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Great Escape – Top things to do in Athens

Greece is well known for its ancient civilisation,  amazing beaches, unique nightlife and exciting top things to do in Athens. It is the ideal destination, for anyone who want to have fun and leave the stress behind. Greece, has to offer some unforgettable moments. Want to have some fun in night clubs and bars, till morning? To have your dinner, even after midnight? Maybe, to dance all day and night long, to the rhythm of international and local music? Want to spend the night next to some of the most famous monuments? Or, to discover amazing activities right in centre of town?

This capital, has become a collection of sophisticated hot spots, drawing millions of tourists and locals, every year. Your choices, look unlimited in  the most amazing blend of culture, natural beauty and crazy nightlife. Here are the top things to do in Athens, during your holidays.


Some fun things to do in Athens

Great Escape Rooms


 things to do in athens


Already spent many days, visiting every tourist attraction in Athens? Then Great Escape Roomscan give you the excitement you need and one of the most fun things to do in Athens. Located in the area of Psiri, right in the heart of Athens, it is perfect to fit among your other activities in town centre. Escape Rooms are a unique, interactive form of entertainment, made to test your mind and skills, in the most advanced way. Our smart scenarios, creative rooms and puzzles, guarantee the best experience you ever had in your life. Game starts, at the moment you get locked up in a room full of well hidden hints and clues. You have 60 minutes at you disposal, in order to use the hints, solve the riddles and crack all the codes.

Use your logic, imagination, intuition and intelligence to set you and your team, free. Escape rooms are the perfect activity for families, video game fans, team building and students. It is ideal for families who travel abroad, in order to spend some creative and fun time, with their children. If you want to experience one of the most fun things to do in Athens, then

BOOK a ROOM now!


Allou Fun Park


 things to do in athens


Allou fun Park is located at the junction of Kifissou and Petrou Ralli streets, in the area of Renti. It is surrounded by shopping centres, cinemas, bowling centre, restaurants and cafe in a green environment. Allou, is the ideal destination for families and young people, because it combines food, game and walking with friends or kids. With not any doubt, Allou Fun Park is the largest amusement park in Greece, with a wide variety of games, for all ages. Thrill Rides, fascinate everyone with their amazing speed, while Amusement Rides, offer fun to younger ages. Its the ideal place in Athens, for families, couples or anyone that want to have a unique experience. In Allou Fun Park, you will find real actor games, such as “The House of Fear Bodies” the one and only house of horror, in Greece, as also the “Mirror Forest”, a mirror labyrinth. You will also find a lot of skill games, where players use their physical or mind skills to win amazing gifts.



 things to do in athens


In Allou Fun Park, you can also find Kidom, the largest children’s park in Greece and probably one of the most fun things to do in Athens, if you have kids. This place was exclusively created, for our little friends. Kids will have the opportunity to play a wide variety of games, like Bongo, the biggest Carousel in Greece. Kidom, also has a huge area full of gigantic inflatable games, ideal for kids up to 4 years old. In the area, there are lot of fast food restaurants, with burgers, hot dogs, juices, ice creams and candies, to get your energy back, if you get exhausted. The entry to Allou fun park is free, while you can enjoy unlimited games with the “Allou Daily food & Fun Pass”, or Kidom Family pass, for Kidom’s visitors. Access to Kidom is very easy by car, or by public transport from the centre of Athens. Next to the park, there is also a free area to park your car or motorcycle. All the areas of Kidom, are supervised by our staff, that is responsible for your safety. Furthermore, a trained nurse is available for you, in order to offer first aids, if necessary.

Mystery Tour Athens


things to do in athens - Mystery Tour Athens


Mystery Tour, is an innovative game, totally one of the best things to do in Athens, because it combines adventure, logical thinking and sightseeing! Its an opportunity to escape from your usual, daily and boring plans!! Mystery tour Athens, has elements of an escape room and a tour. Discover the magical centre of Athens, its most important historic monuments and ride through city’s most beautiful neighbourhoods, with a fun electric Trikke vehicle.

The story

A contemporary Greek historian, claims that he created a map that includes all the important landmarks, of 2.500 years of ancient Greek history. Having this map, you have the opportunity to discover the most important aspects of the ancient Greek civilisation and culture. To follow the maps instructions, you have to unlock well hidden secrets, in Athens town centre. The mystery Cube, will be the help to your mission. This game is really great, for tourists, families, team building events, or just friends that want to have some fun in the town centre. Do you have the skills to unlock the secrets of the historic city of Athens?

