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Great Escape Rooms – Alternative Entertainment has for years been the first choice of dozens of corporate clients for their organizations’ Human Resource Development needs. The thematic escape rooms in Athens and Thessaloniki have hosted and continue to host a large number of trainees from a wide range of companies. Outdoor activities and tailor-made games created by our experienced team often travel to corporate events throughout Greece.

Our services cover Team Building and Group Relationship Needs. In short, they cover the important dual need of a modern organization for Team Building and Team Bonding. But what is the difference between these two terms?


The international terms Team Building and Team Bonding as Human Resource Development activities differ in one very important aspect: the degree of prior acquaintance and cooperation of the individuals who form a team before engaging in the activity.

Team Building is aimed at teams created for the first time. People who have never worked together before and who may not even know each other are invited to work together in a demanding work environment. In some cases, people in the group may have never even seen one before. In this case, the main purpose is the participants’ mutual understanding. Participants are invited to get to know their future team of direct and indirect partners. Since they have to work together from now on, their first meeting will take place in a more relaxed environment than the office, where they will engage in a leisure activity. This will create a beautiful memory that will be their first common feature. At the same time, they and the executives of the organization discover the leadership, problem solving, or reasoning skills that some of them possess.

Team Bonding is aimed at already existing teams. Colleagues working together on a daily basis in the office environment. Teams of athletes who are already training or competing together. Groups of volunteers in  organizations that coordinate their action to produce results. These teams already have enough experience working together in their daily lives. In this case, the activities are intended to cultivate already existing roles within the group. At the same time, new activities and characteristics of the team or its members may become apparent through these activities. And, of course, weaknesses in the coordination and internal communication of the team that can be corrected can also be identified. In any case, the effectiveness of the group as a whole and its members individually will be greatly enhanced.

These different types of groups require different handling and different treatment. Both the design and execution of a team game and the guidance they receive from the facilitator vary. The purpose is to better and more fully meet the specific needs of the team as they are diagnosed.

Contact Great Escape Rooms – Alternative Entertainment to evaluate together your organization’s needs. Whether you are aiming to create a new team, or work more efficiently on an existing one, we can suggest tailor-made solutions for you. We will design and implement games that will meet exactly the diagnosed needs. The game designers and facilitators who make up our team will use their knowledge and experience to improve your own performance!