in one box. Table escape rooms essentially bring escape rooms at home. They are great group games, unlike the classic board games. It can be just as enjoyable if all players are involved in the mystery, or one player acts as a GM. Table escape rooms can usually be played only once by each team, because their puzzles are then revealed.


Logic puzzles and riddles

Small or larger puzzles of varying difficulty, consisting of material constructions. They take many forms and are made of materials such as iron or wood. They are individual challenges for a person and require thought and sound logic to solve. Once resolved, they can return to their former “unsolved” state to be resolved by another person. They usually exist in small boxes and have a collecting value for the thinking fanatics, because they belong in series.


Puzzle books

Puzzle books are a special form of thinking games. They combine the classic beauty of the printed book with the exciting dynamics of a thinking game. Puzzle books are original books with great artistic editing and flawless writing. Here’s a story and player readers have to solve the puzzles in each chapter. Only in this way can they go below and enjoy the whole narrative. Some puzzles are accompanied by mobile applications that enhance the experience and have specific sites that offer information. Some of the best puzzle books released by Greek authors! All of the above categories of thinking games can be found in the Great Escape Rooms store, in great variety! For you, your company, your loved ones and original gifts.



Outdoor Thinking Games

Who said that thinking games is a process done only indoors? The mind, works better in the fresh air! In recent years the trend of outdoor thinking games has been spreading. Usually as a group, but often individually, outdoor games are aimed at everyone. They are often held at designated dates in major city centers, and are also called urban games. They take the form of the Hidden Treasure, but also the murder mystery.

The teams move between points by tracking items and solving puzzles, leading them to the next location. The whole process has become easier and more fun to use with technology, Map applications and satellite systems. The experienced team of game designers from Great Escape Rooms have designed and implemented such unique city games so far. For Christmas 2019 we created the exciting Great Treasure Hunt: The Christmas Ticket, in the area of ​​Psiri and Thiseio.


Thinking Games – Benefits

Thinking games have many intellectual benefits and are recommended by scientists as a way to keep our brains active. Logic games can keep our brains healthy, at a time when our stress is increasing. Indeed, daily routine and repetitive activities gradually make the brain lose some of its cognitive abilities. Especially the modern working environment and the many hours of non-productive activities push our minds to lethargy. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that people who use their minds creatively have a reduced chance of developing some form of dementia. Even classic crosswords, puzzles, and board games that may seem boring and ordinary.

So surely you should try the Great Escape rooms. Thinking games can become a valuable ally for our brain function and at the same time entertain us. Our frequent participation in these activities helps to increase our mental performance. Using the brain and mental abilities in creative and dynamic ways develops new brain synapses. Scientists have called the ability of our nervous system to adapt to mentally demanding situations, “Neuroplasticity”. It is the ability of the brain to “exercise” and grow. Just as the body acquires new skills through training, so the mind develops the existing ones and creates more.

Putting ourselves in such demanding mental states is tiring if we do not have fun at the same time. The element of fun is what separates the “game” from the “chore”. This is also the reason why the Great Escape team designed some of the best escape rooms in Athens and Thessaloniki. Some of the most challenging yet fun thinking games are here!



Mental abilities

Thinking games helps to improve all of the brain’s mental skills. These are skills that every person has inherent and are cultivated by school, personal search and of course thinking games!



Observation is the key factor in the efficient reception and processing of information. It is thus an essential element of learning and intellectual development. Thinking games are very effective at improving this ability. Whether it is escape rooms or other forms, a thinking game is very much based on observation and getting the right information.



Thinking games require concentration because mental activity always requires intense concentration to become effective. So thinking games help to learn concentration and deal with the problem of lack of it, which is important today. They also help us focus and concentrate under intense pressure. The pressure of time and often the feeling of fear make us lose our concentration. Our exposure to these conditions “trains” our minds to respond to them and not lose focus so easily. An escape room is the perfect place to learn to concentrate under pressure and in adverse conditions.




Memory is a brain function related to the ability to store information and retrieve it when we need it. It is of the utmost importance and without it, it would be virtually impossible to carry out the simplest of daily activities. Practically, memory is one of the foundations of our existence not only in everyday life but also over time as personalities. Thinking games can greatly enhance memory and data management, especially in the full details of an escape room environment. We can learn to focus more easily, retrieve useful information, and be effective in our daily lives.



Logic is one of the most important brain skills. Not only does it help us manage our daily lives, but it is also a key pillar of the functioning of a society. Thinking games enhance our ability to recognize patterns. In short, our ability to relate an object to a group of other objects. This ability helps us to draw conclusions based on a logical set of thoughts and to solve difficult problems. It is a very basic skill that not only every human being should possess, but must continually cultivate it. Sometimes the education system does not clearly fulfill its mission. So thinking games are here to contribute to the educational process. After all, it was one of the first games invented by human civilization!




The ability to perceive, serves to process information at a tremendous speed and to react quickly to changing situations. It is directly related to all other abilities, because it is their source. Perception uses the 5 senses to receive stimuli that transmit to the brain. Perception and multitasking are two other skills that are greatly enhanced by thinking games.

We are waiting for you in the Great Escape Rooms for the most exciting and fun thinking games! The mind is our most important asset. Let’s learn to use it properly!