Athens Nightlife – top things to do in Athens

Things to do in Athens – Psiri


things to do in athens


Psiri is an old neighbourhood in Athens, town centre. It is located north-west of Monastiraki and has beautiful restored, neoclassical buildings, trendy clubs and bars, as also some great restaurants and Greek taverns, to eat. “Heroes Square” is the central square of Psiri and attracts young tourists and Athenians, for food or drink. You will find Greek and Mediterranean specialities, as also flavors from all over the world. Later at night, you can visit some of the friendly bars in the narrow streets of the area. In the area, you can enjoy a unique blend of modern and traditional characteristics, with new and old points of interest, side by side. Finally, Psiri, is a fun place to visit, and has many many reasons to be on your “best things to do in Athens” list!!

Best clubs and bars in the area – Things to do in Athens

  • Six d.o.g.s. is a cultural all day bar and entertainment centre. It combines a bar, a gig space, a beautiful open air garden, a project space and a foyer. With more than 500 events every year, being avant garde and pop,  six dog is aiming really high. It is open from 10 in the morning till really late at night, offering special cocktails and local goodies.
  • Death Disco is a new wave club, in an area that can be characterised as the Mecca of alternative clubbing. There, you can find an impressing industrial 2 storey building hosting different types of events. Death Disco aims to highlight the relationship of arts and dark music. It hosts theatrical performances, acoustic concerts, film festivals, exhibitions and much more. On Friday and Saturday you can listen to Depeche Mode, Cure, gothic, industrial and Techno tributes and live concerts!
  • The Drugstore is open on daily basis, for people that want to have a birthday party, a dance night, a photo exhibition or whatever you like. You can play the music you want and it has no minimal consumption. You can even book the whole building just for you and your friends.
  • Beer time is focused on good beer and tasteful food. It’s located close to Monastiraki metro station and offers more than 50 selected and frozen, beer labels. The old stone-made walls have been beautifully combined with iron and wood with an impressive result.

Things to do in Athens – Agias Eirinis Square


things to do in athens


One of the top things to do in Athens, is to go for a drink or dinner, in Agias Eirinis Square. It is located in the historic centre of Athens, above Athinas Str. and stretches around Agias Eirinis church. The church was erected in 1850 at the location of and older church and is a work of the architect Lysandros Kaftantzoglou. Old, but beautiful renovated buildings, special cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants makes it one of the hottest spots to visit in town.

Agias Eirinis Square is usually crammed with people, having cocktails or trying dishes from around the world! The square is really easy to approach and thrives with life all day & night. Bars and cafes are cluttered with people, chatting while enjoying the neoclassical buildings and the unique atmosphere. Enjoy the magic!

Best clubs and Bars in Agias Eirini’s Square – Things to do in Athens

  • Tailor made is a n all day bar, with a variety of speciality coffee blends and cocktails. The decoration as you can guess reminds a tailors house and is really authentic.  Its a bar that you can spend your whole day and never get bored.
  • Faust is a three-storey building, located next to Agias Eirini’s Square and Kapnikareas. It was totally rebuilt from foundations and is now a music scene, bar – theatre. With an erotic atmosphere and hosts art exhibitions and artistic events.
  • Four Twenty break bar is a Freestyle meeting place for active listeners, music lovers, mad producers, inspired djs, and everyone who need a change from the same old shit. Serving coffee, alcohol and food for your Soul and is a thing you oughta do.
  • Rooster is a hot spot all day bar, with art fairs and residents dj’s. It has an amazing selection of wines, beers and refreshing cocktails that puts you in the mood. Start your day with a rich breakfast or end it with a dinner and a cocktail under the Athenian sky.
  • Poems n Crimes building was built back in 1850 and has spacious rooms, arched doors and a hidden yard. The building was restored lately and revealed its old beauty again. it is an all day kitchen bar. You can spend your time by reading a book and drinking your coffee or go later at night where you can listen to jazz and ethnic music.


Top things to do in Athens – Gazi


things to do in athens


Gazi is a hotspot area, with crowdy narrow streets, good drinks and friendly people having fun, till first morning hours! The area of Gazi, is around the old gaswork of Athens, which at the moment is an industrial exhibition space and museum, called Technopolis. The gaswork was moved out of town in 1984 and left behind some interesting stone buildings. Furthermore, those buildings were renovated and transformed into Techno-polis, means the city of arts.

Gazi, combines art exhibitions, galleries, restaurants with Greek and international cuisine, cocktail bars, dance clubs and amazing rooftops, with an extraordinary view of the Acropolis. The music persity, is really amazing in this place and we guarantee that you will surely find exactly the music you want. Pop, mainstream, rock, swing, dance music, techno even metal, you name it! Definitely, one of the best places to go in Athens.

Want to find the best clubs and Bars in Gazi area? Here you go!

