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If you like challenge and adventure, then the Volcano awaits you! Book the most explosive party of your life in Europe’s largest escape room, The Volcano Island at Allou Fun Park!
Find the day and time you want and come with your friends to experience a unique party experience on the mysterious tropical island with the compelling volcano! Celebrate your birthday or celebration in a special way and discover the mystery of the hidden treasure on an island like no other!
Choose the food you want from a rich menu and enjoy it with your friends and family after your finish the mission at the largest Escape Room in Europe! And for your cake, we offer a 20% discount on Melosa Pastry Shops. After the party, keep playing games at Allou with a special priced Allou! Pass.

What is The Volcano Island Party?

The Volcano Island Party is one of the most interactive parties, ideal for boys and girls ages 8 to 16. The aim is for children to go through all the challenges to find the treasure and return to the island having honed their thoughts, senses and observation skills.
The final outcome of the mission lies in teamwork and critical thinking. You only need an appetite for adventure and basic physical abilities to complete your mission! Athletic clothing is essential and we recommend you bring a change of clothes and an extra pair of shoes.

The Story

We are in Latin America in the year 1867. Still having the map in your hands, and after your first failed attempt to get to the island of the hidden, you decide to try again, hoping to make it this time … So you rebuild your team.
In your new effort you have the King’s assistance, who gives you his fastest ship. After 13 days of travel and overcoming extreme weather conditions, the mysterious tropical island appears in front of you, exactly where your map indicates. Somewhere around the Caribbean!
A gigantic volcano dominates the center of the island. You reach the coast, anchor the ship to the south side of the island, in hopes of surviving the challenges that await you and your team so you can return with the treasure in your hands!

Where is it;

Volcano Island is set in an area of 1,000m2 and is Europe’s largest escape room. Located in Allou! Fun Park, at the junction of Petrou Ralli and Kifissou streets, in the Rentis area. It is the largest amusement park in Greece and the ideal entertainment destination for all ages.
Give your children the opportunity to celebrate the most important day of the year through a unique experience that will cultivate teamwork and creativity through the game. And all this in a green, cool environment, with qualified staff and absolute safety!