  • Momix is the first bar with molecular mixology cocktail inventory in Athens! It combines molecular gastronomy and bar tending and is proper for people who like to experiment. In Momix you can travel your senses to another level by tasting cocktails in solid form or other alternative ways.
  • Lohan is a mega club and is a concept created by Lindsay Lohan, in order to revive the Athenian clubbing. It brings people from all over the world into the party spirit. Industrial design, top lighting and sound systems, the best Dj’s and lot of live acts guarantee a crazy night out.
  • Gazarte is a culture centre with six stages and a team with a common vision. To offer visitors the most unique and unforgettable experience, as also to allow artists realise their vision. Gazarte also has the most famous roof top in the city, with its own stage and a fragrance of Greek elegance and modern culture.
  • 45 moires is one of the first Rock bars in city centre! Always loud rock music, in a scenery of wood and stone, framed with portraits of the legends of rock such as Kiss and Jimmy Hendrix.
  • Socialista is one of the largest clubs in Athens. It is located in an old warehouse and is interior is made of real wood, giving you the impression that it belongs to a movie scenario. Socialista is without any doubt one of the most famous mainstream clubs in Gazi.


Top things to do in Athens – Thissio


things to do in athens


Thissio is a traditional neighbourhood and one of the most historic areas in the world, in the centre of Athens. A breath away from Parthenon, is an experience, that should be on your list, with best things to do in Athens. It was the first railway station of Athens, as also the first railway line in the country.

One of the most favourite walk trails for tourists and local people, Thissio is perfect to have a coffee or drink. The area is full of people 24/7. Starting your day early, you can find many cafés, cultural meeting points, art exhibitions, all day bars and restaurants. At night, you can drink bespoke cocktails and listen to your favourite music, reviving the nostalgic atmosphere of old Athens.

Wanna Have some fun in Thissio? Things to do in Athens.

These are the best bars and night clubs of the area!

  • James Joyce Irish Pub is a pub that blends the old with the new. Dark wooden interior, a long bar and a comfortable environment reminds you the contemporary pubs of Ireland. Unique draught beers and a large selection of Irish Whiskies will satisfy the most demanding costumers.
  • The Sowl is an intelligent person, open minded, compassionate and attracted by good food and art. You can spot them by their zen like aura. In the Sowl you can explore the gallery, take part in events, taste Greek Bistro, drink amazing cocktails while listening to funky music.
  • Thissio View is a place of unique architectural aesthetics, on the footpath of Apostle Pavlos. It is a unique cafe club Restaurant, that you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drink a cocktail at night. This multipurpose space is adopted to the different seasons of the year.
  • Chocolat Royal is a whole day destination, with a collection of 70 wine labels and Mediterranean cuisine. On the second floor and the roof, you can enjoy a special meal or cocktail, with Acropolis, Lycabettus on the background.

Top things to do in Athens – Karytsi Square


things to do in athens


In the square that a couple of cafes and a theatre once stood alone, you can now find some of the best and most crowded bars in Athens. The quiet square, became one of the favourite nightlife areas and a meeting point of culture, history and nightlife.

Bars, all day cafes, restaurants, will satisfy your preferences, day or night. In Karytsi square, there is a place just for you, either you need a quite drink with friends, or dance all night long. Ideally located close to all the major touristic attractions of the city, Karytsi Square is surely in the list of best things to do in Athens too!

Karytsi Square has the most amazing  bars in Athens!

  • When you pass the wooden door of 7 jokers bar, time stops! Bad and good thoughts come in slow motion and you starting to feel great. Peter Pan would feel amazing in this bar, while never land could be perfectly much, in this over decorating interior.
  • Kolokotroni 9 is an all day bar in the heart of the city of Athens. The secret ingredient for this bar, is people! People who make the drinks and people that drink them. This place promises you a music and taste adventure, that will travel you in past and future.
  • Saint George Bar is a classical hangout bar in the square. It is perfect for all hours of day and night. It hosts a huge wooden bar and a modern exterior, while the bartenders offer creative and tasty cocktails. You can relax under soul and funk music, chosen by really experienced Dj’s.
  • The Gin Joint is a neighborhood bar, just wants to serve you a drink, or Gin if you prefer, Gin is their thing! They have enough labels of Gin to fill an ark! I suppose that explain the name of the bar…


Top things to do in Athens – Plaka


things to do in athens


Right below Acropolis hill, you will find Plaka, the traditional part of Athens. Greek live music and dancing in Greek tavernas, as also beautiful cafes, are the best choice. Plaka is an old neighborhood of Athens, full of narrow, pedestrian, labyrinthine streets and neoclassical houses.

It is built on top of the ancient town of Athens and is known as the “Neighbourhood of Gods”. Walking towards the area of Anafiotika, you can enjoy the most wonderful view and cool off, in a cafe. At night, you will find wine bars and small bars, mainly on Voulis Str and in Filellinon. There, you can drink a glass of Greek local wine, with tasty snacks, under jazz, latin or swing sounds.

And finally, these are some of the best bars in plaka!

Thea Terrace Bar is on the roof of central Athens hotel. There, you will find the most amazing view in the centre of Athens. Just a breath away form Parthenon, it combines tradition and Greek culture with  a series of drinks and snacks. Oinos means Wine and in Oinoscent wine bar you will find a lot of it! More than 700 labels all around the world, rest in its cellar. You can combine them with some selected dishes.

  • Athens Beer – cafe, bar, Restaurant
  • Heteroclito wine bar


Top things to do in Athens – Ancient stuff


things to do in athens


The wider area of central Athens, is one of the most historic places in the world. Athens was the birthplace of Western civilization and nowadays, is a unique cultural experience you should have, at least once in your lifetime. The museums and historical monuments you can visit in Athens, are literally thousands. Some of them though, shouldn’t be missed, during your visit here! Lets see the best places of archaeological interest, in the city.


Acropolis – Things to do in Athens




Acropolis is located in the centre of the modern city and is the symbol of Athens. It is a world cultural heritage monument of Unesco and was dedicated to the protector goddess of the city, Athena. In the top of Acropolis the most important creation of architecture, the Parthenon, stands for more than 2.5 thousand years. Parthenon is the most important Greek construction and was established in 438 B.C.  by the collaboration of the ancient architects, Ictinus and Kallicrates.


Acropolis museum – Things to do in Athens


things to do in athens


Acropolis Museum, is the most popular museum in Greece and one of the most important in the world. The museum is open to public since 2009 and focuses the archaeological findings from Acropolis. Moreover, it hosts more than 4.000 objects that have been found in the wider area of Acropolis. The objects are from a variety of historic periods, such as the Mycenaean, the Roman and the Byzantine. This museum will surely bring you in touch the roots of the western civilization.


Erechtheion – Things to do in Athens


things to do in athens


Erechtheion is located on the North side of the Acropolis and is one of the most famous attractions of Athens. This ancient temple, was dedicated to Poseidon and Athena and was built between 421 and 406 BC. The western part of Erechtheion is dedicated to god Poseidon, while the eastern part is dedicated to goddess Athena. According to the mythology of Greece, this area was the most sacred on the hill of Acropolis. On its North side there is a really large porch, the “Porch of Maidens” with Caryatids, the 6 world famous female figures, as the supporting columns. Add it in your best things to do in Athens list, now!



things to do in athens


Propylaea, is the entrance of the Acropolis and was built by the famous architect Mnesicles. It was constructed with marble and is pided to two side wings and the central propylon. The central bulding is pided by a wall with five doors into two sections and combines the Doric and Ionian architectural order. The building undergone a lot of alterations during its long history, from the old christian years,  that was turned into a church, up to the turkish occupation, where it was the resident of the Turkish commander.


Odeon of Herodes Atticus – Things to do in Athens


things to do in athens - Odeon of Herodes Atticus


Odeon of Herodes Atticus is one of the few theatres of the ancient world, that still host performances. Moreover, it is located on the southwestern side of the Acropolis, on  Dionysiou Areopagitou, the pedestrian street. It was constructed in 161 AD from Herodes Atticus and was restored in 1957. Since then is hosting performances, of world famous artists such as Maria Callas, Luciano Pavarotti, Frank Sinatra, Liza Minnelli, Sylvie Guillem. and Manos Hatzidakis. If it’s not in your top things to do in Athens list, then hurry up!


Ancient Agora – Things to do in Athens


things to do in athens - Ancient Agora


The Ancient Agora, was the centre of the city during the Hellenistic and classical periods and is located in the northwest of the Acropolis. It was the heart of Athens, as it was hosting all the political, social, cultural and religious activities. In addition, all of the necessary buildings to run the Athenian government, were surrounding the large open square, of the Ancient Agora. Some of the most famous structures and buildings of the Ancient Agora are:

  1. Mint
  2. South Stoa I and South Stoa II
  3. Strategeion
  4. Tholos
  5. Monument of the Eponymous Heroes
  6. Metroon
  7. Bouleuterion
  8. Temple of Hephaestus
  9. Stoa of Zeus
  10. Altar of the Twelve Gods
  11. Stoa Basileios


Top things to do in Athens – Greece

Athens history, stretches back more than 3,000 years and was the birthplace of Plato, Socrates, Archimedes, Pericles, and Sophocles. Besides its glorious past, Athens is a modern and bustling capital city.  Ideal for holidays and countless top things to do in Athens. Furthermore, all the hidden charms of the city are waiting to be discovered by you. Enjoy your stay, in the most controversial city in Europe.


things to do in athens